Learning Obinna: A lesson on Communication, Choices & Consequences


You swear you have lost the ability to be ruffled or flustered by any guy. At least, any guy other than Obinna. Because Obinna has been and done so much the last few months, he has stolen your heart completely and there is nothing else that could possibly move you.

So you can’t understand what is going on now. There is no logical explanation for it. Or maybe there is and you’re just unwilling to accept it.

It started 8 months ago when you had to face off with this tall glass of dark chocolate goodness in a mock trial competition. You were good. But he was better and so he won. His arguments were convincing but even more so, the arrogant confidence he exuded as he rebutted all your submissions. It was frustrating but it was an important lesson for you in litigation. Get the work done, when in doubt, bullshit your way through.

When the competition ended that night, you went out for drinks with everyone on the team and he came over to introduce himself properly and make small talk. You were still smarting from the loss so you did not indulge him much.

You did not see or hear from him again for many months after that and you all but forgot about him. Because of course, Obinna came along and everything changed. The last 8 months of your life have pretty much been all about learning Obinna but it appears there is another lesson you are about to learn.

Six weeks after you returned from the summer, you and Obinna had your first big fight. He was back to Spain, running a really intense MBA, you were drowning in loads of school work and writing gigs and communication gradually waned between you two.

Tall Glass of Dark Chocolate Goodness resurfaced again in the build-up to yet another mock trial competition. Only this time, he was the coach and not the competition. He was extremely resourceful and helpful and at the end of the competition, you emerged victorious. You were so ecstatic, you offered to buy him drinks. He agreed but it had to be another night because he had some work to do.

You had spent a full week in his company, your evening meetings consistent like the rising and setting of the sun. You both shared a lot of random, slightly impersonal information when taking breaks during the training but it had meant nothing to you. So when you went to have drinks two nights later, you did not understand why you had been careful in picking out what to wear. Or why your heart fluttered when you spotted him seating in a corner with a smile as radiant as the sun.

You drank a lot and talked a lot more, laughing as though there was no war or hunger or poverty anywhere in the world and making silly faces at each other through the night. You talked about everything. You shared information about yourself only your best friends were privy to. In return, he told you everything about himself. He told you about fleeing his country of birth somewhere in Central Africa when the war broke out, the rigours of being a refugee as a kid and what it meant being a third culture kid having been raised in different continents before finally settling in Europe.

His personality gradually began to make sense. The cockiness was a shield, a defence from the idea that he did not belong or was unworthy of anything. He had worked really hard to build the person he was and he would not let anyone shake him down. Maybe that was the moment everything changed for you. Because you instantly became protective. You wanted to hug him and say you were sorry for the hard times he had dealt with. You wanted to assure him that no one would ever make him feel like he didn’t belong. You wanted to assure him that his identity was valid. That he could be anything he wanted. Black, British or a fine mix of both.

The night came to an end and he walked you home with you singing and skipping along the way. He called you a happy drunk but you swore you weren’t even tipsy. He hugged you at your doorstep and thanked you for listening. He said it was the first time he had ever spoken about himself in such detail with anyone. It made you feel special and even more responsible. You wanted to protect him fiercely. You smiled as he walked away after saying “I’ll see you around” and you walked up the stairs into your house and into your bedroom.

You took out your phone which had been silenced and unchecked in the last 4 hours and your heart did a double take when you saw the number of missed calls and texts from Obinna. He had called you everywhere; Whatsapp, Facetime, Skype and your mobile. Same thing with the messages. They were everywhere.

The problem with communication waning between Obinna and yourself was, he was no longer up to date with all your activities. So when you called him back, it was difficult explaining where you had been and with whom.

You started out by apologising because he had been worried when he didn’t hear from you. And because you have an honesty policy between you two, you told him you had been out drinking with a friend. He didn’t know this friend and it was hard convincing him that there was nothing out of the ordinary going on. You became defensive when he wouldn’t stop questioning and he got upset because by being defensive, you had convinced him that you were hiding something.

You went to bed angry at each other- a first for you two. The following day, you refused to text him first. You convinced yourself he had been in the wrong and should reach out first. How dare he make such accusations? Whose fault was it if he didn’t know all you had been up to and all the new friends you had made? If he didn’t trust you, then why was he with you in the first place?

He did not contact you all day either and you were miserable. On the morning of the next day, you swallowed your pride and called him. You would not apologise and neither would he. He just said he did not feel comfortable about your new friend and wanted you to not hang out with him anymore. He asked if you told him you were in a relationship and you said no because it never came up. He got upset again and reiterated that he did not want you around this person anymore. You insisted there was nothing going on and didn’t see why you could not be friends with a guy who had not done anything untoward. He said he had classes and got off the phone before you had a chance to protest.

It took you both a few days to work out your issues. Mercifully, you didn’t see Mr. Tall Dark Glass of Chocolate Goodness in that period so all was well. The fight with Obinna was resolved only when you both apologized and promised to communicate better and tell each other everything like had been the case before.

And tonight, two days after you settled your fight, you are having dinner with some classmates at a Pub when he walks in. You were just getting up from your seat to use the bathroom when you literally bumped into him. Your heart did a back flip and he smiled at you, his eyes darkening in an affectionate manner as his arms steadied you and kept you from falling.

“Hey you! You alright there?” He asks.

But you find that you are having trouble breathing and even speaking. You nod and he grins and lets you go.

“I was going to message you and ask if you’d like to see a movie and have dinner afterwards sometime this weekend.”

You nod again and try to construct a reasonable statement in your head but all you can come up with is “Sure.”

“Great! I’ll message you with details.”

He smiles and walks away. You walk to the bathroom and hold the sink firmly, trying to calm your racing heart. And as you look at the shaken image reflected in the mirror before you, you ask yourself what the hell is going on, and why his appearance has you all ruffled and flustered.

When you leave the bathroom a few minutes later, you are calmer on the outside but have no answers to your questions still. An hour later, on your way home, you suddenly find yourself repeatedly muttering “Obinna is enough” like one trying to cast a spell.

You really can’t understand what is going on now. The only logical explanation is that you feel an intense attraction to this man but admitting that to yourself is incredibly hard and feels really stupid. Regardless, you’ll be damned if you let it go further than it already has. So you make up your mind. No dinner. No movies. No further contact if you can help it.

But the question is whether or not to tell Obinna about it. Even more importantly, how do you stop your heart from doing a backflip anytime Tall Glass of Dark Chocolate Goodness walks by?




Hunter’s Game S2 (4)



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Previous episode

Chief Ubong sat still in his chair, his heart rate slowing down so much, it almost stopped. He stared at Ijeoma for a few seconds, as though trying to ascertain if she was indeed real. He did not know when the tears came to his eyes.

Fola moved from his side and stood staring from chief Ubong to the woman who stood in the doorway and back.

Ijeoma strode casually into the room and sat down across from Chief Ubong.

“You’re here.” He said

Ijeoma smiled and nodded.

“In the flesh.”

Chief Ubong did not say anything else. He just sniffed and wiped his eyes.

“It’s been a long day.”

He turned to Fola and nodded. Fola walked out of the office and shut the door behind him.

“I was going to email you again. It’s been almost a week.”

“I know.”

Chief Ubong held her eyes for a long time and exhaled loudly.

“I don’t have anyone else to turn to. The NSA was just here. His daughter died in the crash as well. I had my people send an email across. Apparently my condolences meant nothing. He just threatened me.

I can’t believe everything that has happened. I’ve been trying to get myself together. It’s been rough.”

“I can imagine. Actually, Yakubu is the reason I’m here. The moment I heard he lost his daughter, I knew you were a dead man. He is uh, quite vengeful.”

“Ijeoma, help me. Please.”

Ijeoma cracked her knuckles and her blank expression returned.

“What do you want me to do exactly?”

Chief Ubong did not hesitate.

“Find the killers. Make them pay.”

Ijeoma nodded.

“I will need a few things to get started.”

“Anything you want.”

“A small apartment. Preferably 2 bed. Have all your files sent over. And I mean every single thing on the crash and your company records from the past month.”

“Done. Oh, I’m getting sued too. Can you make that go away? I don’t have money to give to those families. I just don’t have it anywhere. My insurance company will most certainly not pay. At least not the ridiculous sum they’re requesting.”

“Have the files sent over first. Let me know the families suing. Everything you have basically. And if you have any thoughts or theories surrounding who might be responsible, I’d like to hear them.”

Chief Ubong rubbed tired eyes.

“I don’t have any suspicions as regards a specific individual. I just know I got a threatening email after I got word that we were to be appointed national carrier. Shortly after, a crash occurs with 3 of my kids involved. No way that was an accident.”

“True. Forward that mail to me.”

Ijeoma pushed her chair and stood up.

“My condolences again chief. I am truly sorry for your loss.”

Chief Ubong also rose and extended an outstretched arm to her.

“Thank you.”

Ijeoma shook his hand firmly then withdrew hers.

“I’ll be at the Hilton till the end of the today. You can send someone to me there once you have my accommodation sorted.”

“2 hours. Fola or my driver will be with you in two hours.”

Ijeoma nodded, turned around and strode out as casually as she had come in.


Nifemi was stretched out on the couch in her living room slurping down a milkshake noisily. The room was simple, yet beautiful. It had a general white theme with hints of purple visible in the window drapes and a few abstract paintings hanging on the white walls.

Victoria walked into the room wearing a frown. She was really tall, light skinned and had some heavy dark spots on her face, made even more evident by her lack of makeup.

“Can you stop that noise? It’s disgusting.”

Nifemi grinned and slurped some more then dropped the glass on a side stool beside her and belched loudly.

“You are so gross!” Victoria said as she smacked Nifemi’s arm.

Nifemi giggled and sat up.

“And you’re so uptight! What’s eating you?”

“It’s these darn spots on my face! They seem to be getting worse. The useless cream I spent 12k on is actually a bleaching cream. And that girl was swearing on her great grandfather’s grave that it wasn’t. I’ve got a shoot this weekend. How the hell am I supposed to do it looking like this?”

Nifemi smiled sympathetically. Victoria was a model; well, a struggling one, hoping for a big break and so far the break was yet to come. So she went to endless auditions and was lucky to get an occasional gig like the one coming up this weekend. She was also a makeup artist but it was not something she took seriously and Nifemi could not understand why.

“I’m sorry babe. Just do your power facebeat na. Should be fine.”

“I told you I’m trying to quit wearing heavy makeup. Don’t you ever remember anything?”

Nifemi laughed.

“Omo, you’re sha super grumpy today o.”

Victoria sighed.

“I’m sorry. How was your day?”

Nifemi’s face lit up instantly.

“It was good! Really good! Had lunch with Uzo and it wasn’t bad at all!”

Victoria snorted.

“Is there any man you won’t sink your claws into?”

“Hey!” Nifemi protested. “That’s not true. I only hunt the good ones.”

Victoria rolled her eyes. “Right. Like that makes a difference.”

“Anyways, what’s the deal with this one? Married? Dating?”

“Strangely enough, he’s single.” Nifemi said. And at the look of surprise on Victoria’s face, she quickly added.

“I know, I know. But there’s just something about him that has me really curious.”

Victoria shook her head.

“That’s how it starts. Soon you’ll be falling in love with him. The mysterious men are bad for business. You know this better than any.”

Nifemi cackled so loudly, Victoria clutched her chest in mock concern.

Edakun, this one is now mad o”

Nifemi laughed some more.

“Lovers. Abeg, abeg. Team Forever Baby Girl. I am President of Baby Girl Inc. No one is falling in love here. It’ll just be business as usual.”

Victoria shook her head and massaged her temples. Clearly, she was not convinced.

She and Nifemi had been good friends for 6 years. They met during their service year in Ibadan. Nifemi had been born and raised there and worked her NYSC posting there. Victoria on the other hand had landed there while trying to get posted to Lagos. After the 3 weeks of camp, Victoria tried unsuccessfully to get reposted before eventually giving up and moving into Nifemi’s house.

At that time, Nifemi was in a long distance relationship with a guy she dated all through her university days. He had gone abroad for his masters right after graduation and talks of marriage upon his return were in the works for the period he was away.

A few months to his proposed date of return the guy suddenly stopped communicating. Nifemi never understood what happened. He just suddenly blocked her across his social media platforms and never replied to any of her emails. Nifemi was crushed. She made efforts to contact his family but after a while, they all became cold towards her. It didn’t make any sense.

For months, she cried herself to sleep, with Victoria consoling her. She waited endlessly for an explanation but none came. The guy disappeared into thin air and her relationship with him ended just like that. It took Nifemi 2 years to get over him. And that only happened because she started dating another guy. The relationship had gone on for a year before Nifemi realized he was married.

At that point, she gave up on relationships entirely. She just could not find the strength to commit to anything. But she harboured a level of resentment for the male folk and in time, she earned her title as serial hunter. It started out as a joke initially but she noticed that with a little effort, she could get men to fall in love with her and she would leave them hanging just as both her exes had done.

She never dated. She just made a lot of male friends whom she led on and made emotionally vulnerable before pulling the carpet under their feet. And whenever they tried to express their hurt or disappointment to them, her response always was “but we were never dating. You made assumptions. We are just friends.”

Victoria also called her the Queen of the friend zone and always, she would laugh. She enjoyed emotionally manipulating the male folk in her life. But she was careful in her selection of men. The only ones she went after were those who were either married or in meaningful relationships so she could use their commitments to her advantage when she was about to hurt them.

“Business as usual huh? Victoria commented. “Issokay o. Let’s be watching.”

Nifemi grinned.

“Don’t get all Thomasy. Have some faith in your babe. Come on. Let’s place a bet. How long till he falls in love?”

Victoria sighed.

“Femi, if he’s single and falls in love with you, you have nothing to fall back to.”

Nifemi looked at Victoria oddly.

“I don’t understand you sometimes o. I said I’ve got this, why are you stressing?”

“Fine.” Victoria acquiesced. “2 months?”

Nifemi’s smile returned.

“One month. Max, 6 weeks. We work together. He won’t see it coming.”

Victoria smiled and nodded.

“Work ya magic baby.”


The sound of repeated knocking on her door annoyed her. She had not left her bedroom in the 3 days she had been home and she knew it was likely her father coming to complain because the chatterbox house help he got must have told on her. She covered her ears with her pillow and tried to ignore it. Whoever it was would give up and go.

But she was wrong. 5 minutes went by and the knocking persisted. Leela got out of bed, a murderous expression on her face as she unlocked the door. But the sight before her knocked her expression over and left her gaping.


Ijeoma’s look was stern.

“What is with you and this ceaseless romance with misery and self-pity? Don’t you get tired?”

“I’m not in any romance with misery.” Leela retorted defensively.

Ijeoma rolled her eyes and pushed her way into the bedroom.

“Oh please. I have my ears to the ground. And the last six months of your life have clearly been a heap of shit. At what point do you plan to get it together?”

Leela stared at her, sulking and saying nothing. Ijeoma was annoying. It was not just her generally bossy nature but also the air of confidence she strutted about in, with a body that was perfectly flawless. She had on a sleeveless hoodie, revealing arms that no one wanted to be punched by and had tucked them nicely in a pair of skinny jeans that favoured her flat tummy and small waist. She also had a pair of black leather boots on her feet. The woman looked like a model and her looks worsened Leela’s grumpiness.

Ijeoma stood across from her, arms folded, waiting for a response.

“I asked you a question missy.”

“I don’t know.”

Ijeoma sighed.

“Let me tell you something.

When Maiva died, I was just like you. Broken, depressed, miserable. I wanted to just die because it felt like my life was over. Maiva was the closest thing to a family or love that I had. The closest and the only. So when I lost him, I knew I had lost everything. But unlike you, I did not let my misery overwhelm me for long. I knew that if I remained that way then Maiva’s death would have been for nothing. I would have lost on both sides- my best friend and my peace of mind.

So I decided to go after Walrus. Planning and strategizing the entire operation made me feel alive again. It gave me a sense of purpose. It wasn’t about avoiding my pain. I tackled it head on and determined to conquer it rather than the other way around.

But you? You have let misery get the better of you. And Gbemiga must be turning in his grave just watching you like this.”

Leela fought the tears in her eyes.

“It’s different.”

Ijeoma snorted.

“It’s not. I loved Maiva to death. I’m pretty certain you felt the same way about Gbemiga. It’s the only reason his death has you falling apart like this.”

“It’s not just about Gbemiga. It’s about Uzo too.”

“What about Uzo?”

“I love him. But not in the same way I loved Gbemiga. And it’s hard reconciling both. Because I feel guilty about Gbemiga’s death and being with Uzo makes me remember all the time. I have tried to move on with Uzo but it’s just so hard. He probably hates me now.”

Ijeoma shook her head.

“And this is why you need to be more head than heart. You can’t always approach your life from an emotional angle. Sometimes just invoke outright logic. You and Uzo cannot be together. And whatever it is you feel for him, I guarantee you, it isn’t love. Nothing about your relationship with him was true and that will always be a wedge between you guys. And guess what will also make the wedge bigger? Gbemiga.

What you have with Uzo is plain old, familiar comfort. You keep going back to him because as unreal as what you had was, it’s familiar. So you think that if you work hard enough, you will transform it into something real. And I bet you also feel responsible for him in a sense because you know he grew to love you and you’re hoping you’ll be able to measure up. But Leela, you have to let this go already.

Matter of fact, you’re no longer Leela. You’re back to Yemi. The best agent in the business. You need to let the past go. And you need to do that like yesterday.”

Leela sighed. Ijeoma was right. And this was a wakeup call she badly needed.

“But I have nothing else to do with my life. I quit my job. I have no close friends.”

“No wonder you’re drowning in misery.

Well, I have a job for you.”

Leela’s eyes were suddenly tired and doubtful.

“I don’t know if I’m ready…”

“I don’t care what you think or know. There’s a job for you to do and you will get on board with it.”

Leela sighed.


Something suddenly occurred to her and she furrowed her brows.

“Hey, how did you find me here?”

Ijeoma snorted.

“It’s me we’re talking about. There is nothing I cannot do and absolutely no one I cannot find.”

Leela swallowed. She was slowly beginning to feel better. Ijeoma’s presence felt more like a reassurance than a threat. Everything would be alright. She just needed to realign her thoughts and energies. And what better way to do that than to sidle up with the boss lady herself.

“What do you need me to do?”

“Pack a bag. We have a plane crash to investigate and a court case to strike out.”

Dating Chronicles: The Setup

It had been one of those weekends where it rained all through and you didn’t want to do anything other than lie in bed. Your bbm status on Saturday had read “I don’t want to human today. Today, I want to hermit”. But the adult life would not let you be great. So you spent most of the time grudgingly out of bed, working on essays that were due and thinking of other ways to make more money than you were already earning.

It was the pursuit of money that took you into town that evening. And the meeting you had at the coffee shop (which sold the most awful coffee you’d ever tasted btw,) was unproductive. So your walk back home is grouchy and you’re hoping for an unfortunate individual to bump into you so you can lash out at them. Sadly, that doesn’t happen.

What does happen is you notice someone trailing you and checking you out suspiciously. You have your ears plugged in but your battery is flat so you’re not listening to anything. It’s simply a ploy to avoid unwanted conversations.

The person who could very easily pass for the Somalian pirate in Captain Phillips eventually gathers whatever level of courage he requires and catches up with you.


His voice is a little too excited. You pause and contemplate him, taking in his shoddy appearance and daring him to say something ridiculous, because you really need to vent. You’re ignoring your mother’s voice in your head, telling you to always be kind to strangers.

“Hi.” Your tone is curt. We are not here to play.

He squints as he stares at you, as though trying to juggle your image from his memory.

“I think it’s you.”

“Me what?”

His face lights up. He seems to have had a Eureka moment.

“Sorry. Wait.” He digs his phone out of his pocket and fiddles with it. Then smiles in a manner that almost provokes your own smile. But you’re too busy indulging your bad day to yield to that temptation.

“It is you,” he says again. Now you’re looking at him really lost.

“Me what??”

“Our double date tomorrow. Your friend send your picture to my friend and I thought you were real pretty. How fortunate I run into you!”

There are not enough words in the English dictionary to describe the look on your face. But utter bewilderment comes close. Because nothing he is saying makes any sense.

“I’m sorry, what?!”

He moves closer to you and hands you his phone. Sure enough, your signature brilliant smile illuminates his screen. You know the picture. Your flatmate had taken it two days ago in your kitchen. But what she failed to mention was the picture’s final destination.

Or even a double date for that matter.

You hand the phone over back to him. He is not deserving of the volcanic eruption that is about to take place.

“I’m sure there’s been a mistake. I’m not sure where you got that picture from. Good night.”

You walk away hurriedly, as quickly as your shaky legs can take you. You hear him calling out to you but you do not turn. It is onwards and forwards.

You know you’ll be home in ten minutes. And you have just one mission. To kill your flatmate.


Ps. This is not necessarily a new series. I just have a new muse. A couple of them actually. And they are truly special. So as often as they inspire, I will write.

Hunter’s Game S2 (3)

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Previous episode

“How long will it take for the toxicology report to get out? Can you possibly expedite it?”

Tola looked at the annoying lawyer breathing down her neck and turned her face away as though he had not spoken. The autopsy and toxicology reports she had been working on the last two days were really important and she was being extremely careful with them. This man was being impatient because he was trying to build a case but that was none of her business.

She regarded the results from the tissue sample obtained from the victim’s kidney and proceeded to make some notes.

“I asked you a question lady.”

Tola did not look up.

“You’re obstructing my work. If you can’t stay here in silence, please leave.”

The lawyer made a face like he was about to snap back but kept quiet.

When Tola was done, she called in a lab assistant.

“Do we still have sodium fluoride?”

The assistant nodded.

“Okay. Get me some. I want to test more blood samples. Just to be sure.”

“Yes ma.”

The assistant walked out of the lab and Tola followed him, peeling off her latex gloves. She walked into her office with the lawyer trailing after her.

“Look here, mister…”

“Benson. Barrister Benson.”

“Mr. Benson. You’re only in my office because of some connection to people that matter in this state. A connection I really do not care about. But if you keep stepping on my toes, or getting in the way of my work, I will have you physically thrown out and banned from my workplace. And I promise you, not one of the million phone calls you make will make a difference.”

Barrister Benson gulped. Tola was practically spitting fire from her eyes.

“Are we clear?”

He nodded meekly.


Right now, the results we have are clean. No unusual trace of alcohol or drugs but I’ll have to run a couple more tests to be absolutely certain. You’ll have your results in a week or two. And no, there can be no expediting the process.”

“Alright then. Can you have the results sent to my office as soon as they are ready?”

Tola smiled smugly. She could tell she had hurt his pride. She wanted to go in for the kill and ask him to come down himself in a couple of weeks but decided instead to be gracious.

“Sure. I’ll have my lab assistant bring it to you.”

“Thank you.”

Barrister Benson stood up and walked out. The weather was really hot and a few minutes after leaving the fully air-conditioned office, he was sweating profusely.

A cell phone began to ring in his pocket and his sweating became even more intense. He pulled the phone out and answered without checking the screen. There was no need to. It could only be one person.

“Hello sir,”

“What’s the update?” the voice on the other end of the line was cold.

“Nothing so far sir. The toxicology reports appear clean so it looks like intoxication is out of it. But I’m still waiting for final results.”

“Mr. Benson, when I gave you this case, what were my exact words to you?”

The lawyer wiped sweat beads off his face nervously.

“You said to bury Chief Ubong and his business sir.”

“And do I need to tell you how to go about your job?”

“No sir. Not at all.”

“I’m tired of doing you favours. I’ll do one last one and you better handle it from here on out otherwise, your family will be attending your funeral before the month runs out.”

Benson heard a click and he sighed.

How did a regular, happy-go-lucky fellow as himself get mixed in this level of drama and intrigue?

A few days after the recent plane crash, he received an anonymous package at his office with details of the crash. There were pictures, email exchanges and reports. The package was rather bulky and there was also a cellphone. The moment he turned the phone on, it rang. He refrained from picking it at first, caught somewhere between amusement at the thought that someone could be playing a prank and fear that this was actually happening. But he went ahead and picked the call and his life had been a nightmare from that moment.

This person knew things about him. Things his wife of 10 years knew nothing about, things that could have him thrown behind bars for life. And he liked his freedom. So he was caught between a rock and a hard place and all he could do was research the case and make the best presentation he had ever done in his life.

Whoever the caller was, they had influence and they had money. In a matter of days, a substantial number of families had been convinced to join the class action and Benson found himself caught up in meetings, hospital visits and mysterious phone calls with the strange man who connected him to other strange people. The whole episode was beginning to wear him out. He had eye bags from going days without sleep and he knew it was only a matter of time before he crashed. He needed a break but didn’t have the luxury of time to take one.

His regular cellphone rang startling him for a second. Only when he saw the caller was his wife did he relax.

“Hey mama,”

“Hey papa. You picked the kids from school yet?”

Benson looked at the time on his watch. It was past 4.

“Oh shit!”

“Papa, what was that?”

“I’m sorry love, I got caught up in a meeting.”

“You mean you left my kids out there by themselves?” His wife thundered.

Benson shuddered.

“I’m on my way there now mama. Calm down.” He hung up the phone immediately, knowing she would still be yelling at him but really not caring. Then he rushed to his car which was parked at a curb a few hundred meters away, got into it, kicked the engine to life and sped away.


Uzo and Nathan sat in Uzo’s living room watching football.

“No way nau! That was a foul! This ref no dey see?” Nathan grumbled rather loudly.

Uzo laughed and took a sip of his beer.

“We don win the match finish. Even if dem give penalty now, e no go do anything.”

Nathan hissed and maintained his focus on the television. Five minutes later, the final whistle went off and Uzo stood up and did a mini victory dance around the room with Nathan frowning and trying to ignore him.

“Eyah, sorry bruv. E dey happen. Don’t let it pain you too much.”

“Abeg comot for here make person see road jor.”

Uzo laughed again and reclaimed his seat on the couch.

He observed Nathan keenly, considering what topic to broach to ease the disappointment of the loss his team had just suffered, knowing that Nathan’s disposition would remain sour if they could not find something else to talk about.

“How’s that una office these days sef?”

Nathan looked at him and snorted.

“How many days ago did you leave there that it has now turned to our office?”

Uzo grinned.

“Does it matter? It’s sha not my office anymore.”

“Mehh. It’s just there. I’m even considering leaving too abeg. It’s just really somehow without you around. Mr. Taiwo seems to blame me for you leaving. Like I would encourage anyone to stay in that hell hole.”

“Guy, find something fast so you can leave too. That company is dying if you ask me.”

Yeah. But that’s not what I want to talk about. Tell me about your new place. You said there were some hot girls there.”

“Yoooooo! I kid you not! I walked in there and first thought that came to mind was, I must have died and gone to heaven.”

Nathan doubled over as he let out loud guffaws. Uzo chuckled as well.

“Come, when did you start chasing woman? I don’t even understand you again.”

Uzo shrugged.

“Blame Leela. That babe has just made me unleash my demon mode. You’ll spend so much time and effort loving one person but they’ll keep pulling a Houdini on you. I no do again abeg. Me too I want to enjoy life. Flirt, groove and maybe break one or two hearts.”

Nathan laughed some more and shook his head.

“You? Naah. You don’t have the capacity to chase women or even be mean to them.”

“That’s what you think. Just watch me. I’m done with Leela and her wahala. Let me live a little too.”

“Story. Leela will still come back and screw you over some more. That babe has your mumu button on lock down. I don’t even understand. Was it the sex?”

Uzo shook his head and stood up.

“No. We only had sex twice. Once after the kidnap wahala and then after she got back this last time. It was more about how we connected emotionally the first time we were dating. But even that wasn’t real.

I don’t know abeg guy. I’m sha glad it’s over. She has gone. Let me find something to do with my life.”

“I hear you. So you’re all about that player life now eh?” Nathan asked with a mischievous grin.

“Yes o. Who love don epp abeg?”

Both men laughed and clinked their beer bottles together.


Tola was wrapping up for the day when her cellphone rang. She saw the caller ID and ignored it. Maria was a constant pain in the butt and she was not in the mood to indulge her. Maria was a friend who ran one of the top gossip blogs in Nigeria but Tola was not impressed because more than 90% of the content on her blog was not original. But Maria did not care, she went about her business regardless and the only reason Tola tolerated her was because they had grown up together.

The phone stopped ringing and started off again almost immediately. Tola ignored it still as she gathered her things to leave. On her way out, the phone began ringing a third time and she finally picked it, mild irritation in her voice.

“Madam, if a person doesn’t answer on the first ring, why not send a text? You wan kill my battery?”

“Babes na wa for you o! I thought you were the one doing autopsy and toxicology reports for those pilots that died in the plane crash.” Maria sounded annoyed and her tone made Tola weary.

“Yes, I’m doing the reports and I told you I can’t talk to you about it because it is supposed to be confidential information.”

“Confidential my ass! It’s all over the other blogs now. The pilot had high alcohol levels and you couldn’t even slip that juicy gist to a sister but you told a lawyer instead. If you wanted to leak it discreetly, why not send me an anonymous tip?”

Tola stopped in her tracks and her handbag involuntarily dropped from her right hand.

“What did you say?!”

“I said the pilot had high alcohol levels and you couldn’t leak it to me first. Na wa for you o!”

Tola’s mind began racing.

“I am going to kill that lawyer!”

“What?” Maria queried

“Maria, that leak is untrue. If you have put that on your blog, please take it down. You can quote me directly as saying the leak is untrue. The tests are not yet complete but nothing we have seen so far remotely suggests anything like that. Those rumours are lies! Take them down!”

Tola was furious. She heard two beeps and she took the phone off her ear. Another call was coming in.

“Babes, I’ll call you back abeg. One of the investigators is calling me.”

“Are you sure I can quote you? The leak is not true?”

“Yes!” Tola snapped impatiently. “I’ll call you back!”

She ended Maria’s call and quickly answered the other call.

“Hello sir?”

“Tola, what is this I’m reading in the tabloids? I thought you were to report your findings directly to the board? Why leak them to the public?”

“I’m so sorry sir but that wasn’t me. Those reports aren’t even true. It’s like I told you earlier. There was nothing found in the kidney samples we tested. I’m doing further blood tests to ensure we cover all our bases but so far, both men appear to have been clean.”

The man on the other end of the line sighed.

“Just be careful. I don’t like it when sensitive matters like this are handled carelessly. Who have you discussed this with?”

“Just the lawyer I told you about. But I didn’t even give out anything.”

“It’s alright. I’ll be in touch.”

Tola waited for the man to hang up before dialing the lawyer’s number. He picked on the second ring.

“Hello Miss. Tola, do you have anything for me?”

“Look, if I lose my license because of you, the thunder that will fire you will be of proportions exceeding your tiny imagination! How dare you?!!”

“Excuse me?! What do you-“

Tola did not even let him finish.

“How dare you leak information that is without substance to the tabloids?! Aren’t you a lawyer?? Shouldn’t you know better?”

“Calm down woman!” Benson snapped back. “What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb with me! The only person I have spoken to on this case so far, apart from the investigators is you. Gossip blogs are reporting that a lawyer has leaked that one of the pilots had really high levels of alcohol in his blood and you and I know that is not true!”

Benson groaned. Each time his mysterious caller offered a “favour” it always backfired and reflected poorly on his credibility as a lawyer. This leak had to be the favour the man had said he would do.

“I swear to you, it was not me.” Benson was saying but Tola was having none of it.

“If it wasn’t you then it must have been one of your colleagues. Mr. Benson, fix this mess right now or else you will not be able to practice law in this town again.”

She hung up and let out a frustrated growl. Thunder would fire that lawyer. This was him trying to force her hand after her unwillingness to share any major information with him.


Chief Ubong was typing on his laptop when his door burst open and an angry looking man dressed in the uniform of the Nigerian Army barged in. The man had two other officers by his side and he noticed a third person restraining Fola in the background.

“What is the meaning of this nonsense?” Chief Ubong barked as he got out of his chair

“No, you sit there! You are a dead man! Your family is dead! Your business is dead! Everything you hold dear is dead!” Maj. Gen. Yakubu spat.

“Your son’s carelessness killed my only daughter. You think you know pain now? I will show you the real meaning of pain!”

Chief Ubong stood up regardless and walked to stand squarely with the Major General.

“How dare you?!! I lost 3 of my children in that crash! Who do you think you are to come in here and spew rubbish?”

“I have just come here to put you on notice. My daughter’s death will not go like that.”

“Get out of my office right now! Get out!”

Chief Ubong was fuming and his chest began to hurt. Maj. Gen. Yakubu stormed out of the office in the same manner he had come in with his aides in tow.

Fola rushed into Chief Ubong’s office as the older man clutched his chest.

“Are you okay sir?”

He held him gingerly and guided him to his seat then rummaged through his drawers till he found some medication which he shoved into his mouth while he ran to the dispenser situated close to the door to get some water. Chief Ubong downed the glass and tried to steady his breathing.

“Thank you Fola.”

“You’re welcome sir. Sorry sir.”

“Who was that?”

“Major General Yakubu. He’s the National Security Adviser.”

Chief Ubong exhaled loudly. Why on earth would Ijeoma not come to his rescue? If the National Security Adviser was threatening him, who could he turn to?

A shadow suddenly fell over the entrance of his office. Chief Ubong looked up and like something conjured out of his imagination, Ijeoma stood there, a blank expression on her face.

“Hello chief.”

Hunter’s Game S2 (2)


Previous episode
Tinu pressed the bell repeatedly in Williams’ house but no one came to answer it. It was strange. Williams’ car was in the driveway. They had spoken two days ago and she knew he was in Abuja. Williams did not like the idea of having domestic staff so whenever he was in the Abuja residence, they only came during the day and left in the evenings. It was 10pm and so he had to be home alone.

Tinu checked her bunch of keys and found one which she put in the lock and tried. Strangely it opened. She was shocked that Williams had not changed the locks since their fall out six months ago.

After the kidnap, Aisha had recovered from the stabbing rather quickly and Williams had dumped Tinu unsurprisingly. Or she had dumped him. The entire thing was a blur. But there had been a lot of bad publicity for both of them and the bloggers and gossip outfits had a field day reporting about how Williams had been cheating on her and how she had been played and how their engagement had been a  sham. It was all a mess and for the first 2 months, she could barely leave her house.

Talking to Williams had been difficult. She was hurting and proud and it was the same for Williams. But eventually their parents called them and tried to talk some sense into them. Williams had chosen Aisha who was completely off the radar the entire time and although it hurt some more, she tried to understand the hold Aisha had over him. It was something she would never have. So she gave in and tried to piece her life together without any connection whatsoever to Williams.

Last month, she ran into Williams at the private screening of a friend’s movie. Aisha was not there and after some awkwardness, they went to a corner to talk. Williams said he missed being friends with her and didn’t like that things were always so awkward between them. Tinu agreed and they started trying to rebuild an easy friendship. It had been working okay. He checked in once a week and Tinu was quite comfortable with it.

Then she had seen the news tonight and she knew she had to see him. She had called his phones but his lines were either busy or ringing out and at some point, they were all off.

Tinu walked through the living room calling out to his name but receiving no response. She went into the bedroom and noticed the bathroom door was slightly ajar. Tinu pushed the door open slowly and screamed. Williams was passed out on the floor. She rushed to his side and shook him vigorously.

“Will!! Will!!!”

She turned on the shower and dragged the cord to Williams’ face, spraying water over him as it gushed out. She heard him cough and splutter weakly and she tossed the cord aside.

“Will! Are you alright?”

Williams’ eyes were blank and it frightened her.

“Here, get up”

She tried to lift him but he was too weak and they both crashed to the floor.

Tinu got up and left his side temporarily. Her phone was in her bag on the bed and she took it and dialed a number.

“Hello aunty, I need an ambulance please. I’m at Will’s place at Minister’s Hill. He’s unconscious. Please hurry.”

She rushed back to Williams’ side and raised his head and placed it on her laps. Her aunt would have an ambulance there in the shortest time possible. She ran her private hospital to perfection.

Sure enough, in about 15 minutes, the sound of sirens broke the silence of the night. Tinu went to open the door and two young men helped her lift Williams gingerly into a stretcher and into the ambulance. She spied one of Williams’ phones on the floor in the bedroom and picked it up.

Tinu rode with Williams in the back of the ambulance. He was still conscious but his eyes were blank and unfocused. Tinu was frightened, yet a small part of her was resentful because she knew what had reduced the seemingly strong Williams to this unconscious heap. She had known from the moment she saw the news that Williams would be devastated and that was why she had come over.

News reports had it that Aisha Yakubu had been a passenger on a commercial airplane that crashed on its way to Abuja from Lagos earlier that evening. And something about the way Williams looked told Tinu that he would likely not recover from that loss.

She looked at Williams’ phone in her hands and tried two password combinations before successfully unlocking the phone. The screen opened up to a text chat between Williams and Aisha. The last message on the phone being from Aisha and reading:

Boarding now. I love you so much Liam. I fear I never say it enough. But this babe is crazy about you. May we never be apart again. See you tonight.

Tinu didn’t know when the tears began to drop from her eyes.


Nifemi ascended the steps of the massive building that towered before her. The walls were made of glass and her reflection greeted her at every corner. It was something she still had not gotten used to even though her office had moved into the building 6 months ago. She adjusted the tissue skirt she wore around the waist, pushed the elevator button and waited as the lift made its way down. Soon she heard a ding and the doors opened. She walked in, pushed the button for the 11th floor and checked her appearance in the mirrors on the wall as the elevator made its way up. Her makeup was flawless, thanks to Victoria. She smacked her lips and adjusted the head wrap that concealed her braids. She patted her well rounded butt and smiled to herself. The squats were beginning to pay off.

When the elevator doors opened, she walked out, smiling a greeting to everyone she met as she made her way to her cubicle. Once settled, she pulled out her laptop, turned it on then plugged in her phone whose battery was flat to charge. She opened her office mail and scanned through new mails absently then suddenly gasped.

“Oh shoot!”

She quickly reached for a pair of heels under her table and slipped them on then rushed off to the conference room. She was 20 minutes late for a meeting.

Her team lead who was seated at one end of the table scowled at her as she walked in but she pretended not to see him and took a seat at the table.

“So, next up, we’ve hired a new Publicity Strategist to join the communications department. He’ll be resuming tomorrow.”

Nifemi stared at the Business Unit manager as she spoke, mouth agape. A new publicity strategist for her unit? Someone to take her job? What was that supposed to mean?

As though, the manager could read her mind, she continued.

“The company is expanding and we need more hands because soon, there’ll be more work than some units can handle. So as much as we can, let’s all be accommodating of new staff.

Nifemi, you’re our PR person and you will be working closely with Uzo when he resumes. Please offer all the support he’ll need.

Moving on now…”

Nifemi zoned out of the meeting.

Thirty minutes later, she was making her way back to her desk when her team lead stopped her.

“Why were you late to the meeting?”

“Because it was meant to be for 10am and nobody sent me the memo when it was moved to 9am.”

Nifemi knew her team lead did not like her and the feeling was mutual but it didn’t matter because she was really hardworking, very smart and always got the job done. His dislike for her was something personal. When she was given the job, it was in place of Mr. Taiwo’s niece whom he had tried to bully HR into hiring in spite of her poor performance at the interview. The HR manager was firm on her choice of Nifemi and there had been an argument in front of Nifemi on the day she resumed. The matter appeared to have been resolved privately later on but Mr. Taiwo had gone ahead to frustrate her on the job.

Wherever possible, he tried to undermine her or make her look bad before her superiors. And failing to notify her early of the change in time for the meeting was one of his many little annoying ways. And as usual, he would deny it.

“I sent that mail early this morning.”

“8:30am was not early this morning sir. But it’s fine.”

Mr. Taiwo shrugged and walked on ahead of her to his office. Nifemi remembered the new guy who was meant to be resuming and she went after him.

“Sir, you guys hired someone to share my tasks and didn’t think to inform me?”

Mr. Taiwo looked at her like one would regard a recalcitrant child.

“It’s my team, I’m the team lead. I matter when such decisions are being taken, you don’t.”

Nifemi smiled. He was trying to get under her skin. She simply turned and walked away. There was no use getting worked up. She returned to her desk and saw that she had a flurry of messages on her phone.

Her battery had been dead since Sunday afternoon because the transformer in her area had gone bad. Being offline hadn’t bothered her. She had stayed indoors and gotten the much needed rest ahead of a busy week. The company was gearing up to the launch of a new product and it was crunch time. She tossed her phone aside and logged into her laptop. If she attempted to respond to any of those messages, she would not get any work done.


Otto’s eyes were red and tired. Her hair was a mess and her clothes disorganized. She had not slept through the night. No one in the house had. She looked at Sharon who was in a corner of the room in a similar state. They had gone from crying and screaming to whimpering and crying again without tears.

Otto had a severe migraine but she was barely aware of it. She had refused food and medication and every form of attention. The house was crowded with people and she had managed to find some solace in Aniefiok’s room with Sharon. They locked themselves in and after failed attempts to get them out of the room, everyone had given up.

The room was tidy and mostly empty. It was the family house and Ani didn’t live there. He only had a room for nights when he came and slept over or when they had family functions. Like the mini reunion they were supposed to have had.

Otto’s memories of Aniefiok are filled with so much fondness. They were the closest of all the siblings and from little fights as kids to lying and covering up for each other as teenagers, to discussing serious matters as adults, there was not a single thought Otto could hold on to that would not break her heart. She was exhausted. It wasn’t just about Ani. She remembered Enokela and how all her friends gushed over him endlessly. Enokela who was the witty one, ever smiling, always with a kind word or joke to share. And Ima. Her only sister who she disagreed with on a lot of issues but whom she loved to death. All three of them gone, just like that. It was too much to take in at once.

It had come as a shock when her mother yelled from the living room that evening. She rushed out of the kitchen where she had been slicing vegetables with Sharon to meet her mother grabbing at her chest frantically and screaming some more. Then she read the news bar. Then her head started spinning. Then she rushed to her phone and began dialing Ani’s number as well as Enokela’s and then Ima’s.

She prayed fervently that it was not their flight even though a part of her knew all the details matched the flight Ani was piloting. She made calls to her father that didn’t connect as well as calls to some friends that worked with the airline and at the control tower. But nobody responded to her.

It wasn’t until an hour later that people started flocking the house that Otto knew it was true. Her siblings were dead. Her father was led into the house by his best friend who was a retired pilot and one look at her father’s face told her all she needed to know. Her life was over.

Otto had not cried her last tears yet. There was yet more to come.

Sharon on the other hand was pretty much gone. She had met Aniefiok 3 years ago at a mutual friend’s wedding. She was one of the bridesmaids and he was the best man. At the after party, they had gotten into a dance competition and she beat him effortlessly. Aniefiok had not been that good a dancer but he was energetic and his energy had compensated for the moves he lacked.

She had followed him to his hotel that night, both of them drunk and had woken up the following morning to discover that he had not touched her. Sharon was stupefied. When she asked why, he said he was not the kind of man to touch a woman without her clear consent and given that she had been inebriated the night before, he had refrained from making any moves on her. Sharon did not believe he was a normal human being.

She did not see or hear from him for a while after that because he ran a very busy schedule as a pilot and she had kept busy with travelling the world as a business consultant. Then a year later, they ran into each other again at yet another wedding and this time, they made efforts to stay in touch. A few drinks here and there and they started dating months later. Their relationship was a little over a year old but Ani’s younger sister Otto did not like her. Otto believed she was too self-obsessed and condescending but Sharon did not care. When Ani insisted she join them for their family trip, it had only been with a promise from her to try and connect with his siblings, especially Otto who Ani said was the most important of them all.

Thankfully, they had managed to put their differences aside and bond over their mutual affections for Ani.

Sharon regarded Ani as perfect. His body, to start with was something that had been well-architectured and divinely crafted. Well-toned muscles resulting from dedicated workout sessions at the gym, a nicely trimmed beard that made all the ladies swoon and brown eyes that constantly had her drowning in them. He was not too tall. They were just about the same height so she hardly wore heels when they hung out. And he had a nice butt which she liked to smack occasionally. He always found it slightly embarrassing but Sharon did it nonetheless for her personal amusement.

Ani had a habit of walking around shirtless, in slightly baggy pajamas that hung loosely around his waist whenever she spent the weekend at his house. He had a tattoo just above his waist and Sharon fell in love with it every single time she saw it. Sharon knew that pilots had a reputation for being randy but she also knew that Ani was different. He never gave her reasons to doubt his loyalty to her. But she knew Enokela was a different ball game entirely. Enokela chased women with reckless abandon and she knew that the only reason he never made a move on her was out of respect for his brother.

As she thought about Enokela, another tear slipped down her eyes. Enokela had been the first of the Ubongs to accept her and make her feel at home when she started dating Ani. Enokela was too playful, never having a serious moment because in his famous words, “life is too short to be carrying face abeg. I cannot come and die.”

But now he was dead. Sharon was hurting for the loss of Ani who was effectively the love of her life. She had scarcely given much thought to settling down but Ani had made her desire that- a family of her own, a home, kids, stability. She was estranged from her family and spent her time travelling for work because it made her happy. It was because of Ani that she had chosen to get a stable job consulting for a technology firm in Lagos. She was allowed to work remotely and come in only three times a week.

Now Ani was dead and he had taken all her dreams of a happy ever after with him. She still could not believe it. She half-expected Ani to walk into the room and envelope her in one of his famous bear hugs. But no matter how many hours she spent locked in with Otto crying, Ani would not show up.


Otto’s voice was barely a croak. Sharon turned to her in silence.

“Is the pain ever going to stop?”

Sharon shook her head slowly as her eyes pooled with tears and began to run over. The pain was never going to stop. Not for her who had lost her soulmate and certainly not for Otto who had lost all her siblings.


Chief Ubong sat in his study, looking but not seeing. He had not slept in 48 hours. They were the longest 48 hours of his entire life. The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) had suspended his airline and the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) had launched an investigation into the crash. Pretty much all the bodies of the victims had been recovered. He had delivered a couple of short press releases, barely keeping himself together in front of the team of journalists that swarmed his residence and office on both occasions.

His PR manager had told him it was okay to break into tears in front of the cameras as it would help gather some empathy for him but he was not interested in putting up a show. He managed to comport himself for the few minutes the interviews happened and retreated into his office afterwards. He had made phone calls and reviewed documents in his feeble attempt to understand what had gone down.

The airplane had been serviced just the week before. He had engineers from China come in and do maintenance and they were certified to be in good shape so he could not understand why the plane would have a fault. The board had begun digging into Aniefiok’s personal life as well as that of Adnan. Adnan had been known to him as well.

The Black box had been recovered and processed. It wrecked him to hear his son’s last words even as he struggled to regain control of the plane. Enokela’s frightened voice had been in the background as well. Both men had stated that they loved their parents and siblings and had requested that Sharon and Nneka respectively be told that they were loved. Chief Ubong only had to listen to it twice before he decided it was more than he could handle.

Questions surrounding the air-worthiness of the plane as well as Ani’s state of mind had been prevalent. The aviation minister who had been recently appointed was anxious to be regarded as efficient and after expressing sympathy for his loss had gone ahead to personally look into the investigation.

Chief Ubong knew the crash was no accident. He also knew it had nothing to do with his son’s competence or state of mind. About a week ago, he had been notified by someone high up in government of progress made towards making his fleet the national carrier for the nation. The news had excited him because he had not only worked extremely hard to get there but had invested good money greasing the right palms. Shortly after that, he had received an anonymous mail threatening him if he did not back out of the bid.

He had not paid much attention to it because he did not imagine that anything this drastic could happen. Beyond ensuring due diligence in the maintenance of his airplanes, he had taken no further action. Then this had happened. Whoever it was that made the threat had made good their word. Now it was up to him to find out what exactly they had done to cause the crash and who it was that was responsible. Someone had murdered his children and over a hundred other Nigerians in cold blood. He would ensure that they did not get away with it.

He opened his iPad and read Ijeoma’s email one more time and shook his head. There had to be away to get her back into the country. She was the only woman he could trust to find the killers and make them pay, because this was certainly beyond the legal forces of the nation.

A knock sounded on the door and he looked up. His personal assistant, a smart young man in his late twenties walked in with a worn expression on his face. It could only mean one thing. More trouble.

“What is it Fola?”

“We’re getting sued sir. A class action suit by some of the families of the victims. They are claiming gross negligence. They want two hundred and fifty million naira each.”

Chief Ubong rubbed bloodshot eyes and sighed deeply. Fola handed him a folder and stood at a respectful distance

“It’s worse sir. Some of the preliminary reports of the investigation appear to have been leaked. And they don’t look good at all.”

Hunter’s Game S2 (1)


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The sun was a fine shade of golden brown as it commenced its ascent above the ocean. It was just about 5am and Aniefiok stood at the balcony of his hotel room, a cigarette hanging loosely between his lips as he absorbed the view before him. He could hear the waves strike the rocks gently and the fronds of the palm trees flutter lazily. It was the last day of his vacation and he was bent on taking it all in, creating a memory that would be eternally stamped in his heart. Not that he needed to anyway. The last two weeks with his siblings were unforgettable.

Ani took one final drag of the cigarette before putting it out. He cast a glance into the room where Otto and Sharon were spread out on the bed and he smiled. Because two weeks ago when he insisted that Sharon join them for their vacation, he was sure one of the women would kill the other before the end of the trip. But somehow, it had all worked out. Otto had argued that Sharon- his girlfriend- was not family and so should not be with them. Yet he had insisted because he planned to get married to Sharon and needed his siblings to get used to her. Sharon was here to stay.

The ring he was going to propose with was still tucked nicely at the bottom of his box. The girls had gone partying the previous night and returned too late and too drunk for him to propose and Enokela had suggested he put it off till dinner with their parents that night. That would make an even bigger statement.

“What you doing out here bruv?”

Ani turned and smiled.

“Thinking about my life.”

Eno laughed.

“Yes, you’ll be 33 in a week. You’re an A-class pilot with several thousand miles under your belt, a 7-figure bank account and a woman who worships the very ground upon which you walk. What’s not to think about?”

Ani grinned and shook his head.

“I’m not brooding though. Just chilling, like happy.”

“Well, good. Coz if anyone should be brooding, it should be me.”

“What’s up baby brother?”

Eno smacked Ani’s arm.

“Don’t call me that. I keep telling you.”

Ani laughed a little then started coughing.

“See? That shit you keep smoking. You’ll die before you’re 40.”

Ani laughed and coughed some more.

“Something’s gotta kill a man though, no?”

Enokela hissed.

“Real though, what’s up? Why did you say you’re the one to brood?”

“Nneka broke up with me last night.”

Ani’s eyes dimmed in sympathy and he crossed well-toned arms and leaned on the balcony.

“Dang. That’s rough. Why? What happened?”

Eno looked away.

“Well, a little birdie let it slip that I shagged one of my air hostesses and had her abort a baby she was apparently carrying for me.”

Ani snorted and quickly covered his face as he fell into another spasm of laughter.

“I hate you” Enokela said.

“This one’s on you, you know. You should have been careful. Or better yet stayed faithful to the woman you claim to love.”

Enokela shrugged.

“It’s not my fault. The women love me, they won’t let me be. What should I do? Turn them down? That would be rather ungentlemanly.”

Aniefiok let out loud guffaws that broke the peace of the morning and Enokela looked at him oddly.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“You dey mad o!” Ani said. “Better craze dey worry you. Ehn, since the women love you, why are you now here crying over Nneka? Replace her already na.”

“You know I can’t. She was special. I really love her. And I was planning to clean up and just be committed to her.”

“Sure. After 2 years of fooling around yeah? Or you’ve forgotten how many second chances she’s given you to clean up.”

“Mehh. You’ll help me beg her abeg.”

“Nope. Fix your shit.”

Ani took one last look at the sun over the ocean then checked the time on his fuel band.

“Going for a run. Wanna come?”

Enokela exhaled.

“Sure. I need to think up the perfect apology for Nneka when we get back. I swear if she forgives me this time, I’m done playing.”

Ani chuckled.

“Yeah and the Pope will quit his job and become a stripper. Face it ‘Kela. You’ll always be a baby boy. You were made for this life and this life was made for you.”

Enokela tried and failed to stifle his laughter.

“You’re useless, I swear.”

Ani walked into the suite and Enokela followed him. They cautiously picked up their running shoes and went into Enokela’s adjoining room to change.

“What time is the flight tonight?” Eno asked

“5:30.” Ani laced his shoes as he responded.

“Is Ima working your flight too?”

“Yup. Fun times.”

Enokela laughed. Ima was Ani’s immediate younger sister who was an air hostess. The two did not get along very much, but Ima was closer to Enokela who followed her directly. Otto was the baby of the house and the only one of chief Ubong’s children who was not in the Aviation industry. Even on the vacation, Ima had gone off with her own friends and had only hung out a couple of times with her siblings. But Aniefiok, Enokela, Sharon and Otto had done everything together the entire period.

Ani suddenly felt his phone buzz in his pocket. He retrieved it and read the text message reminding him about resuming work that evening.

“Like I could forget. I’ve missed flying.”

“I’ve missed the pretty things in skirts yo.”

Ani laughed and shook his head

“And you say you want to change. Fat chance.”

The two men walked out of the hotel room and shut the door quietly behind them.


Uzo woke up with a start, his heart thumping wildly in his chest. He reached for the bedside lamp and switched it on and his corner of the room came alight with a dim glow that brightened gradually till the entire room filled with light. Beside him, Leela stirred and Uzo exhaled slowly, releasing air from his mouth into a cupped palm. He did not want to wake her up.

He found it strange that 6 months after the ordeal, he still had occasional nightmares where either he or Leela wound up dead. Tonight, someone had shot at them both and they had locked their hands together as he felt the life drain out of him. He got out of bed and checked the time. It was 2am. He went to the water dispenser in his living room, fetched himself a glass of water, and returned to the bedroom to find Leela awake.

“What’s up? She asked.

Uzo contemplated lying to her but the look on her face told him it was pointless.

“I had another nightmare.”

Leela bit her lips and contemplated for a bit.

“Maybe you should see someone.”

“No. It’s stopping. Or it stopped.”

“And started when I came back.”

Uzo sighed. There was something about Leela. He did not know what it was yet but there was just something about her.

When they returned to Lagos after their ordeal, she stayed with him and tried to help him adjust back to a normal life. Two days after their return, she helped rent him a house on Bode Thomas in Surulere. It was a nice one bedroom apartment that was super cozy. Being in a smaller house and having her act normal around him had helped him settle in. Exactly two weeks later, he came home from work and discovered that she was gone. There was not a single trace of her and there was no message. He had absolutely no means of reaching her.

Her exit broke him and he tried to understand why she left but it did nothing to abate his hurt. He tried to piece himself back together. Nathan helped. They hung out together a good number of times. Nathan brought women to him but Uzo always ignored them. But in time, he adjusted to Leela’s absence and fell into a routine of work and weekend hangouts but never staying out later than 7pm.

Two weeks ago, he returned home from work and found Leela in his bedroom. He had almost passed out. She apologized to him for abandoning him, claiming she had needed some time to sort herself out and saying she was back for good if Uzo would accept her.

Nathan was opposed to the idea but Uzo could not say no to Leela. He realized that day that he had never really gotten over her. She moved back in and they were taking their relationship- if you could call it that- pretty slow. But at that time, Uzo had quit his job and was on the lookout for something new.

And she was right. It was the third nightmare he was having since her return.

“Leela, it’s not you, it’s just-”

Leela smiled.

“I brought back memories. Maybe this wasn’t a good move.”

Uzo sighed.

“So now what? You want to leave again?”

“No. Just maybe give you some time. I quit my job at the agency so we could have a fresh start but-”

“You didn’t do that for me or for us. It was because of Gbemiga.”

Uzo wanted to slap himself the moment the words were out of his mouth. He had no idea why he had uttered them.

Leela smiled.


Uzo was frustrated. He walked out of the room and back into the living room to lie on the couch. This was the problem. There was just something about her that made it almost impossible for them to be normal. It didn’t matter how much he tried. Conversations were mostly awkward Maybe Nathan was right. Maybe they just weren’t meant to be. Maybe he should let her go once and for all.

“I’m sorry.”

Her voice broke into his thoughts, surprising him slightly because he hadn’t heard her enter the living room. He pretended not to hear her and offered no response.

Leela knew he had heard her even though he didn’t respond. She was genuinely sorry. She thought the time apart would help her sort out everything she was feeling but she was wrong. She had spent a month in France then another month with her dad back in Zaria but nothing she did gave her peace. She had not stopped blaming herself for Gbemiga’s death and that was really the reason she quit the agency. Gbemiga had meant more to her than she knew and she did not imagine that she could take on any other assignment with his blood on her hands.

She had gone to see his mother at some point and the woman rained curses on her. She accepted them in humility, telling herself it was a small price to pay for Gbemiga’s death but even that did not help make her feel better. She travelled some more and eventually returned to Uzo. She apologized and promised herself that she would try to make things work between them. Maybe being with Uzo would fix her. But even this wasn’t working. She was all out of options. Maybe this was what people meant when they talked about hitting rock bottom.

No job. No love. No meaningful relationships. No purpose. Absolutely nothing to live for.

She walked back into the bedroom and shut the door. By morning, she would leave. Uzo did not deserve to deal with her and the baggage she was carrying.


Aniefiok adjusted his headset in the cockpit and turned a few knobs on the board. His co-pilot was Lebanese and he smiled at him.

“You ready?”

Aniefiok nodded. There was a knock on the cockpit door and Ani turned to open it. Enokela got in grinning.

“Now what?”

“Let me just sit here for the ride man. It’s weird sitting in the cabin. You know that.”

Ani shook his head and turned to his co-pilot.

“Do you mind?”

The man grinned and shook his head.

Enokela shut the door and smiled.

“Let’s do this.”

Aniefiok rubbed both palms and cleared his throat as his began to address his passengers.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This is your pilot Captain Aniefiok Ubong and with me is first officer Adnan Gabir. We would like to welcome you aboard Miranda airlines taking you to the Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport Abuja this lovely Sunday evening. Please fasten your seatbelts as you get in and ensure that your hand luggage is safely stowed away in the overhead lockers above you.”

Another knock sounded on the cockpit door and Enokela opened it. Ima, poked her head in.

“Last passenger just boarded. We should be ready in 5.”

“Thanks Ima.” Adnan said.

The moment Ima shut the door behind her, Adnan said to Ani.

“Hard to believe you two are siblings. You rarely speak.”

Ani grinned.

“That’s just how we show love to each other.”

His phone buzzed and he checked it.

“Otto and Sharon are such slys. They’re already in Abuja.”

“At least they’re bonding. Free them.” Enokela said.

Ani typed out a response.

Give Sharon a peck for me. Love you both. See you in 2 hours.

A voice came on over the radio.

Flight MJ 135, you are cleared for takeoff.”

“Alrighty. Buckle up” Ani said.

As he fired the engine of the plane, Ani felt a slight tremor in his tummy but he paid no mind to it as he powered the airplane and taxied down the runway.


The sun had long since completed its return home by the time she took her evening run. Her trail was different tonight as she ran through the city for the first time. It had always been through the beach or some other trail close to home but this night, she took a different, longer trail, just for the fun of it. Her ears were plugged into her iPod, Eminem’s rap filling her ears and fueling her heart rate as she maintained a steady pace of 3:38.

After completing 6km, she commenced her return home, her pace dropping slightly to 3:50. In 30 minutes, she was back to her small cottage overlooking the Jibacoa beach. She peeled her soaked tank top and tights off her body and went into the bathroom for a cold shower just as she turned on the television in her room.

When she came out of the shower, she sat in front of the television, drying her short hair. She needed to cut it again. The hair grew way too fast. She suddenly noticed an item on the news bar:

Breaking News. Passenger plane crashes in Nigeria, killing all 120 passengers aboard.”

“Holy shit!!” Ijeoma exclaimed.

She turned up the volume of the news and listened as the reporter provided updates of a plane crash that had taken place hours ago. It was 3am in Nigeria but quite clearly, no one was asleep. The airplane was one in the fleet of Miranda airlines owned by Chief Victor Ubong. At that time, the passenger manifest was being read. The journalist reported that 3 of Chief Ubong’s children had been on the flight, one them was the pilot, the other a flight attendant and the third one apparently hitching a ride. The black box had been found and investigations had commenced.

Ijeoma buried her face in her palms. This was completely shocking. Chief Ubong was well known to her. He had actually arranged the private jet that had taken her off to Cuba six months ago. How could such a thing happen to him? She briefly contemplated reaching out to him but changed her mind. They were not exactly tight buddies. He owed her a favour and had repaid it by ensuring her safe passage out of Nigeria. No need to get emotional over his loss.

She turned off the television and changed into something light for the night, then walked into her small kitchen and fixed herself a cocktail. There was so much madness going on in the world, she would rather remain oblivious to it all.

She took her drink back to her room then turned on her Netflix and relaxed in her bed.

Against the backdrop of the movie dialogue, Ijeoma heard a ping that signified a notification for her email. She paused the movie, picked her iPad and checked. The mail had come into a Gmail account she had not used in months.

Check the news. There was a crash. Someone just murdered my kids. Come home. I need your help.

The sender was V. Ubong. Ijeoma stared at the screen for a long time before taking another sip of her cocktail. She slowly typed out a response;

My condolences chief. But I’m retired. Never returning to Nigeria.

She sent the email and shut down the iPad before returning her attention to the big screen in front of her.


See you next weekend.

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Halla!!!! Saturday is only 24 hours away! Excited about season 2 of Hunter’s Game? Well, I am!

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