Sweet Dreams…

sleep 1

I tried starting this post in several different ways, but none of them seemed catchy to me. And it makes me wonder, have I lost touch that much? It’s actually been a while I posted anything here

At some point in our lives, every one of us catches a “vision” or has a dream, something that we think of constantly, something we hope to achieve, something that makes us feel alive… Our dreams, our hopes, our aspirations… They inform part of our daily living and more often than not, they dictate our lifestyle, our patterns and our routines… Am I making much sense? I want us to go on a journey together… Please stay with me…

So we catch our vision, or have our dream. It’s interesting, it’s exciting and it pushes us to wake up! We’re super excited about it and so we start working towards transforming our dreams into reality. We take steps, make enquiries, carry out research and basically do practical stuff that show that we are keen on making our dreams real. That is our pattern… for quite some time… and then somehow, we stop working… and go back to bed!

My bed… I love my bed! It’s my comfort zone. I stay in it and it doesn’t demand much from me, only that I sleep, sleep and sleep! Reality is calling, beckoning me to come back to that state of consciousness outside my comfort zone where the right factors, engineered by me can make the beautiful dreams real, but I decide that I want to romance my bed, just for a few more minutes, so I stay on… You know what I love about waking up early in the mornings? It’s looking at my clock, seeing maybe “5:30am” and being able to go back to sleep and “rest” for “just a few more minutes”. Is this making any bit of sense?  I hope so…

sleep 2

Picture this… you have this amazing dream, you have been pursuing it for a while and then certain factors cause you go back to sleep, rather than stay up and work hard to make them real… That’s my point… You’re in that state where the factors (your bed) are cuddling you up and encouraging you to stay in your comfort zone (quit). Well, I’m here to pull off that comfy blanky and send you off to get your day started!

Truth… We need to push ourselves extra extra hard if we are ever truly going to fulfill our dreams. Its not enough to see where we want to be, we need to kick, push, punch, fight, and shove until we get there. Uh, I don’t mean you should physically assault anyone to get there, I mean, you should go a little extra hard on yourself. There’s something you started a while ago and you somehow lost the drive for it, go back and pick it up. You can keep dreaming success but if you don’t work hard, it’ll remain a dream; something unreal…

Sometimes we quit on our dreams because a few pit-falls caused us to think we were being unrealistic or maybe “a friend” told you your dreams were unattainable, or sometimes we even quit in a bid to help others pursue theirs… Regardless of what your reason might be, I need you to leave your comfort zone and get back out there to the world of the awake where you are the architect of your own destiny!

Get this… if the price of greatness was so cheap, mediocres would be non-existent. Nothing good ever comes easy, ask thos who have experienced success before.

sleep 3

It’s time to wake up and turn those sweet dreams into reality. I have been sleeping for a while, but I’m wide awake now! And that’s why I’m beating the gong. Wake up! For once again, the morning has come…


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