Hello… I love your smile…


He walked into the office that hot afternoon. The sun outside was blazing hot and the full blast of the air conditioner welcomed him in… Well, not just that, my smile too… He put down the bag he was carrying and looked at me.

“Good afternoon sir, how may I help you?” My voice calm and smooth, the welcoming smile still on my face. He stood transfixed for a few seconds and said “hello, I love your smile… It’s very welcoming”. I laughed, said thank you and requested again how I could help…
I often hear people say that the most gorgeous attire anyone could ever put on is a smile. No kidding. That is so true. I love to smile a lot. Not necessarily because I always have something to smile about but becasue it makes me feel good about myself and it has helped me win severally with people. Okay, you have heard about smiles a lot and how it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown and how you live longer if you smile more often and all that and all that…

I’m trying to establish a basic truth here. It’s important to have people skills and have extremely good people relations, otherwise you would miss out on a lot of things in life. And I’m talking about wonderful friendships, relationships, job opportunities, favours… you name it. Basic step to take is SMILE! Your smile is extremely important. You should know that a lot of people read your body language and make an on the spot assessment of you even before you speak a word. You want to win with people? Learn to start smiling more often.

Let your smile speak for you. That is what I’ll call my very first step to people skills. Think about all the exciting fun people you love to be around. Are they usually grumpy or are they happy, smiley and bubbly? I’m sure you have your answer already. As much as your smile is important, never over-do it. I’ll be honest and say that smiling too much has gotten me into trouble a number of times especially when some guys assume that my smile is an on the spot invitation for them to propose to me. lol. Seriously though, try to be cheerful as often as you can. My smile has fetched me more friends and favours than I can begin to re-count here.

Always be happy and always wear a smile, not because life is full of  reasons to smile but because your smile in itself could be someone else’s reason to smile.

There’s something magical about your smile… It causes amazing things to happen. Never lose it!

Yours Smilingly, Yougee Cash 🙂


4 thoughts on “Hello… I love your smile…

  1. If this can work for you I’m sure it can work for me too because i know i have a great smile but i don’t smile often..probably only in pics. i will definitely start smiling often 🙂


    • Sure dear. But remember, not too much o! 🙂 Let it be nice and friendly enough that people will think they can approach you. If you frown all the time, people will probably be scared of you or indifferent towards you. Besides smiling often keeps you looking younger! Cheers 🙂


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