I could have killed that driver that day and I’m not kidding, I meant that. For someone like me who is absolutely peace loving and who always advocates for finding the good in everyone, you should know that the driver really got to me.

Right from City Gate where I boarded the bus up until Finance junction where the full manifestation of the driver’s madness came to light, the driver remained a pain in the neck. It was so bad that all the passengers noted the vehicle plates and vowed firmly never to board his vehicle ever again, even if it were to be the last one on earth. And you ask, was it that bad? Yes! It really was! I mean, how much worse can a man’s attitude get?

Your attitude towards people, places and life in general essentially determines what happens to you but for the purpose of this write-up, I’ll focus on your attitude towards people. If you’re a naturally unhappy fellow who argues and fights with everyone, watch it. You’re merely a disaster waiting to happen. People will react to you according to how you treat them, well most of the time, because there will be those exceptions that prove the rule.

It does not cost much to be polite, cheerful and courteous, really. And I’m saying this because I’ve done it often time and I didn’t lose a strand of hair. No matter who you are, simple courtesies are essential. “Yes, please, thank you, I’m sorry”, they cost absolutely nothing but would go a long way in helping you with people relations.

I realized over time that I really have the ability to go crazy, if I choose to. Actually, every human does. But it’s necessary to down play it and be civil and courteous as often as you can. Attitude is everything. You cannot have a positive attitude towards people and they would not be nice to you. Oh well, except they have a bomb on their head (like I love to say often). But in truth, more often than not, what you give is what you receive, it’s not magic, it’s just life. If I maintain a positive attitude towards people and I am nice and polite, they would have no reason to treat me harshly.

Back to my story. At some point, I could have felt sorry for the driver when his attitude got him into a lot of trouble with some people who were ready to beat him up but I didn’t. Why? Because his attitude was what got him there and I was in no mood to play nice which was entirely his fault.  That’s usually what happens when you have a terrible attitude towards people; when you get into trouble, no one is in a hurry to come get you out of it. If you’re a quarrelsome person, nobody would want to have anything to do with you.

Some of us play religion a lot and use that as a basis to do just about anything and think we can get away with it. Okay o. Well I am Christian and as a Christian, I believe that all things work out together for the good of them that love the Lord and are called by His Name, I also believe that God makes all things beautiful in His time but I also know that if I have a terrible attitude, I’ll wait from now till forever and nothing would change. Nothing would be made beautiful and absolutely nothing would work out for me. Like I said, this is real life; the measure you give is the measure you would receive, especially when you’re dealing with people.

I’ll end on this note, attitude really is everything. Smile, be cheerful, polite and courteous to everyone you meet regardless of who they are. Have the right attitude towards people and watch amazing things happen to you.

This is part one, watch out for part two… 😀

Yours always, Yougeecash 🙂

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