Oma’s Story: One

Oma woke up Friday morning and knew in her heart that she would not go to work. Her boss was out of town, she had worked till about 7:00pm the previous day and her body was really in no mood to get out of bed. She looked at the bedside clock “7:30am.” She stretched and lay on her back, deciding to take a little walk down memory lane and justify herself for not working that day…

All week, Board Members had been meeting and as the Personal Assistant to the Executive Secretary of her organization she had worked real hard to ensure that all the documents needed for the meeting were prepared and copies made available for each one. She had also been responsible for handling their travelling and accommodation arrangements. As though the pressure was not enough, her boss had also informed her that she would be leaving for Spain for some meeting on Thursday night and as usual, all the documents necessary for the trip were to be prepared by her. That was the reason she had been in the office till about 7:00pm, editing what she had given the secretary to type and cross-checking facts and figures. It had been really tiring but she was really meticulous about her job. She finished and e-mailed them to her boss. Sometimes she loved her job, at other times it gave her way too much stress than she would have wanted.

Her job was the reason she did not have a normal relationship like her peers did. It wasn’t as though she was not dating; she was. She just did not get to see her boyfriend and hang out with him as often as she would have loved. If she wasn’t travelling with her boss, she was working late, or she had choir practice (she was the Music Director in her church) or some mid-week service. Her life was extremely too busy. But she was dating him anyways because Josh was the centre of her world. As she thought about him, her face lit up in a smile. She hadn’t seen him all week and that was her fault. They were supposed to see on Monday but she was too exhausted after the meeting which ended at about 8:00pm and so she begged him to do lunch with her the following day instead, forgetting that the meeting would continue. Obviously, they could not do lunch as the meeting continued on Tuesday. They couldn’t see after work either because she had choir practice which lasted from 6:00pm- 8:00pm and she was almost dead on her feet afterwards. Josh was pretty upset that he’d been stood up twice in a row and so when she asked him to attend the mid-week service with her on Wednesday, he refused. They had been chatting via BBM, well, that was when she could steal a few minutes to rapidly click away at her phone when her boss wasn’t watching or barking instructions at her. During that chat on Wednesday morning, she told him to come pick her from work so they would go to church together and Josh said no. His reply shocked her. When she asked why, he said; “I want to spend time with my girlfriend and not share her with anyone. If we are going to see and hang out then let’s do so at an appropriate place where we can actually talk. You’re not the only busy person you know.”

Oma felt bad, but she could not miss the service that evening because she was the one to anchor it and her pastor had been ringing it in her ears for weeks. She tried to beg him to understand but Josh was in no mood for her apologies. That was actually the beginning of the argument.

She did not know why Josh would not understand. She was busy but she was also trying her best to leave a balanced life. Love God, serve him, be loyal to her boss, be the perfect sibling, daughter, friend and even girlfriend but it was all so difficult but God knew she was trying her best. And yet she couldn’t understand why Josh would get upset with her in times like this especially when he knew how much pressure she was under. Josh was great actually. If they ever had issues, it was mostly her fault, otherwise he was the “perfect” guy and ALL her friends envied her. His father was the Nigerian Ambassador to Canada but he loved to keep a low profile. He was good-looking, humble, down-to-earth, fun-loving, adventurous, smart, hardworking, humorous… Josh was everything. Well, everything other than patient. He usually said that was his major flaw. You couldn’t stretch Josh too much, he would just snap.

Anyways, she didn’t see Josh on Wednesday and on Thursday. They actually did not communicate all through Thursday because she was upset that he did not come to church with her. She actually called him selfish and Josh simply ignored her. She attempted to chat him up once just after the service but he did not reply. Thursday was the same and so after a really long day, she took a shower and lay in bed. Just before she slept, she called him but he wouldn’t pick.  She felt really bad but made a mental note to try and fix things that weekend.

Oma sighed. She was definitely not working today. She needed to rest and also make out time for Josh and give him a really nice treat. As hot-headed as she could be, she was smart enough to realize that she had done wrong and she needed to fix things. Even though she still felt Josh was over reacting.

She checked the time again and it was ten minutes past eight. A plan slowly began to form in her mind. That was the good thing about Oma, she had a large heart and a very creative mind and that was the reason Josh could never stay mad at her for long. He could never resist the power in her sweet nature…

Now at this point, I’m wondering… guys how long would you stick with a girl who loves you a whole lot but is mostly too busy for you? Girls, same question goes to you. Send me your feedback and check back for the continuation of the story. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Oma’s Story: One

  1. I believe that If a girl really loves you,she’ll make out time to be with you. Love is about sacrifice and if she cannot sacrifice a part of her time to spend with you now, will she ever be able to sacrifice it. Or into more utilitarian explanations, she derives greater utility from engaging in other activities than being with you. At the end of the day, it’s the responsibility of both individuals to work towards chunking out some time for each others.


    • Thanks Chuba. I agree with u absolutely, if she loves u, she should be able to make out time for u but with an extremely tight schedule, sometimes maybe it could be really difficult. And yeah, deriving more utility from doing other stuff than being with the one u love could give room for some doubt. In the end, like u rightly said, it’s the responsibility of both parties involved to make it work. Thanks for reading and commenting. Cheers


  2. Well I believe wen deir is understanding btw d 2 it wl work out fynn. N I also believe dat wen U̶̲̥̅̊ love smo dearly no matter aw tired U̶̲̥̅̊ re, U̶̲̥̅̊ wl find tym to be wiv dem


    • Yes dear. You’re really right. Understanding is everything. And yeah, when u really love someone I don’t think u can ever be too tired to hang out with them. Talking from experience. 😀


  3. Hmm Oge, No resemblance to “any real character”??? Read through it again. *sealed lips*
    Anyways, its an awesome work, well written & stands to be hailed. Very well told, classic & at the same time Naija flavoured but will surely give Disney’s “Dear Diary” a run for its money.
    Can’t wait for “Part II”! Just make sure that unlike Naija movies, Oma wouldn’t have to visit the Dibia to collect ‘something’ to make Josh love her & submit to her despite her ever-choked schedules.
    Plus if a girl/woman can’t love a guy & be ‘too busy’ for Him. Vice-versa too. “Too busy” simply doesn’t exist for something you love. Presidents who love Golf will always go golfing; irrespective of the state of the polity. If someones claims ‘too busy’, then there isn’t even love in the first place. #Shikena


    • Hahaha. Olarry!!!! I’ll take another look at it again, not to worry. 😀 Thanks for all the compliments, u really are quite an encouragement. And yeah, “too busy” simply don’t exist for something u love. I guess Oma needs to understand that, so let’s see how things play out.
      And yeah, hopefully, she won’t need no dibia to help out. hehehe. Thank u so much for reading and commenting. Cheers


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