Dear Diary… Tuesday


Hi, my name is Nkem. I love journalling and from now on, I’ll be sharing with you regularly my day-to-day experience in the city of Abuja. Don’t worry, you won’t be bored, for several reasons. First of all, my life is too exciting for words. I’m nearly always up to something or something is nearly always happening to me. My life tends to feel like a movie most times and that’s why I want to start journalling so I can keep all the precious moments and share them with you.

I am the last of three children, all girls. The first of my siblings resides with her husband in England while I stay with my immediate elder sister here in Abuja. She works with the National Assembly but trust me, it really isn’t all that. 😀

I work with an organization in Abuja, where I am the secretary/personal assistant to one of the directors. My job is fun, I get to meet lots of people, especially people that matter and it is so cool. I love my boss. She’s really nice but I often love to say that she has a bomb on her head; meaning that she’s somewhat unpredictable. You never can tell when she would blow her top over. But I love her. She’s really nice.

I’m dating this really nice guy, Dozie. Yeah, every girl’s boyfriend is nice but mine is really awesome :). I met him when I first came into Abuja about a year ago and within a month of meeting him, we were dating. It wasn’t love at first sight though. We grew into it! 😀

Well, I’m at the office at the moment and my boss is breathing down my neck so I’ve got to run. A board meeting is about to commence. Cheerio


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