Dear Diary… Wednesday


Dear diary, the meeting yesterday was rather long. Well, typical of most board meetings. I didn’t sit in but I was doing a lot of running around. I was excited however when they took a break! you should have seen the variety of food that was made available. I can’t even name them! Different tpes of rice and noodles and plantain and chicken and beef and fish! Omo! It was quite something! Myself and the other Directors’ secretaries gathered together in the kitchen and had a feast! The guy who usually caters for these meetings is nice and always reserves food for us.

I was really tired at the close of work and then I took a cab to Dozie’s office and waited for him to finish what he was doing so we could hang out together. The new intern in his office unnerves me. I didn’t mention it to him though. But the way she asked “is that your girlfriend?” as we were about leaving made me slightly uncomfortable. Oh well, Dozie said a proud “yes” and held my hands and that made me feel special.

We went to Roses restaurant at Garki and ordered a plate of isi-ewu and drinks. Dozie teased me about all the food I ate at the meeting and we laughed a lot. We basically traded gists about our day’s activities at the office. Dozie took two bottles of smirnoff ice and I took four. The drink has got a bit of alchohol in it. Actually, Dozie dared me to drink the four bottles and I did. By the time I was done, I was a little tipsy. I got up and started dancing to the music being played by a live-band there. Dozie kept laughing at me. People started staring at us and in order not to make me look too bad, he got up and joined me. By the time we were done, everyone clapped for us.

We left at about 10:00pm and he drove me home. I fell asleep in the car and when we got to my place, he got my sister to open the door and he carried me into my room. My sister said he planted a kiss on my cheek before he left. And when I woke up this morning, I saw a text from him “I promise to always love u, in tipsyness and in clear-headedness”. See why I said he’s really sweet?

Well, today has been a bit boring at the office. Didn’t have much to do. My boss was in but the office was generally quiet. I’m about closing though. But I’m a bit sad. I just remembered that Dozie is going to Port Harcourt tomorrow morning for some training. 😦 It’s going to last two weeks. It’s the first time we’ll be apart in a long long time. I miss him already. Oh well, I better start heading out. I’ve got to help him pack…


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