Dear Diary… Thursday


Dear diary, Amaka and I woke up super late today, we don’t even know what happened! I guess it was probably because we slept off really late last night and forgot our phones in the living room and so when the alarms went off, we couldn’t even hear them! It was Amaka who rushed into my room at about 7:30am yelling for me to wake up! I was a little scared at first, thinking in my semi-conscious state that something had gone really wrong and then she pulled my curtains apart and sunlight came flooding in!

We hurriedly showered and got dressed, having no time for breakfast. She dropped me off at my office before rushing off to hers. I got in at about 8:45 and my boss was already in but thankfully, she didn’t say anything about my tardiness. I settled into my routine. Today was a busy one but not busy enough to allow me forget Dozie 😦 My darling Dozie! We met up at his place after work yesterday and I helped him pack his stuff. We talked and talked a lot and I could not for the life of me fathom how I was going to cope without seeing him for 2 whole weeks! I had to leave him early though so he could get some rest. He dropped me off at my place and reassured me that we would be just fine but I was still sad. Amaka and I talked about him a lot. She said it would be good for me and she was right. We took lots of ice cream and even some Baileys 😀 while we talked and later watched a movie. We didn’t get to sleep till about 2:00am, hence the reason we woke up late I guess.

Well, back to office matters. My boss had a meeting at the National Assembly today. If you see the bulk of documents she made me carry ehn! you’d have felt sorry for me. I nearly collapsed under the weight and sweat kept trickling down my face as we walked through the massive expanse of space that separated the “White house” from the gate. Don’t even know why they call it White House sef! This our country sha! We can copy everything! I sat in for the meeting with some senators and I felt really proud of myself! I was taking notes and it felt really cool.
After the meeting, my boss was talking to some people and I wandered away into the Senate Chambers; you that place where they usually hold all their sessions and we watch on tv? It felt cool being in there, I almost forgot myself. Anyways, boss found me and laughed at me for looking lost. We left and headed back to the office. It was almost 4pm.
I was really tired and kept wishing that time would fly by so I could close and it did fly by. I took a cab straight home and showered and called Dozie. We spoke for almost an hour. He said his day was rather boring and he missed me a lot! 🙂 my sweet sweet Dozie! Oh well, what can I do but count the days till his return. I really miss him so much, it hurts!


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