Dear Diary… Friday

Dear diary, I’ve had a most exhausting day! I went to work and even though it was Friday I had so much to do. My boss was pretty cranky today and I don’t know why. I told you before, bomb on her head. She yelled at me for misplacing a document on her table. Can you imagine? I kept it in her “in-tray” and she somehow managed to lose it in the middle of her clustered table and blamed me for it! Hello? How was that my fault?
Anyways, I breezed through today and was glad when 5:00pm came. Dozie didn’t have my time today and that made me sad. Apparently the training seems to have started in earnest already and it was pretty annoying.
I got home to an empty house. Amaka wasn’t home and she texted much later to say she would be going clubbing with some friends. Great! And I wasn’t invited! I’m pretty irritable right now. Trying to watch tv but everything seems boring. I really want to talk to Dozie but somehow I don’t. Maybe it’s because I know I can’t and that annoys me. I want him to call me and get all mushy but when I called him a few minutes ago, we couldn’t talk much. He ended the call in a hurry saying there was some welcome dinner he had to attend. I’m just sad and feeling out of sorts. *sigh*
Well, so much for living an exciting life. Today has been terrible! 😦


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