Dear Diary… Saturday

Dear diary, I am absolutely, overwhelmingly, totally and completely in love with Dozie! I’m consumed by him!
He called me at about 11pm last night. Actually his call woke me up and we spoke for close to an hour. It felt so nice to have him listen patiently as I rambled on and on about how terrible my day had been and how lonely I felt. He cheered me up and made me laugh a lot and said I should not worry that everything was going to be alright. And then he promised that no matter how hectic the training went, he would never go a day without talking to me for at least 45mins over the phone! Now that made me want to cry!
Well, that’s not why I said I’m consumed by him.
I went to bed real late last night and when I woke up this morning I just chilled in bed. Didn’t even want to get chores done. Amaka was still in bed. No surprise. Anyways at about 9:30am, I finally got off the bed and went to the kitchen to try and fix myself breakfast. I was in the kitchen when I heard the shrill sound of the doorbell. I wondered who on earth would be coming in so early. I lazily walked to the front door and peered through the hole in the door to see who it was. I nearly fainted!
I hurriedly unbolted the door and unlocked it. There outside the door with a huge grin on his face was Dozie! I screamed and jumped into his arms. Dozie wouldn’t stop laughing and I wasn’t sure I could stop screaming. I was breathless but I didn’t care!
We walked into the house and I kept asking what happened and how it was that he was here in Abuja, instead of PH. The explanation he gave brought actual tears to my eyes. He missed me and he knew the missing was mutual and since weekends were free for them he decided to take the first flight down to Abuja to see me. He would be leaving with the last flight back to PH. I actually cried.
I’m so tired, lemme just run through everything. I made breakfast for him. We ate. Amaka joined us. She was pleasantly surprised. Dozie and I went out at about 11am. Went to some place in gwarimpa and played some games. Then we went swimming. We spent quite some time at the pool and before I knew it, it was almost 6pm. His flight was for 8.
We had ice cream and some cake and called Amaka who was nice enough to take us to the airport. We dropped him off at about 7:30pm and I could not explain exactly how I felt. But the emotions were thick and in my heart I was certain that I would never leave Dozie. We’ve been together for eight months and I’ve had nothing but more reasons to love him! Who spends close to a hundred thousand naira in a day just for some girl? I’m still in awe!
Well, Amaka and I have been home for a while and talking about it. I’m just overwhelmed! I intend to ask him about it though. Maybe tomorrow. He called a while ago to say they had landed safely and he was back in his hotel room. My darling Dozie! He simply lights up my world!


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