Shallow waters…

I went somewhere this last weekend and someone asked me why my posts were not very frequent. Well, good things take time. lol. So let me start with an apology for those that come here very often expecting to see something new each time. I promise to try and write more frequently, as often as my job permits. In truth, I usually like capturing a lot in my posts but I think I can try to write short stuff that would still be relevant. That done, let’s move on.

“I know everything” is a clear indication that you know absolutely nothing. Keep your heart and your mind open. #ContinuousLearning.

I tweeted that earlier today. Honestly, I’m not sure what made me do that. But often time, experience has taught me that there are people out there who feel they know everything. What makes me sad is the fact that such people really know next to nothing! If you do not keep improving yourself regularly and updating your information bank, your mind would essentially become obsolete.

The reason “smart” people are smart is because they have given themselves to continuous learning. Nothing ever goes by them. If there’s something new, they want to learn about it. They keep expanding and exploring greater depths of knowledge. But the others, they just remain within shallow waters. It’s either they’re thinking, I know enough or I don’t know and I don’t want to know. Okay o. Don’t know. But you better don’t go hating on others that know. People who limit themselves are naturally intimidated by the “smart” ones.

Truth is, everyone has the capacity to be smart. some merely push themselves more than others. Tomorrow, I’ll be doing a piece on intimidation. But for today, this short piece is for you.

Explore deeper waters. The shallow parts are merely for mediocres and I know that you’re not. Well, I never write to mediocres. Cheers


12 thoughts on “Shallow waters…

  1. This is perhaps d best article from u. So true, so short, concise, straight to d point, direct. Its more like a soul searching dialogue. Kudos!J


  2. I love this.. It’s what’s always bugged me about a lot of people I’ve met since I’ve been back in Nigeria. The propensity to reply with ‘I don’t know’ is high. Rather than take some time to think deeper and search, they take the convenient and lazy route of shrugging in nonchalance. The only way to truly grow is to explore new things that challenge you. Straight to the point and impactful. Great Post.


    • Thank you so much. And sorry you have had to meet so many people that love ignorance since you returned. Ignorance is bliss after all. lol. But speaking seriously, u do have a valid point. The only way to really grow is to explore new things that challenge and not just relax and decide that you do not want to know. Thank you for your feedback. Cheers 🙂


  3. A lot of pple dnt know anything and d most annoying part is dey wl argue with no fact!. Have U̶̲̥̅̊ notice dat there are pple who dnt know and yet wl nt humble themselves to learn even wen all d facts re present. I know of smo wu wl nt succumb to wateva fact U̶̲̥̅̊ give n wen d truth finally is revealed, she feels intimidated..knowledge is indeed power


    • Lool. My dear! You’re so right! I detest when people argue without facts. Knowledge is indeed power! If u are well versed in a particular subject, it’ll be a lot easier to argue your point, rather than arguing blindly. Well, please tell that person to read this post and encourage them not to argue blindly. It’s always good to learn new stuff. Thanks for reading and commenting dear. You’re quite an encouragement! Cheers 🙂


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