My Liebster Award courtesy LifeGiva2…


I’ve known Tolu Oludapo for a few years now and he’s someone I deeply respect so receiving a message from him on twitter telling me he nominated me for the Liebster award was really humbling. His blog is one I follow because his write ups are usually amazing and truly inspiring. So I’m really grateful for this. Apparently, the Liebster award is one given to upcoming bloggers with great content and less than 200 followers. This is to serve as some sort of encouragement to them, so I really appreciate this.

And the rules for this award are…

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.

2. List 11 random facts about yourself.

3. Answer the questions they have asked you.

4. Nominate other bloggers with less than 200 followers.

5. Ask the nominees questions

6. Finally, let them know you nominated them.

11 Random facts about me

1. I love God and that’s because I’m very aware that outside Him my life has no meaning.

2. I love adventure, usually keen on trying out new and exciting stuff.

3. My dreams are bigger than me and sometimes they scare me but I’m still into them anyway.

4. I love to eat a lot, but I never get fat.

5. I could be pretty blunt sometimes. As much as I hate hurting people with my words, sometimes I find being blunt absolutely necessary.

6. I’m a people person. I’m so in love with others that sometimes I forget about me. It’s a tad bit silly, but it’s true.

7. I love music. I might not have a voice that can bring down heaven, but I love singing. It makes life more enjoyable.

8. Writing is my life! I’m always writing something. A thought, a short story, an article, a poem… I’m sha always writing something.

9. I love challenges too. They scare me initially, but then they avail me the opportunity to test all I have learnt and build capacity.

10. I love smart people, in fact, I’m in love with a certain smart someone. X_X

11. I love me and I love my life. It’s not perfect, I’m not flawless but I love me all the same!

Tolu’s Questions

1. What word(S) describes you best?

SanCho. A blend of the sanguine and choleric temperaments. Energetic, bubbly, fun, affectionate, stubborn, hardworking…

2. What is that one thing you wish everybody knows about you.

I’m human and flawed. No matter how amazing I seem, I’m still human so don’t be too disappointed if I mess up.

3. What is your greatest fear (if any)?

Hmmn. I’d say losing the ones closest to me. I can’t imagine life without my family, my siblings… my sister. Noelle is just the best!

4. What is your greatest achievement so far?

I never really see myself as having achieved. I’ll just say I’ve been privileged to touch a number of lives, mentor a number of people and receive great feedback on how I’ve been a blessing to them. To some, that’s an achievement, but to me, that’s just privilege.

I was awarded CUSSSA icon of the year in 2012 upon my graduation, by my department. The award was in recognition of leadership abilities, people skills and generally being an all rounder. That meant a lot to me

5. Your most Embarrassing moment? when and what happened?

Ahhhhh. Never really had much of those. But I’d say it was years ago. I had this guy I was really close to. We weren’t dating but we were pretty close and I liked him a lot. He had hurt me, missed out on my sporting activities for no reason. (sports was really important to me back then) and I went to check him up that night to ask why. He was with his friends and when I told him I wanted to talk to him, he said was busy and asked me to leave. I felt like the ground should open and swallow me! The guys started laughing. It was the typical guy tryna act up and show the babe who the boss was, simply because his friends were there. I was really very embarrassed. I walked away but their laughter kept ringing in my ears. One of them eventually asked him to go and talk to me, he did but I told him not to worry and I left. The damage had already been done.

6. Who or What inspires you?

I’d say the Holy Spirit first of all. It’s not the cliché thing that most people would say, but it’s the truth. He’s inspired me to write some of the most brilliant stuff ever. Job 32:8. (NLT) “But there is a spirit within people, the breath of the Almighty within them, that makes them intelligent”. I remember writing “Senator Ruth” sometime last year and the rhymes unbelievably came from the Bible!

My second inspiration would be life. I look at my life and the lives of people around me and there’s so much going on, I just can’t help but write about it.

And finally, I’ll say Chuba Ezeks. A really brilliant friend of mine. He’s so smart, it rubs off on me too. lol. Seriously though, that’s one friend who not only inspires me, but challenges me to be better. I can’t think of anything better than having someone like that in my life 🙂

7. If you are to choose between a well paid job and volunteering in a conflict or disaster zone, which will you choose and why?

I’ll take the volunteering job. People might say I’m lying, but that would show that you know nothing about me. I’m all about people. Matter of fact, I don’t even like desk jobs. They’re too restrictive and I can’t see how that would help me impact people. So I’d rather volunteer some place where I can positively touch lives.

8. If you could start all over in life, would you change anything, If yes what?

Absolutely not! I love my life and I have no regrets whatsoever and my reason is simple. Every single event, action or inaction, joy, sorrow, tribulation… every single thing has culminated in the woman I am today; strong, independent and confident. I wouldn’t trade that for anything else.

9. If you were given a chance to shoplift just one item, what will it be? ;)

Ha. Nothing o. There’s nothing I love so much that I’d be willing to steal!

10. Who is one person you’d like to meet and why?

I’d say my husband. lol. Tired of waiting and imagining what meeting him and dating him would be like. This suspense is madt! #dear future husband, if you’re out there, show yourself now! lool.

Okay, jokes aside. On a serious note, I’d like to meet Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a brilliant Nigerian author and the Chinua Achebe of our generation. Her works are really great and I’d love to co-author a book with her. 🙂

11. If you get the chance to address the whole world what message will you say (what message)?

Selflessness. There’s too much selfishness in the world. Everyone cares only about themselves and it shouldn’t be so. We should quit thinking about ourselves alone but put others in the picture. Life has no meaning if you’re not adding value to someone and you cannot add value to someone if you’re always on about yourself.

And my nominations for the liebster award because of their brilliant content are





My questions for you are

1. How would you describe yourself?

2. What are your strengths?

3. Values you would never compromise on?

4. Your most embarrassing moment?

5. If you had an entire 24 hours to yourself with no distraction whatsoever, how would you spend it?

6. Your biggest dream yet?

7. One thing you wish people knew about you

8. Your proudest moment in life

9. Where your inspiration comes from

10. One person you’d love to meet and why.

Thank you for reading and many more thanks to Tolu Oludapo for nominating me. Have a great week everyone

Love always,


2 thoughts on “My Liebster Award courtesy LifeGiva2…

  1. Awww, thanks sweet. It’s not exactly a competition for the award. A blogger who reads your blog and feels it’s good enough can nominate you for it, but that’s more like awarding it to u. Dunno why they call it nominations though. lol. It’s a way of celebrating you and sharing your blog with others.But thanks all the same dear. Cheers 🙂


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