It’s Cracked, Mend it!


“A stitch in time saves nine.” That’s a pretty popular saying. Or better translated, “a stitch in time dey prevent further tear tear.” A lot of times, we tend to take a lot of things for granted. We have knowledge, but we don’t always function with it. Here’s a little wisdom nugget for the weekend. If it’s cracked, mend it. Don’t wait for it to break into several pieces.

How does this relate to anything?

In our regular dealings with people; friends, relations, colleagues, loved ones, spouses… we tend to overlook a lot of things and then over time, we start asking, “how did things get this bad?” Well I’ll tell you how! It got bad because when the cracks started showing up, you did nothing to mend them. A little hurt here and there. A little bit of rudeness, a little bit of disrespect, a little bit of pride, a little bit of selfishness, a little mean joke… I’m probably not making much sense but please, stay with me, I’m getting somewhere

I love my family, I love my friends, my siblings mean the world to me, I care about colleagues and random people that I meet. But here’s the truth, at one time or the other, all of these people are bound to hurt me and I’m also bound to hurt them. We’ll step on each others’ toes and get in each others’ ways and that’s definitely going to affect our relationship but the way we handle it determines whether our relationships would last or not.

It’s little things that become big things over time. When things go wrong as they sometimes will, deal with them. When the ones you love hurt you, talk to them about it, especially if they are unaware. Don’t seat there saying “oh, it’s nothing.” Because I assure you, it is something. Let them know you’re hurting and handle the situation. Life is too short to stay mad at someone forever. Don’t say “I’m just waiting, if she does it again, I’ll talk to her about it.” What you’re inadvertently doing is building a very huge bonfire. Where there are cracks in your relationships, mend them.

If you are the one who has hurt someone, apologize and try to make up for it. Like I said, it’s the little things that become big things and it’s only a matter of time. Siblings don’t wake up one morning and decide to be sworn enemies, couples don’t wake up one morning and decide to separate… little things built into bigger things that blew up in their faces.

Nothing ever works except you make it work, that’s just the truth. If there’s a crack in your relationship, mend it, before it breaks completely. I’m probably sounding discordant here but I desperately hope and pray that someone gets the message in this. Whatever may be going wrong, call that person and talk about it. Forgiveness is very vital in our daily living. Because no two people are exactly alike, no one will ever be just like you! They may not see things your way, they may not react the same way you do, but if you value your relationship with that person, you will put “we” over “me” and seal up the cracks in that relationship before it breaks into pieces.

Maybe someone is waiting on you to say I’m sorry but you don’t feel the sorry is necessary, offer it all the same! Or you’re waiting on the other party to apologize and they aren’t forthcoming, take the step instead. I know how many times I have apologized even when I wasn’t convinced that I was in the wrong and I know how that worked out perfectly afterwards.

Call someone and mend the cracks this weekend. You might not die tomorrow, but that relationship could! Have a fantastic weekend

Yours Always,



7 thoughts on “It’s Cracked, Mend it!

  1. have been trying to work on dat aspect of me; walking up to pple wu wronged me and it worked like magic! at d end of d day I wuld see dat wat am actually angry wit dem for is not worth it @ all and it helped me to see dat developing healthy relationship is better dan keeping grudges


  2. True words.. its very easy to lose friends and business associates by allowing sleeping dogs lie. I learnt this the hard way. I had an experience with a friend of mine it was messy i wanted to make up to him but my Pride got a hold of me and i decided to leave it…. Today we barely talk to each other.. If it’s Cracked, Quickly mend it


  3. So so true!!! I think people dont tend to mend cracks cus dey are already comfortable wiv d oda person…most esp our siblings, friends n esp intimate relationship…because we feel these ppl already love us n accept us regardless. …true tho…most relationships in d world wont have crashed if both parties go d extra mile to mend any little crack… before it turnes into a big hole


  4. My main tenet for any relationship I get into: communication. The best roads are those that fix the small cracks as soon as possible. When one waits for too long, it might become impossible to fix things. Thanks for bringing this very important, but underrated point to the view of the public. 🙂


    • yeah. Communication is extremely important in every relationship and interaction between people. Sadly, it is one of the many important factors that are trivialized. True, when one waits too long to fix cracks, it most likely ends up totally unfixable. Thanks for ur feedback 🙂


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