Diabetic Love

diabetic love
Sweets, sweetie, sweetheart,
Mine, my boo, my darling, my love,
My sweetness, my sunshine,
My heartbeat, my soulmate
Nkem, Obi’m, Uso’m baby’m,
Ifunanyam, oyoyo’m, yori yori’m
I could suffer from diabetes with all the names you called me
Matter of fact, I did
Way too much sweetness, I’d say that’s what killed me
Way too much sweetness
It killed my ability to reason
To think
To be logical
It killed my ability to question
When your actions didn’t match your words
When the distance was more emotional than physical
When you were physically present but emotionally absent
When I asked why, you called me more names
“Obi’m you worry too much”
I really felt like I was your heart
Like without me, you wouldn’t truly live
But the signs were all there
I tried to tell myself the truth
It seemed your heart had been taken by another
But I couldn’t bear to think that I would have to walk away
Away from all that sweetness
Away from all those words
Away from all those names
Sweet nothings
That’s what you whispered to me
Empty words
Even though I thought they held something
In time I was to know better
The long walks in the park
Counting the stars late at night
Lengthy conversations over the phone
Sweet messages in the morning
They were tattooed in my heart all through the day
And the ones at night too
They inspired my dreams
And fuelled my fantasies
I should have walked away
But I couldn’t
I was trapped in the diabetic love
The diabetic love you offered me
All sugar with nothing healthy
And so I died
Slowly but surely
Your diabetic love killed me
Because the sugar destroyed me
And when you finally decided you were done
I did not stand a chance
You walked away without looking back
Without a second thought or glance
“Nkem, Obi’m, Uso’m baby’m,
Ifunanyam, oyoyo’m, yori yori’m”
It was all for nothing
You simply gave me diabetes
And left me to die with no cure…

…The Hopeless Romantic


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