Senator Ruth

senator ruth
I know a certain Senator Ruth
That works in our legislative booth
Our friend Senator Ruth
Has a heart that is blacker than soot
And so she continues to loot
From our National treasury’s booth
I honestly think she deserves the boot
‘Coz she has forgotten her humble roots
Of days when she covered miles on foot
But now she drives jeeps along our routes
Unlike the Biblical Ruth
She does not have the Spirit’s fruit
Every day she dresses up in a new suit
And drives round town feeling so cute
I’m told there’s a husband from her youth
Who is just as cute and plays the flute
When it comes to wise counsel he goes mute
I guess that’s β€˜coz he also enjoys his wife’s loot
At this point I’m angry & put down my foot
Someone really should speak up & tell them the truth


8 thoughts on “Senator Ruth

  1. Lovely. You are good at what you do. Never knew you even wrote fiction stories. Keep it up dear. Hope we see you get to publish. Book soon 😊


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