Really not about you I

“Mum, if you keep making me write Maths and Econs in JAMB, I’ll keep flunking it!”
“You must be really crazy if you think you can threaten me that way. Keep failing! Let me see if I’m the one that will end up without a future! Mtschewwwww”
The hiss was long and heavy. Omo sighed. This was pretty much routine. Her third attempt at JAMB and she still could not understand why her mum would not let her pursue a course of her choice.
“I think I need to take you for special prayers. Because there is nothing in that head of yours at all! Nothing!”
“Ordinary Maths, you cannot pass! Ehn?! Do you have straw in your brain?”
“You want to be rich and famous, yet you cannot learn to count money!”
“Who will now count the money for you when you make it? Ehn? I’m asking you! Useless child! Who will count it?!”
“How do you even intend to become rich and famous when you do not know maths?”
Omo’s eyes clouded. It always came down to this. The rants, the insults and then her tears. Every single time.
“Mum, I wish you would just understand… I’m not good with numbers. Maybe you should let me try something I’m actually good at…”
“My friend will you shut that your mouth before thunder strikes you right there?! “
“Something you’re actually good at? Does such a thing even exist? Maths is the foundation of all knowledge yet you do not know it and you’re here telling me rubbish!”
“Your father would turn in his grave if he could only see you now!”
Ahhhhh! Oghene!!! Oghene!!! My enemies are at it again. God! They want to put me to shame! Please don’t let them succeed o! My daughter must not fail. She must study and become a successful banker, accountant and economist! Oghene!!!”
Omo looked at her mother and bit by bit, the tears began to make their way out of the corner of her eyes. She didn’t ask for them, she even tried to fight them but it seemed her lacrimal glands were on hyper mode tonight. The tears kept flowing freely. And while her mother continued calling on Oghene to come to her rescue, Omo quietly found her way to the bathroom. Really, maybe it was time she joined her father.
She took the bottle of Dettol, opened it and brought it close to her nose…
See you next week!


10 thoughts on “Really not about you I

  1. Hmmmm….had a classmate who took Jik because he failed WAEC. He was an only child and the pressure and insults were too much for him. Luckily he didn’t die. Parents really need to cool it


    • Yeah, they really do. You would think that in this time and age and with all level of knowledge gained that some would calm down, sadly this sort of pressure is still prevalent. I know someone who committed suicide because he failed WAEC. I think he got drunk and then stabbed himself. 😦


  2. Ogheneme biko! Is it by force? I deal with this very frequently. Kids under pressure from parents to study some ‘serious’ course. Nice story, beautiful dialogue. I got a bit confused though by the mother’s words being enclosed in separate quotation marks. Deliberate?


  3. Parents really need to cool down. So many brilliant children are in such situations. However we must remember the state our country is in seems to make it difficult for young people to follow their dreams so to an extent I do not blame the parents. Every parent wants their child/children to be successful.


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  5. all ds olodo mama n papa wif dia drama, be makin so much fuse abt maths like dey even passed t in dia village common entrance….mseeeeew!
    Oge ose dearie kip dem comin! oya chop kiss, I will never forget simply complicated” anytime soon tho!


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