Short and simple

– If you live your life without impact, you have failed.
– If you are always conning people without impressing positively on them, you have failed.
– If you hold on to every wrong people did to you, you are ultimately responsible for the hurt you will always feel. You’re just killing yourself.
– If you are a leader and no one can access you, you have failed.
– If you know it all and no one can criticize you or point out your wrongs, you know nothing and you have failed.
– If you are “an authority” and you feel you are accountable to no one, I am sorry for you, you are merely a disaster waiting to happen.
– If you sweep every hurt under the carpet without confronting or dealing with it, you are simply a time-bomb waiting to go off.
– If you spend all your days on the mountain and your free time at home chilling, “trusting the Lord for a miracle,” you will remain in penury. Even the Bible said “faith without works is dead”. Get up, go do something.
– If you want to marry the perfect spouse, work on making yourself perfect. You can’t be totally flawed and expect to find a flawless person. You’ll be a dreamer and end up waiting forever.
– If you lack discipline and do just anything you feel like, when you feel like without recourse to how it affects others around you, you’re simply digging an early grave for yourself.
– If you’re fond of using people, you better watch it. What goes around comes around.
– If you do not place value on yourself, people will not place value on you. Carry yourself with respect.
– If you keep hating on successful people and beefing them for how they spend their money, you’ll always remain at the bottom of the ladder. Go do something tangible with your life.
– If you never ask questions but always accept everything you’re told, your gullible nature will be the end of you. Better use your head. There’s a reason you have a brain and not straw upstairs.
I randomly thought of these and decided to share. I hope this helps make you a better person somehow.
Yours always,

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