I usually would not do this. Well, not on my blog anyways. But I needed to rant and pour out my vexation. What in the world is wrong with these government institutions?
I went to ICPC earlier today to dispatch mail at the chairman’s office. I handed in my phone and got a tag at the first reception and at the second one; I was “given directions” to the Chairman’s office. The guy said “take the staircase to the second floor and turn right.” I did. And then when I made the right turn, I walked into a corridor with four doors, all blank. No name tags, titles or even numbers on them. I walked to the end of the corridor, expecting to find one that would say “registry” or “chairman’s office” but did not find any. So I randomly opened one door and when I walked in, everyone there was looking at me funny. I walked up to a guy behind a desk and stated my business then he told me to go out and use the next door.
I did as he said, dropped off the mail and went back downstairs. When I got to the reception, I noticed for the second time the sign that read “no loitering” and I asked myself; “How would I not loiter when I did not know where I was going to?” the doors had no titles or numbers, so how would I know?”
I thought it would be wise to tell the men at the front desk and so I politely made my observation. The man’s response was “it’s for security reasons.” I bit back the desire to snort and just said “Even if you don’t put titles, put numbers or something.” All the while thinking, what security reason prevents you from tagging a door “mail room” or “chairman’s registry” like I have seen in several other institutions. And then he replied “oh that’s a good idea. Maybe you can put it in our suggestion box.” My reply was “if something as basic as names on a door needs to be put in your suggestion box before it is implemented, then, I really do not know what you guys are up to…”
I looked around for a suggestion box and found none. I told the guy and he said “oh, it’s at the other reception.” I smiled politely and walked out. Your guess is as good as mine. I got to the “other reception” and there was no suggestion box there. I simply retrieved my phone and walked out.
If you don’t want people loitering about in your organization, shouldn’t there be basic signs to show them around? I thought it was just silly. And no one there had observed anything off about that?
Well, that’s welcome to Nigeria for you I guess. Too many things are just wrong. It’s how I went to the office of the Accountant General of the federation some months ago; beautiful as the building looked on the outside, the toilets were falling apart on the inside and were lacking toilet paper. I can bet my right arm, allocations were made to that effect.
Nigeria, SMH. #EndOfRant


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