Letter to B

letter to B

Dear B,
Today is December 10, 2013. There’s nothing really different about today. Nothing unusual. Just that this day a year ago, you told me for the very first time that you loved me. And in one night, after about a month of hanging out with some random guy, I suddenly had a beau.
I know how girls go on and on about how their man is different and unique and special and awesome and bla bla bla. But you, for real, you’re different. I think I suffered a kinda culture shock being with you. Your different is annoying. I say annoying because I’m still beefing you for being so awesomely different. You do have some of the regular human traits but the things that make you different? Arrggghh. Sometimes they’re cool, sometimes they make me want to shake you to bits. Lemme draw a list sha
• You speak clean decent English and you’ve got some interesting words in your vocab. Like pedantic. I learnt that from you and it’s one of my favorite words. You also say “ridiculous” a lot. And without intending to, I found myself doing same.
• You think outside the box. Naah. Scratch that. You think outside the outside of the box. For you there has always got to be a why. And then you always consider various perspectives. You’re certainly not a tunnel vision (a ‘new’ concept I learnt from you too btw) kinda person.
• Then you have the most insane amount of random information stored up in your head. That makes me really mad and very jealous (but jealous in a totally cute way 🙂 ). You know so much about too many random stuff. Literature, music, art, econ, geography, sports, (oh yeah, I became a ManU fan because of you :D) dance, government, world politics, just name it. You sha know something about everything.
• And then you’re skilled at so many things. Football, dance, martial arts… I remember the first time I tried to practice my small martial art skills on you. Let’s just say, I knew after that to never ever try to ‘fight’ with you.
• You do NOT wash. In fact, you cannot wash to save your life. And this is really great because whenever I get compliments from you, I know they’re honest and straight from your heart.
• You’re realistic. You don’t build castles in the air or chase vague dreams. You’re always talking about probability and real choices and decisions. You’re a Do-Something kinda person. I remember the day I walked into church and saw you and your brother picking litter. I asked if everything was okay and you said “yeah, the place is just dirty so we decided we’d clean up.” I smiled to myself. That was so you! Always proactive 🙂
• You’re tough on me. No sugar coating. You tell me the truth as it is. And always you drive me to do better and shine brighter. Always you say “babe, read the news, read articles” and I’m like “psssh. The news is all violence. I don’t have time… bla bla bla.” But now I’ve started reading the news. And articles. Not because you asked, but because just like you, I want a better me. And I promise you, I won’t stop.
You make me proud B, always. Because you’re stubborn and driven and motivated and hardworking and selfless. If I’m so proud, I can only imagine how your parents feel. You’re really an asset. Precious, priceless.
You make me happy. Not because you’re thoughtful or sweet or soppy or sensitive. Truth is, you’re not anything like that. Lol. I’m laughing as I type this coz I remember how many times we fought over those stuff. Like when I saw my name stored in your phone as “Ogechi Nwobia.” I hit the roof. Shuo! Am I your business partner? Lol. We reached a compromise though. In fairness to you, you have tried to be more mushy on my account. And it’s both funny and cute.
I remember you jumping the fence at Garki market for me. I just had to write “the most romantic act ever.” It was the nicest most thoughtful thing ever. I can’t think of anyone who’d have done that for me.
You make me happy because you’re real, you’re honest and you’re true. There are no shades, no layers. There’s just you. With you, I am not just myself. I am a better version of myself. With you I feel contentment. That feeling of having everything and lacking nothing. That’s not common. But that’s what you give and I’m grateful. I started writing this a long time ago, I guess now’s the perfect time for you to have it
“Without the heart, there’d be no heartbeat
Without the heartbeat, there’d be no life
You are my heart…

Without a weakness, there’d be perfection
But perfection for mortals is only an illusion
You are my Archilles’ heel…

Hercules, Tarzan, Batman, superman,
Unreal heroes from fables and movies,
But you are my living breathing hero…

With you there’s a better me
With me, there’s a nicer you.
Defying all the odds,
We stuck on each other like glue
In truth, I wouldn’t have it any other way…

There’s so much I can say to you but you don’t really like long soppy stuff so I’ll end on this note. You said “some people make you feel good, others make you feel better and a few make you feel great. You make me feel great.”
To that I say “Roses are red, violets are blue, no one I love as much as you.”
Thank you for the past year.


21 thoughts on “Letter to B

  1. ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) , so touching. Dis is so romantic. Pls, does B av friends or a brother like him cos am interested . Dm me 😉


  2. O.M.G sweet@ ur so lucky. Please dnt let B go. Wen I read d article abt him jumpin a fence at garki,I tot it was a joke n trust me dear I want a man lyk B n real soon xef
    #jealousyingby. #smiles


  3. Its so encouraging to see people who still believe in love, so touching. ℓ̊ am glad am not alone. Real love wit som1 who wants d best for u barring selfishness is so sweet.


  4. Its amazing how we are able to come out stronger, more in love and far better… Just read fear moves you out of motion and putting letter to B in context, its amazing this journey called life. I LOVE love & am happy you found it in special mr B.


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