I’d had a long day at work; dealt with clumsy staff, garrulous board members, and the annoying flirtatious secretary who endlessly wriggled her bottom in front of me till I threatened her with a sack. The only person who had done anything to ease my stress was Amaka; a Team Leader in my department. Hard working lady, I respect her a lot. She’s a good ally. While everyone has tried to lobby for my seat as Director, she has done her best to ensure the smooth running of the department. She wanted me to join her for a drink after work but I declined.
I groaned when I saw the long stretch of traffic ahead of me. It was what you’d actually call traffic jam. Nothing and no one was moving. I wound down the two front glasses. My AC had run out of gas. The weather was annoyingly humid. I was super cranky. It was 6:30pm. I had no idea what time I would get home.
My phone vibrated in my trouser pocket and I brought it out almost immediately. It was a ping from Nimi. My beautiful wife of 3 years.
-Hi hunnie, when are you getting home? Don’t want to call in case you’re in a meeting.
-On my way home babe. Stuck in mad traffic.
-Sorry sweetness. How was your day?
-Extremely busy and tiring.
-What did you have to do?
-Question should be what I didn’t do. LOL. Board meeting, report writing, press release. Too much. I’m dead beat.
-Sorry luv. Should I run a hot bath for you ahead of your arrival? I’ll also have dinner set on the table by the time you get in.
-Yes please. You’re simply the best! Add some Lavender spice to the water. 75 degrees would be a perfect temperature.
-Sure luv. I’ll also light scented candles around the tub.
-I’m getting some ideas. Perhaps you could slip into that peach lingerie I got you for our 2nd Anniversary
My heart beat rapidly as I waited for her response. Which took longer than usual.
-Sorry darling. I forgot that at the house in Dubai on our last trip. And I’ve got to work tonight. You don’t mind much do you?
I looked at my phone and couldn’t stop blinking.
Work?! Was she serious?
-Uhh, you’re joking right?
-No. I’m sorry, I couldn’t finish up my reports and they’re due tomorrow so I brought them home.
I saw the brake lights of the car ahead of me go off and I kicked my car back to life. I did not bother replying the ping. I wasn’t going home anymore. Instead I sent Amaka a text
“I’ll meet you at Beer barn in 20mins”


13 thoughts on “Homecoming

  1. Oge! u re d best! am already in love…luv stories of couples n all d love thingy. Hungry 4 more!hope its coming soon?more ink 2 ur pen Sis!


  2. Hey, i liked this one.
    Your insight into the workings of a man’s brain is spot-on!
    As it was in Eden, men are hardly culpable of any misdeed, the women in their lives always pull the trigger or say broke the camel’s back. 🙂


  3. …and all the ladies are sighing and feeling sorry for the Mrs… i’d say she played her cards all wrong. get the dude home first, give him a quick treat impossible to resist… I bet he’d have helped her get through that work so fast there’d be room for other (more) important ‘jobs’….that way, everyone wins. Shikena!


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