All I wanted…

all i wanted
All I wanted that Monday evening was a quiet ride home. It had been a long day, I had a headache and was only dreaming of going home to collapse into my bed.Yeah, like the lady in the picture. What I got instead was a noisy argument between the driver and a passenger over whose shirt was more expensive. Life isn’t fair abi? Sigh.
The argument lasted the entire trip. And here’s how it started.
Driver told ‘madam’ to put on her seatbelt. She was seated in front. Madam proceeded to do so but not without rudely asking if the seatbelt was clean as she did not want her shirt stained. Driver insisted that it was clean and said he’d strapped his own seatbelt across his shirt all day and his shirt was clean. Madam’s retort was what threw the floor open for the argument.
“Even if your shirt was dirty, what difference would it make? You can’t compare your shirt to my shirt.”
Cabbie would not take that lying low. No way!
“How much is your shirt sef? Is it more than two thousand naira?”
“Two thousand naira? I won’t wear a shirt of two thousand naira! You can’t even afford the kind of shirt I wear.”
Oh wow. Madam dealt a low blow and Cabbie fired back.
“I have a wife who is like you. If I can feed woman like you, who says I cannot buy your shirt?”
Ahh. Madam got really angry! And the tone of her voice carried it well
“All these women that will be enslaving themselves and becoming house girls in the name of marriage! How much do you give your wife? Abeg! You cannot afford my shirt!”
Cabbie wasn’t in the least perturbed. His demeanour remained calm whilst madam kept popping veins in her neck and raising her voice.
“My wife can pay your salary. She has a big shop.”
Ha. More veins popped in madam’s neck.
“Till she dies your wife cannot pay my salary! If na so she get money reach, why you dey drive taxi? She no even fit give you cloth to wear!”
And it went on and on. Cabbie kept insisting that the woman was not better than him in any way and madam kept trying to prove that cabbie was beneath her. I kept silent and was calming taking notes on my phone, knowing I was going to come share this on my blog.
This general idea that we’re superior to some of these service providers is something I find utterly ridiculous. As much as we complain about the bad attitude some of them have, I can’t help but think that often time, we bring out the worst in them. Drink water first and calm down. I know some people naturally have a sour disposition and a terrible attitude. Like they really hate their job and if they had a choice, they would not be doing it. I get that. But you can’t deny that we’re responsible for their sour dispositions sometimes. I wrote an article once on this category of people which I titled “I respect them” and I think you should read that to get an idea of what I’m on about.
If the lady had just put on her seatbelt nicely without feeling the need to be condescending, the driver would not have attempted to assert himself like that. No one likes to be disrespected. Yet for the most part, we forget that respect is reciprocal. We’re condescending to drivers, cleaners, house helps, security men and then when they give off an attitude in return, we get angry and feel slighted.
You want to know the truth? The measure you give is the measure you will receive. Maybe not 100% of the time but I guarantee you, most of the time.
This is just a little reminder. Never be condescending to anyone who is seemingly ‘beneath’ you. The only difference between you and that cleaner is opportunity.
P.S I saw the lady’s shirt, it looked like something I’d buy for N800 from my Aba brothers. If I wanted to be nice to them.



31 thoughts on “All I wanted…

  1. while i agree with everything you have said, Nigerian service providers have no idea what ‘customer service’ means!

    Both parties are at fault here….that driver doesn’t know the headache the madam got from home this morning-her husband could have slapped her and she was just waiting for the right person to pour out her frustration on. The cabbie himself could have had a hard day and the madam could have said to him ‘ah thank you for reminding me about the seatbelt. they save lives.’

    Bottom line, no party here is free of guilt and the service providers in Nigeria, let me not even start, I will never finish…


    • Loool! I agree with you. It’s because pf people like you that I added that line of ‘drink water.’ hehe. Anyways, truth be told. Some of them have absolutely no clue what customer service means. I’ve gotten some of the worst service from people for no reason whatsoever. I’m a pretty cheery person and nearly always wearing a smile so sometimes, I just don’t get it. A cabbie was once rude and grouchy to me for no reason at all! I guess he was probably having a bad day but he didn’t have to take it out on me.
      So yeah, everyone will have a bad day at some point or the other. Just do your best not to take out your frustrations on people who have nothing to do with it. Thanks for being here Kiah. I could get used to seeing u in the comment section. Hehe


  2. Oge i love ur idea,we always tend to feel like something when in reality we are nothing.I have this philosophy in life: whatever u know u wont know all,whatever u have u wont have everything……Just stay humble and grounded all time


  3. N800. Lol. Everybody own dey im body abeg. First of all, to have a conversation about whose shirt is more expensive is ridiculous to the extreme. Second of all, we should be nice to everyone, whether perceived to be above, same level with or beneath us. Show respect. And hopefully same measure will be given to you.

    Ps: I’ve perfected the act of talking to grumpy and rude people. Just smile and keep calm.


    • Its always wonderful reading your write-ups, stories et al. Its so funny listening to people yell ‘ Do you know I am?'(Abuja language)…If we drop pride from our lives altogether, we will discover that the world will be a happier place. Kudos Oge!


      • Awwwww! Thanks Joseph. You finally show up in the comment section on the blog after being an uber ghost reader as well as wonderful supporter on BBM. Thanks a mega bunch!


  4. Lmao! Good one @N800…Now that’s a low blow! I rekon we used to have such arguments as kids. The ‘my-daddy’s-car-is-bigger-than-your-daddy’s-car’! So childish


  5. It’s in the first place quite asinine for two “adults” to argue over such. Who else think they both need a bottle of Bobo™ each to give them a clear cold reboot?

    Be that as it may, it’s really very wrong — and yes, cruel — to display superiority over a fellow human, especially in that manner. The only difference between them, as you’ve well written, could be plain Opportunity.

    P.S: Please be nice. Our Aba broses probably sold it to her in a boutique. Who else will pay for the fuel, fancy lights and perfume? May God bless our Maga and withhold their senses. . . indefinitely.


  6. Now, that was a kick below the belt on the price of the shirt….lol
    Talking of which, I was returning from church yesterday when a similar issue happened…
    Conductor told passenger “if you no get change no enter”. Passenger entered but proceeded to offer #500 for a #50 fare…
    Conductor: but I told you no change before you entered, abeg make you come down at the next busstop.
    Passenger: say wetin happen? I think your mates are in the prison?
    Now, what have they said that resorted to threats of prison and the likes?
    It took the grace of God for me not to put mouth but I felt the conductor was being intimidated…such is life.


    • Sigh. People like that really get on my nerves. Please next time, speak up. Why would he talk to the conductor about his mates being in prison? Wasn’t he warned before hand not to get on the bus without change? He should go look for someone else to bully abeg! Pfft!


  7. you are the best,,,,,,,,,,,i want to read all your articles cos you are a golden pen that i lost,thank God i found you *hugs


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