For Nyanya…

Eka and I walked towards the bus stop together. I’d had a long day and my feet hurt from walking around town, running errands for the office. She teased me and said I was lazy. I laughed and called her a mumu. The irony of calling me lazy. I was the one doing a 9-5 internship and all my darling twin sister did was smile and look pretty. She’s a model. Or something like that. She laughed too and told me I was crazy in love with a mumu. Silly girl. Of course I was crazy in love with her. We were twins!
“You know you love me, you know you love me!”
She was using her sing-song voice again and I shook my head. She stuck out her tongue at me and tickled me till I laughed. I playfully pushed her away and stopped by the lady with the umbrella to buy airtime for my phone. She saw someone she thought she knew and walked ahead to greet him. I waited as the lady ran around to find my change. I looked around but could not immediately see Eka. I smiled. The girl was such a butterfly!
I got my change soon enough and had only just pocketed it when the explosion sounded. It was deafening and the impact of the blast knocked the wind out of me and threw me several feet away.
I heard people screaming. There was a terrible ache in my head and I could not feel my left arm. I had landed on it when I fell. I pushed myself up frightened and panicked. My knees were shaky and I was forced to lower myself to the ground again. I had bruises all over. Then I remembered Eka and I got up again. There was a fire somewhere ahead and pandemonium had broken loose. I began to run in the direction of the fire. I was not sure of anything but I needed to find Eka.
My heart was pounding away in my chest, my eyes hurt and my feet hurt. I could not think. Someone bumped into me and I knocked my head on his jaw. I was forced to slow down. I was really dizzy. I yelled Eka’s name, scanning faces, searching for that face that was the exact replica of mine. It did not even occur to me to dial her number. As I got really close to the burning car, I tripped over something and fell.
When I looked down to see what tripped me, it was Eka’s mangled body. Her arm lay a few feet away. I recognized that arm because the wrist had on it the gold charm bracelet I had given her for our birthday two weeks ago.
I screamed then. I screamed even louder. It was not possible. Could not be possible.
And then I blacked out.
#ForNyanya #Nigeria #OurSadReality
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31 thoughts on “For Nyanya…

  1. The horrors of these attacks are more than words can adequately describe. My heart is heavy for the families that have lost loved ones. I have an uncle living in Nyanya. Since April 14, we haven’t been able to reach him. God help us in this country.


  2. *sad sigh* With each explosion comes loss, loss of loved ones, loss of a sense of security, loss of stability, loss of peace. And all that is gained is fear and abject sorrow.


  3. Very sad…and your stories take away whatever disconnections we may have had. These attacks are against us, every day people; our sisters, brothers, uncles and aunts are the victims. With each attack, the sense of insecurity is worsened and no one is safe. May God rest the souls of the departed and give the families peace amidst the loss.


    • Amen.
      Thank you Eloxie. That is what I strive to achieve. To make these sad happenings more real to us. To ensure that we do not stay detached and unperturbed. These are real people not just statistical evidence. They’re relatives, friends and loved ones…
      Sigh #Nigeria


  4. a sad chronicle of our lives for posterity to make a deal of… Years down the line, people will be able to reconstruct the reality of a nation at a cross-road and maybe learn from them by this effort of yours.


  5. Am still short of words! These horror realities we now have are bone chilling. The sense of insecurities and foreboding for the unknown are heightening everyday. We are losing mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children, colleagues… It’s so painful, words can’t explain it


  6. The sad reality is that the people responsible for this mayhem and chaos are comfortable wherever they are,looting our wealths,flying here and there while we who hustle and bustle the streets just to get a meal to survive are they ones caught up in the struggle for power at the prayer is that let God’s will alone be done in this country not their will not even my will.


  7. I have been screaming since last night, I had a panic attack when I saw the pictures, now I don’t feel safe leaving my house anymore. I wish it would all go away, I want it to stop. But then its #oursadreality.


  8. I have a friend who escaped the blast by fewer than thirty minutes. Frankly, sometimes these things hit you harder than you are able to comprehend. But it is the reality we live in – life is fleeting.
    I pray strength, comfort and peace for all the families affected by these blasts.

    Bless you, Oge love.


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