A Little Food for Thought #2

letter to B

This randomness might persist for a while. Endure it.


I think it’s really silly and ridiculous when a person says “I care about you but I don’t really know how to show it.“

Errm. No. You do not care. Because if you cared, you would notice the little things that make me happy and you would do them for me easily.

I would not have to remind you to text occasionally and check up on me.

I would not have to beg you to sit through a 90 minute football match with me to watch my favourite team play.

I would not need to beg you for favours.

Life is simple really. Well, for the most part. But we just go on to make things complicated.

If you cared about me, you would surprise me on occasion.

You would be kind, thoughtful and polite.

You would be conscious of how your words and even your tone could affect me and you be would be cautious.

You would not even think twice before making certain sacrifices

If you care about me, or you claim to care. Show me.

I’m not a witch. Or wizard. I will not magically decipher it.

Tell me. That’s fine. But more importantly show me.

Because truth still remains that talk is cheap.

Good afternoon.


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