Saving Dapo: The Soundtrack


So Saturday evening, I received a phone call from a very good friend, telling me he had something to share with me.

That something turned out to be a special something that had me going over it three times in quick succession.

That special something is what I’d like to share with you today.

If you’re familiar with Seun Odukoya and Saving Dapo, then this will not entirely be lost on you. However, if Seun Odukoya and Saving Dapo are strangers to you, I encourage you to visit the blog and type “Saving Dapo” in the search engine. You’ll have absolutely no regrets, I promise.

Anyways, I’m  talking typing too much. Here’s what I have for you today. It’s a song from the soundtrack of “Saving Dapo” (the novel)

I’m being absolutely honest when I say I listened to it three times. The song deals with Yemisi and Dapo at a therapy session. I found it a little amusing and really interesting.

The novel will be out shortly. You should look forward to it.

Again, if you haven’t read the series take your lastma cap and badge then go to his site and check it out.

Good evening.


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