Saving Dapo: The Release


I’ve been waiting a long time for this.

I have read stories and I have read good stories and “Saving Dapo” is a good story.

I remember months back, the series was the highlight of my Mondays. I would wait patiently for the notification that was sure to come in my mail and I was never disappointed. Sadly the series came to an end. But more importantly, work commenced on the novel.

Now the novel is done. It was written based on the blog series and I am excited to announce to you that it is ready for pickup- sorry- will be ready for pick up (I guess I’m that hyped about it. Hehe.) on Saturday the 13th of December 2014.

So there are three major characters.

First we have Dapo,


And then we have Yemisi…


And finally Remi…


These three people come together to tell an amazing story.


Save the date


Be sure to pick up your copy of the book that day and get it signed by the author @seunodukoya.

Let the countdown begin.

Six days to go.

Have an awesome week.


Btw, I think I might have a new series in the works.

This one’s for you Kiah.

Hehe. Hugs.


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