Saving Dapo; The Book Signing


So finally, the novel  #SavingDapo came out last weekend. Whoop whoop!

Now you need to buy the book and read to find out why I’ve been making so much noise abourrit. Hehe.


It is my pleasure to inform you that Seun Odukoya, now henceforth referred to as the author (abi how do those lawyer people speak the English sef?) will be having a book signing and possibly book reading (he’ll likely protest this one) on Saturday the 20th of December 2014.

Details of the address are in the flyer below. But for those who for some reason or the other might not be able to see it, the venue is:

The Manor Phones,

2A Isheri Road, Near Big Treat,

Agidingbi, Omole, Lagos.

It’ll run from 12pm-4pm and I assure you, it’ll be a great time with a bunch of writers and readers.


So make it a date.

I’m going to be there and for all the good people who read this blog as well as his, it would be great to finally meet you and match faces with handles. 🙂

Thank you for indulging me.

See you Saturday


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