Introducing… Radio Ecstacy

The Lex Ash fineness

So, my colleague and friend, Mr. Lasisi, started something really cool a few months back.

It’s an online radio station where he regularly features songs from popular artistes for your listening pleasure.

Here’s why I say it’s really cool. All you need do is open the link in your browser and you can listen to great music while you work all day long.

How cool is that?

So for music lovers, I present to you; RadioEcstacy.

Here’s what Mr. Lasisi has to say about his station

“RadioEcstacy is charged to ultimately deliver great music emanating from Nigeria.

Listen at home, work, school and every part of the globe.”

What are you waiting for?

Here’s the link

Happy listening!

Photo credit: The Lex Ash Photography. He takes the best pictures, really. Check him out on Facebook: Lex Ash

For Twitter and Instagram; @TheLexAsh.

Btw, #DamageControl #2 comes up tomorrow.

Who’s ready? 😀



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