Wait. Pause. Rewind

You think back to the time when you first encountered her. Someone had retweeted her to your timeline. The avi caught your attention before the tweet.  It wasn’t a hot picture of her. No. It was a picture of a smart-looking boss-like lady with the inscription Be your Own Boss. You thought it was impressive. And then you read the tweet “Learn, grow, build capacity, stay relevant.”

You checked out the handle and the tweets were pretty enlightening and so you followed her. She followed back instantly. A few mentions here and there, more retweets, a few favourites and you were greatly impressed. There was something else though. She was a classic flirt. A good number of guys on her TL were ‘boo’ or ‘bae’ or ‘sweets’. She was fun and exciting and you wanted to be a part of that.

You wanted to be one of the guys that excited her and planned offline hangouts with her but she didn’t seem interested and you noticed that in the way she responded to your tweets. You wanted to- scratch that- needed to get her attention.

That Sunday her absence was conspicuous on your TL so you went to check her out. Her last tweet had been on Friday and she was not feeling well. You quickly sent her a dm.

Hey, how’s your health? No word from you in 2 days. I hope you feel better.”

You were pleasantly surprised to receive a response almost immediately

Hey you, thanks for checking. Was admitted Friday night, just got back home”

You were really shocked to hear that. How could you not have noticed sooner?

Oh my… I’m so sorry. Do you have a number I can call you on? If you don’t mind, that is.”

“Sure. Would be nice to talk to someone now actually.”

You smiled warmly as though she could see it.

She sent the number and you call her for thirty minutes. She does sound a little weak but her voice is a pleasant sound all the same.

And so it began. Just like that. You talked every day, mostly via dms.

On Twitter, you joined them- her league of extraodinary baes. Scratch that. You were probably in a league of your own. There seemed to be some sincerity in the way she addressed you. She would randomly mention your handle with something like ’

And your heart would swell and threaten to burst with pride.

You did not have any plans for her. None at all. It was all harmless fun. Or so you thought.

Until you walked into KFC that fine Saturday afternoon. She recognized you. And of course she would. Your picture was very clear on twitter whereas hers was non-existent.

She came over excitedly, introduced herself and then hugged you. You near went crazy with joy. She wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous but she wasn’t too bad to look at either. You would pass her on the road without a second glance but if she was in the same meeting room as you for say six hours, her features would grow on you and you would appreciate them.

Her face was slightly rough. It looked like pimples had waged a war on her face and won and she didn’t bother to hide it under heavy makeup as most ladies were wont to do. She had a nice gap tooth and slight depressions on each cheek that would pass for dimples. And she was short. It wasn’t really a problem. Height wasn’t an issue for you.

Whoa. Hold up. Wait a minute.

You suddenly realized you’d been checking her out and running her features across your mental checklist.

Now why would you be doing a thing like that?

She was talking but you weren’t really listening.

You just realized that you were really attracted to this lady. Like, you didn’t even see it coming at all. It was in the way she was speaking like you known each other from kindergarten. Her hands were going this way and that, dancing to the music that was her voice.

There was a warmth in your heart, a warm bubbly feeling actually that brewed in your stomach and made its way up to your chest. It’s all so weird, you’re trying to figure it out. Talking to her on Twitter had not affected you so much so where was all this coming from? Why did seeing her suddenly make all the difference?

And she wasn’t hot. She was certainly a far cry from what you’d been expecting to see if you ever met her. So what exactly was going on? It had to be the way she was acting like you were special to her. Like you had been friends a long time.

You smile and in your head wedding bells are ringing. This lady, you’re going to wife. You grin and take her left hand in an attempt to end her beautiful chatter and that’s when it hits you. Literally hits you- the metal on the fourth finger of her left hand. She’s wearing two rings. And one of them most certainly is a wedding band.

Wait. Pause. Rewind.

What the hell just happened?


26 thoughts on “Wait. Pause. Rewind

  1. Oh boy…that gotta hurt like hell…
    Just when the god of love decides to bless with that magic called love, it turns out that the object of your affection is married! Bummer


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