New Crush Alert: Shayin

Last night, I was to have dinner with a friend, someone really important to me.
I’d planned to leave my office on the island at 5 or probably a little earlier so I could get to Ikeja City Mall in time which was where we had chosen to meet.
Then work happened and I found myself leaving at 6.

I already knew I’d missed beating traffic so the issue was just finding a cab that would take me to my destination without a price that would cut my throat. So I flagged down this cab and the driver was a nice looking, young lad. Didn’t look like he was up to 26. I smiled sweetly and told him my destination and after a bit of haggling we agreed on a price that was reasonable.

The traffic was pretty intense and frankly, I was tired but somehow this guy managed to keep me engaged. We had a sound conversation about politics and government and life and it was pretty impressive. He said he would call me ‘Jovi’ short for Jovita because of my smile and I thought it was really cute. Which was a little weird. Corny things like that usually get under my skin but this didn’t bug me at all. I asked for his name and he said it was “Shayin” pronounced as “Shayne” He’s from Benue state, has really cute dimples and an attractive accent that is a blend of Hausa and something else I cannot immediately describe.

So we talked a lot and about 2 hours later, he dropped me off. I was almost going to take his number but I changed my mind at the last minute. I rarely take cabs. What was the point?
My friend and I were chatting over drinks and he was teasing me about crushing on the cab guy. The night was only just beginning and it was looking good. Then I mentioned a text message I’d received and wanted to show him. I checked my bag and realized I couldn’t find the phone. I didn’t panic then because I was sure it was in some corner of the bag. We dialed the number and it rang out and I didn’t hear a thing. Sigh. Wahala.

The phone in question was my official line and I began to worry but only just a little. You see, I have a thing against loud ring volumes on my phones so my devices are usually either on silent, vibrate or the lowest volume possible. In this case, it was on the lowest volume.
So I called and called at least 10 times but nothing. My friend told me not to worry and asked that I stop calling so I wouldn’t run down the already low battery and I reluctantly agreed.
The night did turn out alright but by the time I got home and remembered the phone, I was a little upset. I went to bed and woke up this morning just angry. I called like another ten more times between 5am and about 11 and still nothing.

I had pretty much given up on getting the phone back when my regular line rang at about noon. I saw the number just as I had stored it “Official Line” and my heart leaped for joy. Lol! He said he had seen the phone, there was no credit on it so he recharged it and dialed the number that had been calling it all through.

I was touched. Really. He came by my office and dropped off the phone but we couldn’t talk because he had a passenger in his car. So I simply asked for his number and promised to call later.

Shayin impressed me. Really. It was in the manner of conversations we had yesterday, the way his mind worked and then the trouble he had to go through to get my phone back to me. Young guys like him are hard to find. Really. But people like him make me hopeful for Nigeria’s future.

So there you have it, I’ve got a new crush, his name is Shayin and he’s a cute cab driver J

May everything you have ever lost find its way back to you. 😀

Enjoy the rest of your week!


12 thoughts on “New Crush Alert: Shayin

  1. I think it is good that we meet more honest people who are willing to make us believe that people like that still exist as this helps our faith in humanity (a little but still….). Well a good thing you got your phone back, he got his integrity spread out which will lead to more customers (or opportunities) and I got to discover your blog.



    • Haha.
      Yep, you did discover the blog. Welcome aboard.
      Now, go and read all the other stuff 😛
      Yes, it’s really good that we meet honest people. They do restore one’s faith in humanity, even if only a little like you noted.
      Thank you for being here.


  2. Good people still exist. My husband lost his wallet with his atm cards and his drivers license last year. My phone number was on the drivers license as his next of kin. The lady that found the wallet called me and returned it to me. She even apologized for using part of the money to load her phone so she could contact us. Yes good people still exist and it doesn’t hurt if they are also cute. Lol! Hello Oge!!!!!!!


    • Hehehe.
      Hey Mariam! I have missed you on the blog! Good to see you in the comment section again 😀
      Amazing story you shared! Really! Imagine her apologizing for using part of the money to buy credit. WOW.
      I agree with you. Good people still exist. I was sharing with a good friend of mine sometime last month and we talked about Eph 2:10. Really deep stuff.
      I’m so glad that there are people who still leave us hopeful for a better society.
      And yes, it doesn’t hurt that they are cute and have a lovely accent. (You forgot that part :D)
      Hehe. Thanks Mariam!


  3. *coughs*
    Spoiler alert: when a cute guy meets a cute girl and they flow, he will move heaven and earth to impress her and have contacts exchanged.
    Result: mission accomplished!

    Hehehe *runs away*


  4. The problem with our society today is that people who help are so rare we are shocked out of our sanity to know that some people are actually honest or want to help.

    I work for an NGO and last year we had this medical case where a woman needed to go through surgery and although she died from complications of the procedure, her mother found it so odd that people can choose to help someone they did not know that she forgot her personal grief to pray and keep praying for me and my team. It was both embarrassing and humbling.

    We are a society that is used to people not being good/nice so we are surprised that people are not all a-holes (pardon my Swahili)


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