Coming Soon! Love Drops; The E-Book and EP

Love drops

Seun Odukoya is nearly always up to something. Like, there’s nearly always something in the cauldron; some really good stuff brewing for the readers. Well, I should know. I’m his PA.

Ladies and gentlemen, from the stables of Seun Odukoya, in collaboration with a certain music outfit, I present to you- Love Drops: The E-Book and Extended Play! This package coming your way is a combination of music, spoken word and a collection of amazing love stories. Well, no hype. But seriously, it’s Seun Odukoya, you can count on the stories to take your breath away.

I was privileged to get a sneak peek at a couple of the stories and I was really impressed. Seun wouldn’t tell me the titles so I can’t exactly tell you which of the stories to look out for but there are about 14 in all and I assure you, it will be time well spent, reading those stories.

So be on the lookout. The date is March 2nd 2015 and it’s an online release. Tick tock. Anticipate!


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