Darkness. It’s familiar, it’s convenient. It’s comfortable. Like a longtime lover, it’s familiar with every part of your being so it comes in subtly and caresses you, till you settle into it or it settles in with you. Like peas in a pod, you’re bound together. There’s no telling where you end and where the darkness begins.

Darkness. It’s familiar. Painfully familiar. Like an abusive lover, it’s got you back in its grip. A grip that’s bittersweet. You know you need to run but you have lost the will to fight. So you let it have its way. Just one more night. One more night you say? But you know it’s here to stay, bringing with it all the baggage you’d once thrown away. It’s the lover you both hate and love, yet can’t seem to be rid of.

Darkness. It’s familiar so you embrace it. It doesn’t matter what anyone says or does. It’s you and darkness. You know what to do to get out of it but there’s something almost pleasurable about the pain it brings so you stay stuck in it. Just one more night. Perhaps in the morning you’d have the required zeal to fight. But tonight? It’s all darkness.


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