So I Fell in Love…

So I fell in love. I actually never hessperedit. Didn’t quite see it coming, but it happened. Lots of people around me anticipated it though. They saw it coming. They said I was in denial when I argued, they said “just wait and see.” Much as I hate to say it, they were right. Okay, I don’t hate to say it. I’m sha saying it. I fell in love. They were right and I was wrong.

It started exactly a year ago. I made a major decision to move cities. I got a new job, I packed my bags, took a flight and relocated. I had my doubts about everything. The city, the people, every single thing. I actually gave myself a deadline of 6 months. As soon as my contract was over, I would run back to where I was coming from. Na so. I had no idea what was coming.

It started out slow. Occasional hangouts; the beach, movies, lovely dinners, karaoke, jazz festival, stage play, great conversations, pleasant surprises… the whole works. I didn’t stand a chance. Come on, to be wooed like that? How would I not fall in love?

It has taken me a full year to accept it, to embrace it and be proud of it. Yes, I fell in love.

I fell in love with the city of Lagos. After all my mouth and braggado. “Oh the city is crazy, there’s too much traffic, too many touts, bla bla bla. That one na story. If Lagos woos you as well as it did me, you would not stand a chance. The people are amazing. Crazy, but amazing all the same. The city itself is bubbly and alive!

The exposure Lagos has afforded me, the opportunities, the meaningful and beautiful relationships… Friends I met off social media became family, people took a chance on me to offer me opportunities I’d never have dreamed of in my wildest imaginations. Lagos is the place to be.

It’s exactly one year I moved to Lagos and I can’t get over how this place makes me feel. Certainly nothing like Abuja. This is true love baby! The city has helped me find my feet, helped me find my rhythm and helped me get my groove back on. Have I had some unpleasant experiences? Yes. But believe me, that’s like one out of 20 experiences I’ve had.

Before now, I used to say “you can never pay me money to stay in Lagos.” Please, that was a statement borne out of ignorance. Right now, I make bold to say, if I am leaving Lagos, it’s gotta be something really huge moving me away. Because I’ve been rooted and grounded to this place. Eko oni baje ooo. Hehe. A proper lasgidi babe I am now. 😀

Oh, wait. Were you expecting to read about some hunk of a man who swept me off my feet? LOL! My bad. E never happen yet. Hehee

Ps. Thanks to the amazing people who have made Lagos home for me. You are too numerous to mention but you are all really lovely. Thank you.

Boss, you know every 🙂


23 thoughts on “So I Fell in Love…

  1. mtschewwww Lol. I was ashually almost running to query you on bb as to why we spoke yesterday abi two days ago and you didn’t mention the guy. ashay na town sef! you got me there sha and I thot it was you know who. Lol nice write up babe more grace. If you say lasgidi is the place and all of us come there omo e go be congestion o!


    • Loool!!!
      I wan laugh die for here.
      Just see na. I’m eager to find out who you thought it was though so I have pingings you. Biko check ya bbm.
      The city is already congested but there’s always room for more 😉
      Thank you precious sister. I love thee!!


  2. Awwww!!! I’m actually relocating to Lagos pretty soon, I’d like to have the whole experience and excitement, get to meet nice people and all. Hope it turns out great for me as it did you.


  3. yeah possitive about that…..cos just got to abj and i wanna run bck to gidi…less dan a week and i was robbed, who wuld ve expected such in d *reserved,londonlyk Abuja*#sodeycall it#capitalcity#thought evry1 here is way above such…. i mean such happen in gidi n it neva happened to me.CANT WAIT TO GET BACK TO GIDI JUNE!!!! #lolz# in the mist of the narration i also meant to say..OGE DEARIE LOVELY WRITEUP…LOLZ


  4. GoGo I found your blog…and I’m getting wooed by your writing with each piece. God bless you sweetie m and may the words always find their way home to you and vice versa. *sprinkles blood of Jesus against any spirit of writer’s block* *blog-stalking mode activated* (hehehe😈 )

    Welcome to Lasgidi baby…more groove are hawait u💋



  5. your start up is captivating starting with the caption. This leaves your audience spellbound till the very end. This has been your style and I think you should maintain it as it defines you . your write up is you personified. The ‘not the end of the road’ you bring out of every story is very commendable. Great piece I must confess. Hope to work with you someday.. I must confess..I actually thought you were referring to a guy..loool.


  6. This is an awesome piece Ogechi!! You are driven writer, taking your readers for a dreamy ride…although i was a lil shaken when i realised it was all about lagos. I was about asking for wedding date and colour sef. LOL. Its nice you’re having fun lin lagos. I have found one confirmed person to show me around when I come over..keep it up dear..


  7. I was also thinking maybe yougeecash has fallen in love.Xou are really a pro I also remember one of your stories from the girl that met a dude and after everything she lost her purse😃😃your writeups are always catchy.i love them


  8. Lols!!!! Lady Oge, it’s like we’re twins on the things concerning this our Lagos o!
    Na so me sef make mouth, even tho’ I was born in Lagos, I just couldn’t see myself living here. Until I found myself here o! Lols.


  9. You are one hell of a terrific writer i have to say. Keep up the good work. Love your writing style and the subtleness of your articles.


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