Mother Dearest…

I heard her sniff and then she rubbed her eyes before quickly turning around.
“Yes dear?”
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah. It’s just the onions getting into my eyes.”
“Oh. Okay.”
I walked further into the kitchen and hopped on the table top just beside her.
“So, Uzo called me today.”
She snorted
“Uzo? Where did he resurrect from?”
I grinned
“He’s been busy with work so I gave him space just like you suggested and he called me today.”
“Ah. Okay o.”
I was silent for like 10 seconds and then she gave me the look.
“What is it?”
I twirled my braids in my hands a little nervously.
“His mum’s birthday is this Sunday. She’ll be 60. They’re having a dinner at Oriental hotel and he wants me to come with him.”
Mum smiled and I blushed through my melanin pigment.
“Are you seeking my permission or what?”
“No o. I just need your intervention.”
Mum laughed out loud and shook her head.
“I am sorry for you. Uzo has jazzed you.”
I laughed with her and jumped off the table top. I hugged her warmly
“What do you need exactly?”
My eyes shone brightly
“I need you to pimp me up.”
Mum shook her head and opened the kitchen cabinet.
“You’ll get a new dress and shoes and a nice purse. You need to make your hair and your nails too. You’ll need to look classy at that dinner. Let’s go shopping this Saturday.”
I squealed in delight. Precious mother dearest. This woman knows wassup.
What I didn’t know was the onions weren’t the reason for her tears. She was trying to raise money for a project and things were really tight and she was getting really frustrated. But as always, mummy dearest put me first. As long as I was happy, she was fine.
Count down to my mummy’s birthday. 4 days to go
My super hero that doesn’t wear a cape.
She always puts me first.


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