For My Mother who is Everything…


If I were to write of everything that my mother is, then I would have to write and publish a book about her. I think that would be the closest I could ever come to capturing her essence. A really large book bigger than the biggest reference Bible I ever saw. That would probably do justice.
Today is July 9th, 2015 and it’s a really good day to tell you about my mum. This is long, but please, indulge me.
My mum and I used to fight a lot when I was a kid. Growing up, I was a recalcitrant rebel. I no bin dey hear word. (I think I’m a little better now. Still stubborn. But only for all the right reasons)
But yeah, we used to fight a lot and we hardly ever agreed on anything. But when my mum spanked with one hand, she drew closer in love with the other. And over the years, we have grown really close and formed a perfectly tight bond. Right now, there is absolutely nothing I would not do for my mother. My mum isn’t perfect. She has some of her shortcomings but I do not care about them. I love her wholesomely and completely. I love her deeply and truly. Mum is bae.
So let me introduce you to my mother. My mum is
A lawyer. Never lie to her. She’ll always find out. I tried it a lot as a kid until one day she said to me: “I am a Lawyer. Never lie to me. If you do it, I will catch you.” That effectively ended my lying ministry. Beyond that, she is a fantastic lawyer. She knows her onions.
A giver. Mum gives everything and anything. Her time, energy, resources. She is selfless and sacrificing. First for her family and then for everyone around. My mum taught me random acts of kindness.
A believer. She showed me Jesus. And the way she carries on about her faith is nothing short of inspiring. My mum may not necessarily quote scripture to you, but she would rather show you in the way she lives. And she can pray ehn! I think mothers are specially talented prayer warriors. Respect. Finish.
A hardworker. When people look at me and call me a workaholic, I laugh. Please go and meet my mother. The apple never falls too far from the tree. She takes her job pretty seriously. Never a slacker.
Women majority leader. That’s the nickname my sister and I gave to her. The way she carries our matter on her head ehn! E dey pain people sometimes. LOL. Carry your beef, fry it, chop it and drink water on top 😛
A lady with a good sense of humour. My mother is funny. Sometimes, she cracks you up so bad even without meaning to. (This is a tragedy, this is a disaster. Hehehe. Inside joke. Only family will get this.)
Why is my mother so important to me?
• She is my partner in crime. You do not want to know how many things we have schemed together and always, we have gotten results.
• She is my go-to woman, any time of day. For the most part, mum is the first person I speak to when I have a date or special outing. We agree on clothes, shoes, and hair. And always she’ll say “you have to go there looking your best.” Even when her purse is involved. I said earlier that she’s a giver. Heh.
• She gives the soundest advice. Anytime I get stuck on anything or I am in doubt, my mother is the best person to speak to. She ALWAYS knows what to say/recommend. “Ah. This boy seems confused. Please let him go.” Etc, etc.
• She listens and she never judges. If you know me, then you know I am a talkaholic. Yes, mum has to endure all my rants and stuff. She is also my amebo partner. Yes. Juicy, gossipy gists get to her. She’s cool like that.
• She is my support system 10.0. There has not been a thing I wanted to do that my mum did not pledge her unalloyed support for, no matter how seemingly crazy and I love her for that. One night, she stayed up well past midnight reading my blog and at about 4am the following morning, I got the sweetest email from her that truly warmed my heart. Mum thinks my writing is important. Not much else to say on that.
• She never imposes. With her, it is never “do this. And that’s final.” She will negotiate. Honestly, mum knows how to transform a no to a yes. I’m trying to learn her skills. Boss level something.
• She puts her family first. Mum is a career woman with a job that gets pretty intense sometimes but she always put us first. One phone call and she’s tearing down every brick wall around the heart and getting to the crux of the matter.
• She is hospitable and accommodating. This is easy. Ask all my friends. She is their mother as well. Her doors are ever open and her kitchen never lacks food. She is nearly always playing host and I learnt that from her. Which is why I nearly always have friends over at my place during the weekends. Una too like food sha 😛
• She makes the best ofe akpurakpumgbam! Please. This is just the winner for me. That is the soup of destiny. If you’ve never had it, then I am sorry for you! The soup is an experience. You want a taste of it? Come around during my traditional wedding. 😀 Or better yet, come to my house at Christmas.
• She teaches by example. Most of the virtues I have acquired, I learned from observing my mum. She isn’t perfect, but she’s not too far from it. She is humble and kind and sweet and inspiring.
• She positively embarrasses me. Next to the soup of life, this is the first runner up. Mum came to my convocation and told them the story of my life. She crowned it all by calling me a church militant (which she meant in a good way you know.) Then she walked up to me after her little speech and asked me how she did. Well, the speech earned her a rousing ovation because people like amebo *rme*, but I hugged her and told her she did great. Yes.
• Mum inspires, encourages and challenges me to do better and be better. She tells me often “hardwork never killed anyone.” When I am doubting my abilities on a task, she says “you can do it, I know you. You just need to set your mind to it.” My mother makes me feel like I can do absolutely anything.

So why the long story? It’s simple. Today is my mother’s birthday and this is one of my little ways of showing her how much I love her and how much she means to me.
Dear mum, I know you will read this. By which time you would have hopefully been overwhelmed by all that will happen today. I want you to know, that you are everything I aspire to be and more- A cool mum who is totally awesome and knows how to balance her life. You have a really good heart and I pray for you today, that God will satisfy you with long life and grant you rest and peace on every side. We are working really hard (my siblings and I) to ensure that you are always comfortable. Well, you and dad. Both of you are formidable. It’s incredible. And we love you.

If you read it this far, then you are a rockstar and I love you so. Just two more favours.
1. Please drop a comment here with your kind wishes for her.
2. Please call her on my behalf and say something nice to her.
Mum loves things like this. They make her feel special and my mission today is to overwhelm her. She is deserving of it. So please help me make it happen.
Mummy dearest, I hope you shed happy tears today.
I love you. Today and every tomorrow that will come. Happy birthday!


11 thoughts on “For My Mother who is Everything…

  1. Lovely!!! Can’t believe I missed this earlier.
    This is another reason I call you Mrs. Nwobia’s daughter, cause you are steadily becoming her and even better.
    God bless keep your mum.
    Lotsa love!


  2. Awww, those were sweet words you wrote about your mum Oge . Happy birthday to your mum, I wish her more prosperious years, may she eat the fruits of her labour ijn.


  3. Happy birthday ma! Wishing you lots of love, happiness and good health in the coming years. It takes an amazing woman to raise a daughter like Oge. I’ve never met her but I admire her a lot. Thanks for raising such a fine lady! May God Almighty bless and keep you today and always!


  4. Happy birthday swit mother, the Lord bless and increase you steadily on every side and cause you to enjoy your latter years….


  5. Happy birthday Ma’am. May God bless you with good health and long life to enjoy the refined gems invested in the lives of your children. Amen. Have an overwhelmingly beautiful day.


  6. happy bdae to yr mum wishing her long life and prosperity in peace,joy and good health,and the very best of d years to comes..api bdae ma


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