Happy Birthday Seun Odukoya!!!


How do you find the right words to serenade a wordsmith?
That’s an exercise in futility right? I know. But still I will try.
In December last year, I wrote an open letter to Seun here that left him speechless for hours. It took him a really long time to get out of it. Well. Here we go again.
Dear boss,
It’s your birthday today. But as you like to say, “Happy new year!”
We have been friends for a little over a year now and I have worked with you for about 7 months. And believe me when I say the impact you have made is almost unquantifiable. People say I am effusive and can wash. But I think that people will also admit that I tell the truth. So everything I am saying here today is not in an attempt to wash, but simply to share an irrefutable truth- that you are amazing and I think the world of you.
I love easily but life has shown me that we can lose friends and loved ones just as easily as we make them. So when a person matters to me, I look for every opportunity to let them know. I tell them, I show them and then I get other people to reaffirm it.
There is no one word to describe you with. You are dynamic and amazing and crazy and all shades of awesome and a tad bit annoying and very much unpredictable. I think I love that about you the most. The fact that you are unpredictable. Because it means that you’re nearly always able to spring me a pleasant. Yes. You do.
And then you take my breath away with your kindness. To be very honest, it is almost unbelievable how you go out of your way. Not just for me now, but for the people that matter. You redefine the meaning of sacrifice and selflessness. I know you will find this hard to believe about yourself but it is true. You are dependable and reliable. And your words
I thought I knew a thing or two about friendship, but you schooled me. Once you said to me: “the beauty of friendship Oge is that you don’t always have to apologize or explain yourself.” And that has stayed with me for a long time.
I cannot count the number of times you said to me “relax, I gat you” over past months and lately, I have found myself echoing those same words to you. “Chill boss, I gat you.”
Your friendship is a privilege. Sincerely. And it is one of the best I ever cultivated. Because it is different. You are so refreshingly different. I do not have to worry about complications or drama or stress. With you, I just get to chill.
I guess all I’m trying to say is you are important and special. And forever a delight to my heart.
I know that sometimes I fall short. I make commitments to you that I do not follow through on. But I never want you to doubt that I am loyal to you. And will be. Always.
Happy birthday boss. Chase greatness with even more vigor. We are only just starting out.
Your PA.


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Seun Odukoya!!!

  1. Happy Birthday 🎂 to U
    Seun Odukoya.
    Tho, it’s of recent we became acquainted, yet, I can see how wonderful a person you are.
    Many more years in success, in all ramification of your life.


  2. So you manage to mute me. Every time.

    The week following my birthday was really crazy – you know why – which is why this took longer than usual. But it’s here now.

    My friend. My PA.

    I have had cause to be thankful for you, thankful for the energy you bring to your work. It’s been interesting to say the least – interesting observing, sharing learning with you. Not to mention the rumors…


    I just want to thank you for the gift of you. It’s been a privilege working alongside you – a privilege and an honor. I can only try; any more attempts at capturing exactly what it is and it might come across as cheesy – or corny.

    If I’m anything – anything at all – it’s because God sees it fit to bless my life with people like you – people who shine and glow and bless everything they touch.

    I’m grateful for you, my PA, my friend.

    Thank you.


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