Book Review: #BOOOOOM! by Seun Odukoya


Late last year, Seun Odukoya and I were catching up and he told me he was working on another project. I was excited because since I started following his writing keenly in 2014, I had never been disappointed. It could be because I am slightly biased or that he is simply good at what he does. Nevertheless.

On the 1st of February 2016, the ebook #BOOOOOM was live on his site. Having observed all the posters and even the trivia contest attached to the release, I was quick to download the book and read it, and of course I was not disappointed.

In the novel, Seun captures within 91 pages, events that have plagued several parts of northern Nigeria for about 5 years now. We follow the stories of 12 characters whose lives although distinct in their nature are somewhat entwined together by a certain event. You know how you go through some days and they seem regular and mundane or some days are filled with activities that you either journal or share with a loved one? That was how it felt for me reading the stories of these characters. I could have been one of them going through a regular day in my life.

Seun dispels stereotypes and throws in twists that you most certainly will not anticipate. And I must also add that at the end of the book, you may likely not find closure for some of the characters or even any of them but that in itself speaks to the reality of certain people.

If you haven’t read the book, I encourage you to. It is something you can complete in one sitting. You can find the download link here.

Please feel free to read, share and send your feedback by any means possible.


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