My Precious ❤️

I’m staring at my most recent picture of him. I took it months ago when we were to the bank to get some papers sorted out.
I remember being really mad at him that morning. My anger stemmed from impatience. I was in such a hurry to go out get the paperwork over and done with, he seemed to be taking his sweet, precious time talking to the guy next door. (If only I’d known in that moment how important that conversation was.)
But as we sat across from each other in the bank, I couldn’t help but think of how precious he was to me. How his very presence at that time assured me that all would be well, regardless of what the account officer had to say.
So while he typed away on his phone, I decided I wanted to capture that moment and save it forever. I took a picture and he didn’t even notice. And then I saved it alongside his contact on my phone.
I remember being in a hurry to leave town that afternoon when we got back from the bank. But he casually said “you’re not going anywhere. It’s too late. Come and make stew for me.”
I’m thankful that looks cannot harm and neither can the thoughts of men. Because I was so mad, the rage on my face could have caused a volcanic eruption.
But I dutifully did as I was told. And later that night, we had a really nice chat about life and the future and some little things I no longer remember.
It would be the last night I would see him for a really long time. Because less than a week later, I was on a flight to some really cold place in Europe. And eventually it made sense, why he wanted me around for as long as was reasonably possible.
We talk every weekend. I always place a phone call across. And then we laugh and tease and banter. We talk about the weather, about my work, about new things I have learnt, or fun stuff I have tried out. And most importantly, he makes me laugh. Like really laugh till my sides hurt.
And then he tells me he loves me. Every single time. We haven’t always been this mushy. Or this connected. But like fine wine, we’ve gotten better with time.
We spoke on FaceTime last night. And it was such a delight to see him and hear him laugh.
He gives me joy, my father. Pure unbridled joy.
I’m staring at his picture and thinking how much I miss this man. And I am counting the days till I see him again.
It doesn’t matter that I am no longer a baby, but now a lady charting the course of her life and navigating the uncertain waters of the future.
What matters is that he is precious to me and so is every moment spent with him, whether virtually or physically. The truth is, regardless of where I am and no matter how much time passes  I will always, forever be, daddy’s little girl. ❤️

6 thoughts on “My Precious ❤️

  1. Awww, as a fellow ‘daddy’s little girl’ I know this feeling all too well! Lovely! Lovely piece this was! I’m sure he’ll always be proud of the fine woman you’ve grown up to be 🙂


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