May: The best of them all


“Its been a while since I saw someone pretty + amazing, yeah I know lotsa pretty – amazing and amazing + not attractive to me, lol until one Salsa lover put up that dp on her social app and my dead bored-self checked it out and bam, there’s the pretty + amazing….+ the nutty being lol!!! The rest they say, is history. But history is past, and to me, she’s not and never had been, she was always stayed right here even when contact was somewhat lost and the art piece above I created in a few 100 hrs for her birthday sure validates that…I remember her saying she hadn’t received anything “major” as a birthday gift but I really hope this isn’t so minor to the National holiday born beautiful being. Happy birthday darling, God bless you. :*  ”

-One Guy Like That

Art by this same guy 🙂


May is an important month to me. And it begins with today.

My bestie of 14 years turns plus one. I could write an entire book on all that she is and all that we have shared. From getting in and out of trouble together in Secondary school, to sharing the title of fastest sprinters in our house at Inter-House sports. To gossiping about boys, to going off to different Unis and enduring the 4 years where we were mostly apart. Seeing that we survived those years, I know there is nothing we cannot get through. Lol! We went from living 5 minutes away from each other in this crazy Lagos to living 10 minutes apart and then school now decided to further separate us but with this woman, distance is nothing.

Like I said, I could write an entire book.

We have shared doubts and worries, highs and lows, victories and losses, laughter and tears, numerous hangouts… everything.


For every moment I have been through, I am glad that I have had her.

Yes, May is an important month because subsequent days will see me celebrating other equally special friends and then my precious little brother and of course my dad.

But for today, it’s all about this bright-eyed, full of life, crazier-than-anything, ride or kpai woman. Efe May Okanigbe.

I love you dearest. Always, forever and a day more. Happy birthday!


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