My List of Ten

I am simple and easygoing. Because life is too short to not do the fun things we love, because nothing in life is that deep, because always, always keep the peace, no drama etc etc.

So Seun wrote his list of ten here and asked for people’s list of 10 favourite things so here’s mine, in no particular order.

  1. My mum. Goes without saying. She is everything.
  2. Relationships. Family, friends and the BFFs. I am a huge people person. Easy to tell huh?
  3. Adventure. Whether I’m hiking, taking a road trip or discovering a new city, I love adventure. I am a big nature girl.
  4. Physical fitness activities. Working out at the gym, dancing my little behind off or running. Those are my happy moments.
  5. Everything Seun Odukoya; one of my favourite people in the world.
  6. Music. Yanni.
  7. Laughter. I love to laugh and I like to make people laugh.
  8. Stories. Whether written by me or other people.
  9. Conversations in Igbo with DK. The best.
  10. Red wine. Specifically Rubis or Kagor.

To be honest, this was hard to compile. I probably have a list of 100. But I’m curious about yours. Share your list of 10.

Enjoy the weekend!

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