Bleeding Heart- Seun Odukoya


Kachi frowned from across the office. “Seun,” she said slowly, painfully aware they thought her a nag but having to complain.

He looked up from the pad on his table. “Yeah?”

She raised her hands and dropped them helplessly. “Please,” she intoned.

“Wow,” he said. “I didn’t realize I was doing it again. I’m sorry – “

“What are you apologizing to her for? Is she the only one here?!”

The voice was heavy with indignation and Kachi’s heart shrunk two sizes as she turned. It was Victoria, the office harridan who had basically staked a claim on the new guy as he was called. Kachi didn’t like Victoria and she was sure the feeling was mutual. She was tall, sexy, confident – she had great boobs and an ass that seemed to have a life of its own.

In a nutshell, she was everything Kachi wanted to be – at least physically.

`Hello, lover,” Vicky drawled as she pranced past Kachi’s desk and towards Seun. “Is this – this mother giving you a hard time?”

“Er….well…” Seun started to stutter – and then Vicky leaned over his desk and kissed him firmly. Kachi’s heart ached.

“There. Isn’t that all better?” she cooed, somehow maneuvering herself onto his desk, leaning over and offering him a generous view down her blouse. Kachi couldn’t see what was going on, but she knew Seun must be eagerly looking down the yellow valley. She could have warned him about Vicky but she didn’t care. If he was so blinded by her beauty to not be able to see past it, he deserved whatever he got.

“Vicky…er…thanks but I really need to get back to work. TJ wants these scamps before close of business so….” He left the sentence hanging and Vicky shifted slowly off his desk.

“Oh okay jare,” she said, pouting. “As soon as you’re done sha, let me know okay? Oya, kiss kiss,” she said, leaning over and offering him more of the same view as before, but with a bonus this time – her lips.

She giggled happily as he pressed his mouth to hers – and she swung around and pranced back the way she came, rolling her eyes as she walked past Kachi’s desk. Feeling somehow low, Kachi ignored the girl and focused on the spreadsheet on her computer screen – but what she was seeing was a pair of ruby-red lips pushing themselves against a darker pair.

And then, she wondered why she was crying.


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