Hangout with Elsie on Crux of the Matter


I met Elsie a couple of years ago and on a daily basis, she continues to inspire and intrigue me with her simple and stressless way of life. Elsie does not have time for nonsense. She’ll tell you how it is straight up. She’s a sure chic.

So what does Elsie do? She’s a blogger and more importantly (in this context), the amiable host of  ‘Crux of The Matter’, a program on Happenings Radio, an online radio station. Elsie and her guests speak about relationship, sex and dating matters  and it’s usually so much fun. For instance, she grilled Walter of the other week on his stance on not having kids. The best!

Elsie has begun an August giveaway promo and there are so many stuff to be won. From solid power banks (every Nigerian needs this. It’s part of the the greatness starter pack) to backpacks, flasks, selfie sticks… You name it.

How can you win?

Quite simple.

Just call in on the program and participate!

You can also listen in on the program at or download the ‘TuneIn’ app, search for ‘Happenings Radio’ and play!

There you have it. Every Friday at 9pm. Tell a friend to tell a friend.

You’re welcome!



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