How Low Can You Go?

It starts out as a feeling of tiredness. Mild fatigue. Then it’s accompanied by thoughts of things that didn’t go your way in the course of the day. 

And because you’re so tired, you do not have the energy to battle the thoughts so you let them engulf you. 

Then it’s followed by a certain type of hunger. Your stomach is empty and you need to eat but you have no appetite. Plus you can’t get yourself to leave the bed anyways. 

But the hunger gets the better of you and you leave to eat something. Everything tastes bland but you stuff yourself still. Because your brain keeps insisting that you need to eat. 

You have a heap of unfinished tasks but you can’t bring yourself to act. You climb back into bed and allow the fatigue get the best of you again. 

It engulfs you entirely and you make no efforts to fight. Because you know if you let it run its course, it’ll eventually pass and you’ll go back to normal; aka bubbly, full of life and troublesome. 

But in the meantime, this is a low and you’re just gonna go with the flow. 


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