His Laughter…

I miss hearing the sound of his laughter. It’s one of the most beautiful sounds in the world, second only to that beautiful whirling sound the atm makes when it is bringing out a wad of cash. I am seated in class, paying attention or trying to pay attention to my Ethiopian lecturer talk about the United Nations and it’s General Assembly when the sound of his laughter randomly comes to my head. And I realise just how much I have missed it. 

I haven’t heard him laugh in ages. It doesn’t exactly mean he hasn’t been laughing. It just means I haven’t been an active part of it. Beyond that, it’s only a reminder of the massive gap distance has wedged between us. So even though we text chat, I remain unable to watch his face break into creases and his eyes twinkle as he laughs loudly and wholesomely. 

He will read this. And he will know it’s for him. Or not. Hehehe. 

Hey mister, I miss the sound of your laughter 😊


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