25 Shades of Awesome


I woke up this morning and I was 25. It’s such an amazing feeling. And I’ll be honest, 2, 3 years ago, I didn’t imagine I would feel this great on my 25th. I thought I would feel apprehension or fear because life was happening too fast or because I hadn’t hit certain landmarks personally but this feeling that I have this morning- it’s anything but negative vibes.

The last few months leading up to today have been great for me. I have found inner peace, contentment and rest on every side. So when I woke up this morning, I had nothing but gratitude for the life that I have, for the numerous people that colour it and for the 25 different shades of amazing that it has been. I can honestly say right now, in this moment, that I have EVERYTHING I want and need and my contentment derives from that.

So because 25th birthday, I’d like to share with you my precious readers, 25 random things about me. Enjoy!

  1. I have such a high energy level, I’ve had people question me about drug usage before because they couldn’t fathom the source of my never ending ginger. It’s not drugs I promise, it’s something in my blood. Lol!
  2. I love dancing. If you didn’t know this, then we probably aren’t friends. Because all my friends have at some point or the other been embarrassed when I suddenly break into a dance in the middle of a street to music playing only in my head. Hehe.
  3. I don’t like jollof rice. I honestly don’t get the hype so I rarely ever cook it. Can count on one hand the number of times I have cooked it in my life and will likely not run out of fingers.
  4. I love travelling. One time I changed my last name on Twitter to Ajala. Hehe. Always in the mood for an adventure.
  5. I love writing so much but I fear that if I had to do it mechanically for a long time that I would get tired of it.
  6. When I do the same thing over and over for a really long time, I get bored and restless. For something to hold my attention for a long time, it must have some dynamic elements.
  7. I can’t work a 9-5 for too long. Again with the restlessness. If I am in the same role or carrying out the same tasks for too long, my mind shuts down of its own accord. But I refuse to see this as a ‘bad’ thing sha. I guess it’s just what it is.
  8. My ideal job would involve a lot of travelling, writing, public speaking and dispute resolution.
  9. My friends are my greatest wealth and I am privileged to have a great deal of them. They always come through and that is why I am so effusive anytime a close one has a birthday.
  10. I’m allergic to honey. This was a weird discovery but honey makes me sick sometimes so I avoid taking it. Still don’t understand how or why that happens.
  11. I have a weird ‘condition’ with my knee. Still haven’t been able to figure it out but sometimes, the knee just twists and gives way and I fall then it twists right back to its normal position. It could happen while I am sitting, standing, walking, running or even lying in bed. The freakiest thing ever. It’s why I gave up athletics on a competitive level. Who knows, I would have probably been at the last Olympics. LOL. But it’s been happening since I was a kid and I have chosen to not let it get in the way of my other high energy activities. And that brings me to my next point.
  12. I am a huge fitness fan. Dancing, running, working out, lifting weights, anything to break a sweat, you name it and I’m in.
  13. My biggest fear is losing the ones I love the most. It’s why I serenade them all the time. Whether publicly or privately. I let them know just how much they mean to me so if I were to ever lose them, I would not have any regrets.
  14. Flowing from that, I have absolutely no regrets in life. If I could go back in time, there is absolutely nothing I would change about my choices. Even the seemingly bad ones have led me to this- a woman I am so proud of. So yeah, no regrets.
  15. My finger nails have two layers. It’s so weird. I don’t even bite my nails. But I peel them sometimes and it’s a little weird to look at. Don’t ask me to show you my nails if we meet. It’s a little embarrassing and I’m trying to keep them as normal as possible.
  16. My faith is the singular most important thing to me. I have walked a few rough roads and I have shared a few blazing furnaces with friends and loved ones. The only reason we came through solidly was because of faith. So it is the singular most important thing to me.
  17. I am firm believer in capacity building. Push yourself, grab every opportunity you get to grow and do not despise any task assigned to you.
  18. My basic motto for life- learn, grow, build capacity, maintain relevance.
  19. Leadership to me simply means service so the few times I have been privileged to lead, it was more a call to service and I wish our leaders shared the same sentiments.
  20. I love long walks. Walks in the park, walks by the beach. Walks anywhere. I’ve been called a professional trekker before. Lol.
  21. I love handwritten letters. It’s the fastest way to my heart.
  22. I love surprises! Getting random, unexpected gifts, a random burst of serenading, surprise visits surprise parties, etc. As long as it’s something unusual and unexpected, you have won my heart.
  23. I don’t know how to whistle a tune. This makes me sad, but I don’t know how to. Each time I purse my lips and try, it never comes out right. The sounds I make are actually laughable.
  24. I love, love, love dogs! Especially puppies. They are sooooo cute!
  25. I love hard and I am such a romantic. Happy is the man who gets to wife me. Hehe.

I just turned 25 and it is abso-freaking awesome!!!



38 thoughts on “25 Shades of Awesome

  1. Happy birthday Ogechi, the little kind of personal interaction av had with you was really heart-warming. Thank you for being a blessing to this generation. May the Lord continue to keep you, increase you and perfect all that concerns you IJN.


  2. Happy birthday my love! Yaaaay! Aries popping. You are beautiful inside out and one of the best cheerleaders anyone can ask for. I cant buzz you on BBM cos i misplaced my other phone. I will definitely holla soon. Happy birthday again and continue being overly energetic, we draw energy from you. Have fun today!


  3. Happy Birthday, yar uwa. God bless and keep you always. Have a spectacular day ahead.

    25. Wow. I’m still in shock. I feel so old. Almost a decade! Lol. Don’t mind me.

    Enjoy your day love.


  4. No. 1(!!!! I tell them I was born this way. In my church, my moniker is gingerbread. It just is)
    No. 6
    No. 7
    No. 16(You know this! What would life be like if we didn’t have and receive Abba’s love?)
    No. 17
    No. 18
    No. 19
    No. 20.

    It’s official. The only reason why we didn’t come as twins is your short attention span. I That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I mean it had to be your frequent ajala travels to go explore Lifemathics even before our foetus formed properly that separated us. It couldn’t have been my manageable level of short attention span that didn’t stick the 9 months through. 😂😂😂😂😂

    Nwanne mine!!!!!!! My heart just bursts at the the seams because it’s so full of love and awe and adulation of the phenomenal woman that you are(Becoming). Gosh!!!!
    I love you girl and like I always say, (separated at birth or not,) we must blow!!!

    My sister, my friend, my support system, my voice of wisdom, my cheerleader, my inspiration, my model, my laughter dispenser machine, my fellow music star, my stand-in-the-gap-defender, my vivacious gingerbread…ah! I could go on and on.

    I celebrate you everyday and I probably would always be in awe of the unconventional dynamics of our friendship, but today, I especially rejoice and judge ABBA faithful with you. When I look at the gathering of your days, I see a woman reigning by the abundance of grace and one helped by God.
    Wise, wise woman indeed!

    You’ll continuously be as the tree planted, unshaken too, by the river, ever fresh, constantly evolving and expressing the gamut of gifts you’ve been endowed with. Your lifemathics will birth hope to the nations and your joy will spread salvation unceasingly.

    I’m just here, my mind whirling and struggling to articulate my heart towards you. You are so heartwarming and kind and generous and beautiful and tenacious and strong and loyal and an example. Thank you for always fighting for me.
    Thank you for being a gift to me.

    The seasons of this new year will be characterised by the hope in God that fuels desire and passion and diverse, ineffable experiences of the goodness of His grace that knows no end.

    Happy birthday Ogechi! I love you!

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  5. I kept smiling all through and for a moment there I felt we were celebrating this day together without the barricade of distance. You are a beautiful soul. I’ve watched you grow, I’ve seen you evolve and most of all, I look to you as the big sister, the fun part of me, the person with my mumu buttons… I can even catch grenade for you! *I mean, I can sing the song by Bruno Mars for you* 😁 I’m proud of you soul sister! Love you till eternity!

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  6. Happy Birthday to my loving sis… Bhet ehn point 23… u know that’s d quickest way to make it right now in Naij yh? Just Saying…. Have an awesome day


  7. Friends of Ugee Declare …..

    Bestie: Oge is an amazing person. She lights up any room she walks into. I could never have asked for a better best friend because these sixteen years have been amazing. You’ve been my rock more times than I can count and no matter how far away you are, I know I can always count on you to have my back. You are unique in every way. Beautiful within and out. My life has been an amazing story with you in it. Happy birthday sweetheart, it only gets better. Looking forward to so many more awesome years ahead.

    Dickson: UG of destiny… UG money, UG pimp pimp…. Based on logistics as we take chill for New York.. I dey UK on a pin pin… Nne expectant me soonest… Happy birthday and may our good lord bless and keep you in Jesus name

    Ogechi Olumese: Happy Birthday, dear UG. You’re a big bundle of joy to everyone around you. Thank you for being so consistent, so supportive, so free spirited, and so large hearted. You’re a believer in people, and you so know how to celebrate people; you do it so well. On a day like this, I celebrate you for how far God has brought you and what He is making out of you. Welcome to your new season of greatness. God bless you.

    Buwa: My big sister You-gee
    The one who’s job is to settle fights between i and my mother
    I think she probably likes you more than me
    I’ll never forget how we met
    And how you walked me through the darkest days in my life
    Kept telling me I was strong when I was on the verge of loosing it
    I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and everything you keep doing for me
    For being a sounding board and a voice of reason when I’m being very stubborn.
    Have a wonderful birthday

    PS; you better finish that novel this year

    Tega: _Oge….Since I spoke with you on Skype, I already saw the charm in you… Your aura, your personality, the vibe that exuded when you spoke made you more charming… It became a reality when I finally met you yesterday and I see how happy you’ve made my friend become. I’m glad to have met you through Chima and I am glad to be part of this great day.

    Bon anniversaire la copine de mon ami._

    Cynthimatics: Hi Ugee. You have an amazing spirit and your sweet personality is one I really admire. I wish you a happy birthday and I love you so much. Keep inspiring your world and being a blessing

    Tony Umeh: “Show me one personal person who is pretty and smart, and I will show you one who is super amazing in all things she does. What can you not do my one time salsa dance partner? Hun? You are a brilliant writer – your writings touch the soul, no wonder you have got such ardent followers. How do you keep your blog going? Coz me – that blog you helped me with, i no get time again ooand you told me days like these will come. Blogger of life! Your movie-script writing skills nko? Come n Add Barrister things on top? And you have continued shining your bright light in Aberdeen? You are such an amazing lady and thank God for the great woman He is making you into becoming – Such a great future ahead of you. Plus you are someone who knows exactly when to work, play, and pray – every, in good measure

    Utunu….Since I met you a few years ago, If I was to summarise Ogechi in few words: GOALS – DRIVE – BEAUTY (Soul, Inside and Outside). E get plenty things I wanna talk about – You know I can fit say many things about you. Let me pause. I wanna wish you a happy happy birthday. Still hoping to see you sometime in Oz make we do this salsa thingy again. Hope you have a blast. Have fun and enjoy your day. Cheers.”

    Tayo: To UG!
    Such a bundle of joy! Knowing you has been such a pleasure, your genuine care for people and your willingness to help them when they’re in need, your doggedness to achieve goals you set for yourself, you’re that ever smiling bubble called joy that never bursts! This is wishing you all the best this new year has to offer and better things for years to come! Happy birthday dearest Ug!

    Ronnie: Hi Ugee…
    May God bless your new year with abundance and bring to pass all your dreams for the next year of your life…. Happy to have you as part of the gang…. You bring something special…

    NeNe: Yougee (I like that spelling better) is very outgoing- i think that’s the word to describe her. I notice her long posts on Facebook everytime she wishes to appreciate her friends and her loved ones. In this digital age, when everyone seems too much in a hurry to write a long note, Yougee comes across as ‘fresh breathe of air’ that dares to change the status quo. She is personal, she is deep and she (as we say in Nigeria) “tights things to her chest”. She is Yougee! Happy birthday from Nene aka Certified Efiko

    Unity: Happy happy birthday to you, UG and I wish you all the best of this season. Have a blast!

    Biodun Odunuga: OluwaUG,
    Another year has been added to your life today but it’s my prayer that there will be life in your years too. Your Best days are still ahead dear one. Happy Birthday.

    Pemosi: I have never met you in person but it feels like I have because of your great heart, I celebrate you my friend and fellow dreamer who takes the future of Nigeria as a goal that must be accomplished. Happy Birthday dear. God bless you.

    Mr & Mrs Okoro: When we were told to write a birthday message for Ugee, we had to do some reading and personal development on writing tips. Writing for a writer isn’t the easiest of exercises, but we summoned up courage because experience is better than perfection and the faintest memory connects more than the sharpest ink.
    Writing this particularly means a lot to us because both my Wife and I have worked with Ugee on teams and initiatives.
    I got to know Ugee closely during my NYSC. How can i forget how tough it was competing against her team in the much contested platoon debate competition? Ugee can eloquently sequence a seamless flow of thoughts. She is articulate, composed, and very confident. Looking towards Ugee was my tension control strategy during that competition. Working thereafter with Ugee and our other friends on the mentor me project was another memorable experience for me. These are memories that, if omitted, would leave me with missing years. I am grateful to God for having Ugee as a friend. She is such an amazing person, very considerate and kind.
    My Wife and Ugee were in the University CHoir. I can still remember vividly the electric ministrations Ugee often delivered. Ugee’s gregarious disposition is something that you can notice from miles afar. Hugging everyone after services, making warm jokes…even if i didnt know Ugee closely in CU, i sure do remember that she made a strong positive impression.
    Ugee, as you celebrate on your special day, i want you to know that you have been a very dear friend and i am grateful to God for bringing our paths together. You are beyond a friend, you are a Sister. Thanks for always lighting up people around you.
    Happy birthday dear.
    John (on behalf of Mr. and Mrs Okoro)
    Grace Samuel: UG! Sometimes those 2 letters are an expression of who you are to everyone! All they can say is ‘You, Gee!’ Words are not particularly adequate to describe how you’ve been an unexpected help, an underserved listener, an unpurchased fan and an ever-available supporter.
    Today, I’d willing, gladly, intentionally pause all I’m doing to celebrate you and the ‘magnanimousity’ of your awesomeness!
    I pray for you that you receive help before you need it, never will a day go by without a testimony of God’s grace towards you.
    Happy Birthday, Mama

    Shekinah: A number of things I have to say probably surpasses the number of days I have known you for; that is how remarkable you connect with people. On this special day I’d only say thank you for being your awesome self and for pouring out of your life, the thirst quenching waters to souls in need.
    I pray for a truly blessed and fulfilled life for you and your offspring after you!
    PS: Ugee dey special, I suppose try dey more poetic but this year na serious prayer from my heart I dey send

    Happy Birthday dear !!! May your joy remain above sea level *winks*

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    • This is truly precious.
      Each time I read it, my heart warms and bubbles over.
      You guys have given me access to your hearts. I am able to love because you guys have been receptive towards me, despite my excesses. Hehe.
      I love, love, love the FOY! And I’ll keep coming back here for days when I am low, uncertain or battling chaos. This is most refreshing. And my heart will forever be overwhelmed by this.
      And thank you Chima for putting this here. You’s a star!


  8. Oge!!!

    My sisterfriend of life.

    You know those people that happened when one was not looking? That’s you.
    You just happened.
    What do I say to you today?
    How proud I am of you with my heart almost bursting?
    How special you make me feel without even knowing?
    How your joy makes me content? Like today, knowing you are having a birthday blast has had me walking on sunshine
    Or how valuable you make me feel because of how you listen when I speak and how honest you are about your waka even when its not ‘all that. The transparency is so beautiful.

    Ehen, which wan remain? I love how you get my ‘off jokes’ and laugh your head out at my anecdotes, even the pidgin ones and laugh for days at the memory of my ‘wry sense of humour.’
    You are such a genuine person, it’s hard not to love you plus you are so refreshing to know and hang out with.
    I hope i can tell you in so many different ways how special you are to me and i hope that all these amazing messages on this page remind you that there is no one quite like you.

    Such a blessing you are
    Here’s to super amazing years ahead.
    We’ll be here to celebrate you girl.

    Love you deeply.

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    • I’m up at past 1am, reading this and lighting up like a Christmas tree because you, Eloho, remain one of the greatest shares of my wealth.
      I love you so. And this message will be forever stamped in my heart and consciousness. Thank you for all the joy and delight you bring. Truly. Thank you. So very much


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