Blog Update; New Series Alert

Hi guys. So it’s been a really long time off the blog and I have missed writing so much! I have equally missed you guys on here! 

The reason I’ve been away for so many months is because I was tidying up my law degree. God has been faithful and it turned out really well and right now, issa graduate! Yay! There’s still a bit of studying in the horizon but I think I miss writing too much to care. Lol. 

Anyways, I come bearing good tidings. 

One of my wonderful readers here has written a series and has offered to share it here every week. And seeing as the blog has been dormant for a while, I am only too happy to share. 

The title is “Oceans Apart” and the author is Milli. It will run every Friday at 8am. Please read, comment and share. It’s always encouraging to have feedback.

Asides that, I’ve been working on another series which I’ll begin sharing in a few weeks. There’s also a collabo going on behind the scenes. That actually has me most excited. I can’t share details about it yet. But I’ll let you guys know more once I’m able to. 

So see you 6pm tonight with the first episode of Oceans Apart. 

Love and Light! 



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