Oceans Apart (3) by Milli

Dozie settled down on his seat in the plane and checked for the most important item he needed; earphones. No time to be staring at people on the plane. He always got lost in the movies going from one movie to another until his eyes were tired then he would sleep for the remaining part of the flight. That had always been his “plane tradition” anytime he travelled out of the country. After all the announcements and safety precautions they were finally ready for takeoff. “This is it” he thought. He was finally leaving Nigeria. He thought about Behi and wondered what she was doing. He snapped out of his thoughts when a male voice greeted him.

“Guy wassup”

“I’m alright” Dozie said trying to picture if he knew the face.

“You don’t remember me…it’s me….Eno from secondary school”

“Hey!!!!!!! guy how far na….you don change o….I no even recognize you again….”

Eno was one of his good friends from secondary school and Dozie has wondered why he had not seen him all the while he was checking in. He realized that Behi had been on his mind all that time. Fortunately for them, there was an empty seat beside Dozie so they could sit down together for the flight.

He and Eno had lost touch a while after they had left secondary school. At least for once he had company on the plane. Eno was also going for masters in the United Kingdom but he was going to Coventry and not London like Dozie was. They talked about everything from friends to family to football and finally the women in their lives. Eno was single apparently he had just broken off things with his girlfriend a while ago. Dozie told him about Behi and Eno asked him if he was ready for the whole long distance relationship thing adding that he had heard countless stories of how most relationships of the sort never lasted because of distance. Dozie confidently told him he was ready to do what he needed to and he trusted Behi dearly. Eno was curious to know who the Behi chic was that had made Dozie want to commit so much so he asked for a picture. Dozie was always a ladies man in secondary school all the girls liked him and he always played around with them. Clearly he had dropped that character. Dozie brought out his iphone and showed Eno a picture of Behi. “Pretty….” Eno told Dozie and Dozie smiled. “Hmmm dude you are in love o” Eno said to him. However there was something very familiar about her but he couldn’t just figure it out. They kept on talking for a while and then “DANG”!!!!! it struck him like a lightning bolt. Behi was his close friend’s ex-girlfriend Bimbo. He had met her couple of times when she was still with Bimbo. Bimbo used to open up to him whenever they had issues and he knew when Bimbo had cheated on her not once, not twice but thrice causing the relationship to end. She was a good girl and honestly Bimbo had never appreciated her. “Small world” he thought to himself but he didn’t know if he should tell Dozie he knew Behi. They had just seen each other and were reconnecting so he decided not to say anything.


Behi turned to face the owner of the voice she just heard. The person she had avoided seeing was standing right in front of her now.

“Hey Behi wassup”

“I’m fine…you”

“Well I’m great”

They talked for a while and Osas came down to check what was happening since her friend had been gone for quite some time. She was in shock when she saw Behi and Bimbo talking. She quickly went to interrupt the conversation because she knew Behi hadn’t bargained for this tonight. Bimbo tried convincing them to come for his party but Osas continuously declined.  Finally they said their goodbyes and parted ways.

Bimbo walked back to the car where some of his guys were waiting for him. Behi had really changed now from what he could remember. She looked really cute tonight even though she was just wearing a blouse with jeans. A wave of regret swept over him as he remembered how he had hurt her in the past. She was a great girlfriend but he clearly wasn’t as good as he should have been. He knew she was dating someone else now but had no idea who the person was. “Well no time to feel sad” he thought to himself he had a party to get to.

“Babe, are you alright” Osas touched Behi’s hand as she drove. Behi had been really quiet since they left Phase 1.

“I’m alright” Behi said “Just didn’t expect to see him the same day Dozie had to leave”

“I know dearie”

“Seeing him just brings back all the pain he caused me…he really did hurt me”

“Sorry dearie…don’t want you thinking about him can’t believe I actually thought about taking you to his party…don’t know what I was thinking”

“It’s okay dear” Behi smiled.

They finally got home and settled to eat their pizza and ice cream. Fashion police was on TV and shortly after they were laughing at Joan River’s insults and all that had happened that night was forgotten…. for a while.


The party was in full swing now at Bimbo’s place. People were dancing, eating, drinking. It had been his birthday a few days ago but it was a work day so he decided to celebrate it during the weekend. All these were going on but for some reason all he could think about was Behi. “Why am I thinking about her?” he thought to himself. After the breakup he decided to take a break before entering into another relationship one in which he was ready to be faithful and during that break he had had a couple of flings. Now he was searching for a responsible girl to be his girlfriend but had found none. He was just not meeting the right ones. He felt a bit of regret again as he remembered what he had done to Behi. She never deserved what he did to her. Gosh if only Eno was here he would have been able to cheer him up but dude was far away up in the sky on a plane to United Kingdom.

“Why are you not dancing….is it not your party” a voice said to him. It was some girl.

“Yea…I’m just observing” he said actually wondering what he meant by that.

“Come on let’s dance” she said.

“Okay” he said  as he got up to dance thoughts of Behi left his mind.


Dozie and Eno continued to talk about anything and everything. Luckily Eno was going to be in London for a while before he finally went to Coventry. Dozie was really happy they had run into each other. After a while they both slept off and by the time they woke up the plane was preparing to land.  When it had landed and they were getting out of the plane. The cold was something else.

“Hey!!!! Which kin cold be this na…..” Eno said.

“Guy welcome to London” Dozie said.

After they has crossed the border and gotten their luggage, Dozie immediately switched his sim card with a Lyca one he had bought from the airport to call his sweetheart. Yes he had told her he would call when he had settled down but he just couldn’t wait he needed to speak to her. Eno told him she would probably still be sleeping but he really didn’t care. He called her and yea…she was still sleeping because she hadn’t picked up on the first, second or third ring. Just as he was about to cut the phone after another couple of rings she picked up and he heard her sleepy voice.

“Dozie is that you” she said

“Yes baby I landed safely….  still at the airport but I just had to hear your voice”

“Aww baby, that’s so sweet. My sleep was interrupted but as far as it’s you I’m not annoyed”

Dozie laughed “Ok boo…I will call you later in the day okay love you”

“Love you too boo…bye”

The line went dead. “Love wan tin tin” Eno teased as Dozie dropped his phone in his bag. They both exchanged phone numbers and boarded taxis to their destinations and planned to meet up again before Eno finally left for Coventry. Dozie headed to his brothers place where he would be staying till he moved into school some days later. Well he was finally in London now with the quiet roads. The cold was also terrible.

“Dozie!!!!!! His younger brother exclaimed with so much joy. “My one and only big bro meen  I have missed you o!!!” Dozie had not seen his brother for about three years and he was sure very glad to see him. Apparently he was almost as tall as him now

“Guy where you think you dey grow to…u wan pass me abi” Dozie said jokingly

“Yes o…..how was your flight…and erm how is she….?”

“Flight was ok….she’s fine I guess…..”

Emeka knew about his brother’s girlfriend Behi and noticed the way his brother’s expression changed when he asked about her. This was not going to be easy for him.  Thinking of a way to cheer him up he said

“Guy I know say u never chop better food since you enter that plane”

Those words definitely called Dozie’s attention and he replied “Yes o…I’m starving”

“Oya I get plenty food for house” Emeka was a good cook.

“Abeg make we go chop”

Emeka warmed up some food and they both ate and talked about family, school and other things.


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