My Woman, My Amazon ❤️❤️❤️

Whenever I have to talk about my mum, there’s the problem of where to start. And once I start, there’s the problem of when to stop. But that’s only because she is such a strong, warm, amazing and inspiring person. 

The kindness and hospitality of her heart is enough to write a book on. And it is this same kindness and hospitality that I have imbibed and vowed to keep upholding till I take my final breath. 

I remember my mum always hosting guests while we grew up. My dad’s friends loved our house. Especially when they had to come to Zaria for a course. Mum would make her legendary pounded yam and Egusi or vegetable soup and then pepper soup and they would eat to their heart’s content. 

Mum’s hospitality is why I’m nearly always hosting friends 😂😂😂. It’s like a spirit. The spirit of Mrs. Nwobia’s hospitality is strong with me 😂😂😂

My mother meets you first with her heart before anything else. And a good number of my friends can testify to having met her heart even before her face. My mum gives like her life depends on it. And sometimes I don’t understand it. But then I read Eph 2:10 and it makes sense. 

Mum gives to people she hasn’t even met, just as long as there’s a legitimate need and it’s in her capacity to give. She isn’t the wealthiest person in finances but her heart, the wealth of her heart is overwhelming. 

It’s her birthday today and I can’t help but think and thank God for the endless gift that she is. For the numerous selfless sacrifices she has made, for every single time she has come through, for all the many lessons she has taught me (esp the secret to her destiny trapping stew. Lol.) 

For her amazing sense of humour that leaves me laughing each time we have a phone conversation. For her compassion, for her faith, for her hope even in the most awful situations. 

My Proverbs 31 woman. My woman, my amazon, my friend. 

Find you a mother who believes in the validity of your dreams twice as much as you do. 

Find you a mother who helps mend your broken heart by recommending and paying for your travel. 

Find you a mother who loves your friends and mothers them just as much as she does you. 

Find you a mother who will spare no expense to make your dreams come true. 

Find you a mother who does not give up on you even when you have given up on yourself. 

Find you a mother who celebrates even the tiniest of your victories like it was the birth of the messiah. 

Find you a mother who is president of your cheerleading squad. 

Find you who is constantly thinking of you and buying you big and little gifts just because. 

Find you a mother who is selfless in her love, just like Jesus. 

Find you a mother who is a perfect role model for wifehood and motherhood. 

Find you a Mummy Nwobia. 

This one is already taken. 

But because there’s love in sharing, you’re welcome to share. 

Happy Birthday Mama Mia! J’adore ❤️❤️❤️


13 thoughts on “My Woman, My Amazon ❤️❤️❤️

  1. Happy birthday to your mom Oge. This is my formal application for adoption (me and my 3 siblings). Lol! May God Almighty bless and keep her. With long life will God satisfy her and show her HIS salvation.

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  2. I thank God for the gift of wonderful children all of you have been to me. For your love, prayers, good wishes and kind words, l say thank you all.


  3. Aww this is one of the best things I have read in a while. Happy Birthday to your mom.Wish her more blessings, and the grace to keep being aa easing to others. I have never met her before but mere looking at the picture I can appreciate the the wo derail things you speak of her. She is definitely amazing. Make sure you keep that beautiful and cute smile on her face,k?I trust you anyways. Btw the resemblance is so glaring,lol.nice one x

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