Oceans Apart (4) by Milli

“Erm  child of God….are you not going to church” Behi asked Osas who was still lazing on the bed.

“Hmmm yea yea I’m going”

“Get up and dress up na…do u want us to go late?” Behi said hastily

“Ok I will dress up now”

The service was nice and they both enjoyed it. Usually after service Behi wuld have gone to meet up with Dozie for lunch but that definitely wasn’t happening this Sunday and many more Sundays to come. As usual Osas had a solution.

“Dozie isn’t around o sisteh so whats the plan?” she knew Behi would probably just want to go home and she was right .

“Dunno…might just go home.”

“I’m not going home o….ah ah go home and do what now…what if there is no light?…..there is one fashion show at Terrakulture and I have two tickets are you interested?”

“Osas….. Osas you are always ready to go for one event or the other….sure I am interested” Behi said with a small smile.

“Yay!!!! But I’m hungry sha lets go eat somewhere and chill first”

“Okay lets go I know a place nearby”

“Huh you ke…you know a nice restaurant around”

“Yes na….ah ah what do u mean”

“Hmmm….Dozie has made a good impact on you…” she suddenly stopped… Uh oh shouldn’t have said his name she thought to herself.

In a few seconds Behi’s face fell  “I wonder what he’s up to now”

“Sweetie I’m sure he is fine. Shey he’s staying with Emeka…they would probably be bonding by now.”

“Yea… it’s been ages they last saw each other…..Lets go eat…it’s a lovely day don’t wanna be sad.”

With that Osas led her friend to the car.


Phone rings…….

Bimbo opened one eye and then the other as he tried to sit up but when he did he realized he had a splitting headache. Last night turned out to be quite eventful. His phone kept on ringing and it seemed to increase his headache the more. He picked up the call without looking at the number and answered.


“Guy!!!!! Nawa o I’ve been calling you since.” It was Eno

“Abeg no vex….I just dey wake up”

“Oh I see…how your party dey last night”

“It rocked infact guy the headache wey I get now as I dey talk to you eh”

“Choi….chairman I trust you…I don dey London now o just say make I hail you I never really settle”

If there was one other thing Bimbo remembered the night before it was that he had seen Behi.

“Okay….hope the cold no dey too much”

“My guy it is o….the cold is serious”

“Eyah…sori…eheen guess who I saw yesterday before I got home for the party”

“Who did you see?”


“Wait which Behi?” He didn’t want to believe it was his ex/ Dozies girlfriend he was referring to

“My ex nah…?”

Eno didn’t know what to say…a couple of hours ago he was with Behi’s boyfriend on the same plane and now Bimbo is telling him he saw her yesterday.

“Guy you still dey there”

“Yes I am…sorry”

“Meen I really regret what I did to her o….she was close to perfect”

“Er guy…I go buzz you on bb when I settle eh….take care”

“Hmmm…ok o no problem….bye”


Eno sat down looking into space. He was slowly becoming the middle man. Should he tell both parties? He met Bimbo in the university right from his first year and a close friendship formed between them. He and Dozie were good friends in secondary school and had just reconnected. He had said a whole lot about Behi during the flight chipping in from time to time how if her ex hadn’t messed up he wouldn’t have had his chance. He decided to keep the whole thing to himself. No need revealing anything for now.


“Meeen babes this meal is delish….” Osas said

“I was surprised you didn’t say you were watching your weight” Behi joked. She was really happy Osas was around she would have probably gone back home and cried her eyes out if she wasn’t.

“Abeg free that thing jare…we should be leaving soon though”.

They left after a while to Terrakulture. The place was beautifully arranged with lots of statement jewelries and pieces. Definitely the kind of place Osas liked to be in. less than ten minutes after they arrived, she already saw like a hundred things she wanted to buy. Behi was simpler than Osas in terms of fashion but was a pro in matching colors. She saw a couple of things she liked too. As they settled in their seats Osas phone rang it was Bimbo.

“Hey darl….wassup”

“I’m good…u”

“Well I’m trying to be ok

“Are you sick or something

“No….last night’s iranu”

“Oh….yea that’s true…you must always…..”

“How is she?” Bimbo cut her off before she could finish her statement


“You know na”

“She’s fine”

“Is she with you?”

“Why are you asking”

“Nothing just want to know”


“Wanna talk to her”

“No you can’t…you know she doesn’t want to talk to you……”

Behi didn’t need anybody to tell her who Osas was talking to on the phone she sighed heavily. All of a suddenly she felt Dozies absence again. She didn’t know if she should try calling him or not. Well there was no harm in trying.  She walked away from Osas and quickly fished out her phone and called the number he had called her with earlier. It rang a couple of times before he answered.

“Sweetie” she cooed

“My baby, how are you?”

“I’m fine…you?”

“Please cut the call and let me call you back don’t want you to waste your credit”

“Baby it’s fine”

“Nah I insist”

She cut the call and he called back instantly. Gosh Dozie always had to show he was the man

They talked for a while before they hung up. As she hung up the phone and walked back to where Osas was, she said to her

“Babe Bimbo said he wants to see you”

“For what?” Behi said with a scowl

“I don’t know o”

“Abeg he should just leave me alone”

“Hmmm he sounded sober on the phone sha…maybe he’s come back to senses”

“It’s now he’s coming back to his senses….please I’m with Dozie now”

“Maybe you should just hear him out…you know just for fun”….Osas said her eyes lighting up with mischief

“Choi you this girl…..hmmm maybe I will o for fun purposes’

“Just be careful sha…Bimbo is quite sly”

“Of cos I know”

“Think about it and let me know what you decide”



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