Oceans Apart (5) by Milli

‘Osas my baby gir!!!!!….how are you now?”

“Baby girl ko….baby girl ni abegi..please no dey talk that kin thing”

“Ah ah why you just harsh like this na”

“Bimbo I don’t have time….I have somewhere to be at four.”

“Okay….Okay lets go inside”

Bimbo had not let Osas rest for the last few weeks because of Behi. He couldn’t even explain why he wanted Behi back so much but he was determined to have her back at his side and…in his bed of course. Osas had been blowing him off whenever he told her he wanted to meet and talk with her about the whole thing. She finally gave up after a lot of persuasion. Bimbo was Osas’s good friend but she knew she could never let him get close to Behi again and was determined to make that not happen.

“I want her back….” Bimbo said after they had settled into their seats and ordered for their meal.

Osas laughed….a high pitched mocking laughter

Bimbo frowned “Osas I’m serious”

“My dear…” Osas said, putting a hand on his shoulder and looking straight into to his eyes “Forget about it…she would never come back to you”

“How do you know?”

“You cheated on her three times….if someone does that to you shey you would go back to the person…?”

They talked for quite a while with Bimbo admitting that he really messed up and how he had not met anyone else better than her. Osas still stood on her words saying Behi would never take him back chipping how she had begged so much on his behalf whenever he messed up.

“I was really silly then Osas….I don’t know why I was doing that….but I’ve changed…honestly.. I really want a serious relationship now.

“Eheen so then you didn’t want a serious relationship right…you knew she was fragile and you hurt her over and over again…see eh Bimbo find yourself another girl…not Behi…she has a new boyfriend now and they are both very serious about their relationship…..infact…”

“Tell me about him”……Bimbo cut Osas off

“About who?”

“Her boyfriend”

“You don’t need to know anything about him Bimbo’

‘Osas come on….just a little bit…I mean it’s not like I would send guys to beat him or something”

“That’s not even possible…he’s not in the country.”

On hearing that, a little smile formed across Bimbo’s lips.

“Oh really….so when does he get back”

Osas had seen the smile and thought it was rather suspicious and snapped back

“That’s none of your business”

“Hmmm you want to protect your friend abi”

“Bimbo see, I have told you forget about her”

“Osas you know it’s better you just tell me….you know if I wanted to know who she was with I would have found out a long time ago.”

“Eh….then go and find out yourself.”

“Clearly this is not how I expected this meeting to go”

“Bimbo stay away from her….I know we are friends but I’m sorry….I can’t help you with this one”

“I’ve heard you dearest”…..Bimbo said with a sly smile on his face

Osas said “hmmmm well thanks for the meal….I’m leaving”

“Bye bye dear”


Osas left while Bimbo sat there pondering about the mystery guy who was dating his Behi. He was quite cross that Osas didn’t say anything that could help him. He should have known Osas was too smart to reveal anything that would help him get Behi back but he was determined to get her back…the urge was growing…he wanted to hold her…he wanted to kiss her….he wanted her at his side and he wasn’t going to let anything stop him.

Osas knew immediately that she had to warn Behi about Bimbo. As calm and sweet as she was Behi had a little atom of stubbornness and mischief which usually went overboard when she didn’t handle the situation properly. However she had to deliver some files for her boss to someone at four. She quickly made a call to Behi

“Behi wassup?”

“I am fine dear…u?”

“I am okay…are you closing early today?”

“I am not sure o…heard there is going to be a meeting at 4.30….but at most I should be done by 6. You want to hang out somewhere after?”

“Yes….I need to discuss something with you in person”

“Hmmm okay….where and when do we meet?”

“Bukka Hut”

“Alright would let you know when I am on my way”



9 thoughts on “Oceans Apart (5) by Milli

  1. Come, shei I can be friends with Osas and Behi??? Always eating out. They should just include me in their money spending P. I’m enjoying every bit of the story Ose. Reading the whole thing again


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