Oceans Apart (6) by Milli 

“I’m so tired of this coursework” Amara said as she burying her face in her hands.

“I feel the same way” said Dozie.

Amara and Dozie were classmates and were working on an assignment in the library for about three hours.  They had grown quite close but Dozie had always known where to draw the line. Amara actually reminded him of Behi with her physique and in some other ways but she didn’t have those beautiful eyes that Behi had. Amara had lived in London since she was five so she had a British accent. Dozie had to really listen to her carefully to hear what she was saying. She was very pretty he admitted to himself most times but Behi was his world. They had facetimed earlier that day because he had to a busy day ahead of him.

“Dozie please can we stop and continue tomorrow…I can’t just continue anymore”

“Hmmm…..well I’m tired too…guess we can continue tomorrow but we have to finish it. I don’t want to do this over the weekend.”

‘Okay” Amara said.

With that they packed up their things and left the library.

Heading to the bustop, Amara threw in a random question out of the blues.

“When last did you hear from Vivian?”

“Erm…who?” Dozie asked a little surprised

“Your friend Vivian or you cannot remember her again?”

“The two of you know each other?”

“Yes she’s my family friend”

“No way!!!!” Dozie exclaimed, he couldn’t believe it

“Yea…well she said you guys haven’t really been talking of late….infact she said since you started dating your girlfriend you haven’t really had time for her”

Dozie admitted to himself that it was true but he thought Vivian would understand they couldn’t spend as much time as they usually did. They were at the bustop waiting for the bus now.

“She said you totally abandoned her” Amara continued “That’s not very nice…the fact that you have a girlfriend does not mean you would abandon your friend. A close one at that”

“I didn’t….I mean…I….”

“Yea yea….anyway…you can mend your friendship. She is coming in tomorrow.”

“What?? coming in where?”

Amara gave a him a puzzled look

“London of course….she’s just coming to visit…she’s on leave.”

“Okay…what can I say….it’s a small world”

“She’s told me a lot about you…which I have seen for myself.”

“Things like what?”

“Not telling you” and she stuck her tongue out at him.

“Hmmm…okay o”

The bus came and they boarded the bus.

“Well I admit I am guilty of not keeping in touch”

“Well I am curious though” Amara said with a small smile

“Curious about what?” Dozie asked

“Curious about the both of you….I mean you are a handsome guy…Vivian is a cute girl. You want to tell me nothing ever happened between you two…I mean did you guys ever get together or ..”

“Nah nothing ever happened between us…we were just good friends.”

“Okay so you were never attracted to her or..”

“No I wasn’t…besides she had too many guy issues” He laughed as he said it.

“Why are you asking though?”

“Nothing…just curious. Well I knew all about them. We had always kept in touch, When I told her the school I was going to for masters she told me about you.”

“Yes I did let her know I was leaving the country”

“Yea and it’s my stop…I need to get down here. I would link the both of you up when she gets in…take care.”


Dozie had mixed feelings about seeing Vivian again. He had lied to Amara of course at some point he was attracted to Vivian but she had a boyfriend at that time. He had tried to kiss her once but she had stopped him. Since that day he told himself he would never look at her “that way” and over time he became like a brother to her. However it wasn’t that easy there were times when he wished he could just cuddle up with her for a bit. She was just always so busy…having one boyfriend or the other and she was not attracted to him in anyway…or so he thought. He wondered what she had told Amara. She must have told her about the time when he tried to kiss her if not she wouldn’t have been asking him those questions. He finally got to his bustop and went indoors.


“Finally some people are here”  Osas said frowning

“I am so sorry dear…the meeting was a lengthy one”.

“It’s alright…let’s order.

They did that and talked about work for a while.

“So why did you want to see me, what was so important?”

“Hmmm….I met up with Bimbo earlier today”.


“Behi he wants to get you back by all means….I know I was telling you to the last time to just play and along just for fun but….. I think you should just free the matter abeg.”

Behi looked at her friend not saying anything.

“Babe….say something why are you quiet”.

Behi had silently processed what her best friend had said there was a part of her wanted to just let it go but there was another part of her that wanted him to pay for all the hurt he had caused her. She remembered how heartbroken because she was because of all his cheating. She remembered how long it took her to get over him.


“Yes,” she said snapping out of her thoughts.

“Did you listen to everything I said?”

“Yes I did”.


“I am going to give him a taste of his own medicine”, Behi said with a straight face.


“Yes let him know how it feels to be really heartbroken.”

Osas was surprised….she could not believe this was her best friend talking.


“Stay out of this Osas”

Osas knew her friend could be quite stubborn but this whole revenge thing was a different side to her.

“Babe it is not necessary, you will get your hands burnt”

“My mind is made up already”.

Osas decided not to push further and decided to talk about something else. She decided to try her best to keep tabs on Behi and her plans to break Bimbo’s heart.


3 thoughts on “Oceans Apart (6) by Milli 

  1. Behi should not try anything with Bimbo, he will tell his friend and that one will tell Rosie, I can see things getting really messy


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